: That clears stuff up, at least to what it indeed is not. The Yuumi thing is indeed weird, and (to me) gamebreaking enough to where she should be disabled until it's fixed. The fog of war thing normally got fixed by reconnecting, but apparently, this was caused by something else. When I played yesterday (and the time of writing the first comment) I did not notice any more lag than usual and the AV message was the only one. I now see they added a second message. Sorry if the comment I made felt a bit aggressive (I don't know the right word for it). I wasn't in a great mood :p
Don't worry mate, that's what our forefathers invented talking for xD
: I mean, League is a massive game and will have bugs. They suspect the disconnects coming from antivirusses, and have said so in last patch (where they went in depth to league having disconnect issues for people using AVG and Avast), AND gave a fix for it. Apparently, another AV is causing issues. Have you tried it without running your AV (or certain sections of it)? Sure, it's not the safest thing but if you have a lot of DC issues, try that first before complaining on the boards. They know it's going on, and they're fixing it. However, dealing with these issues needs input from both sides, not just them. No sound? Check audio drivers, channels, volume mixer, in-game sound, headset, etc. Else the gamefiles might have gotten corrupted (for any reason that prob isn't Riot's fault) and a quick game repair using the client repair fixes those issues. Otherwise, it's your drivers and such. Fog of war issue is indeed very odd. However, it's a visual thing and will probably get fixed with a quick reconnect (without being DC'd). I know it's a bug, and I understand it will cause issues, but the fix is VERY easy. Again, issues require input from both sides. What do you mean with the Yuumi thing? Your supp couldn't see Yuumi, but at the same time he could? Did it not show the icon on the minimap or the healthbars? Was Yuumi not supposed to be in Lucian but rendering as if she was? All these bugs aren't "gamebreaking" and having to shut down ranked. They gave you a temporary fix for the DC issues, the sound issue is likely not League, FoW is a quick fix (but indeed annoying) and a yuumi bug isn't worth shutting down entire ranked. [EDIT] and I should say, if yuumi is really broken, they indeed should disable Yuumi until they fixed her.
Ok, so on the Yuumi thing: my supp saw Yuumi being inside her adc. Meanwhile I saw that she was really not inside him but rather flying around and doing stuff, like playing normally. But my supp couldn't see her doing all that, which I think should either require disabling Yuumi or, because it happened after the disconnect, disabling ranked, because this is the same issue as fog of war - certain things are stuck in the same state as in the moment of the DC. On the reconnecting to fix fog of war: Tried, didn't work. Finally, on the AV thing: I only run Windows defender, and I don't know if you guys ever got to hear of it, but there was/is a bug where you can't ever join a game because the game gives you the same message as it does when you cheat whilst being in the loading screen. I had that issue for 2 months and could only fix it by completely reinstalling windows. Even with every software deleted (they said it might be caused by AV, Razer Synapse, Discord, etc.) and every security feature disabled it still didn't work. I got some nice help from the support guys but nothing helped with fixing this. So, I don't really trust them when they say AV is causing problems, because obviously it's not only that.
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: Critical error after patch 8.22
The fact that no one here answered only gives more indication that Riot doesn't care. It's their fault for using a crappy Anticheat and we apparently get to stop playing League because of it.
Carveo (EUW)
: Game freezing, a critical error has occurred and the process must be terminated
Yeah well for me that sounds like screw*ing up my PC. I have this since before the season ended, been in constant contact with the support and no one has any idea what the hell helps. I have NOTHING running on my pc except for Windows Defender and League and I even deactivated that one. Even if this would work, I couldn't properly use my Headset, Mouse and Keyboard as Razer Synapse and Logitech G would be prohibited while playing. This just stinks, and the issue has been around for such a long time. It's really frustrating to see that they don't give a rat's a.. if players are experiencing problems THEY caused themselves. I mean I wouldn't complain if I could at least play. But nothing. Reinstalled anything and everything, tried every fix, used HRT, there doesn't seem to be any solution and it started with the last patch before the end of the season. I didn't change anything, played the whole evening before and since that patch my game's broken.
: Issue to start game - A critical error...
Same thing, had it for about 3-4 weeks now, can't play league, tried everything and the support didnt solve anything at all. I'm really tired of this by now.
redmagier (EUW)
: A critical error has occured..
Oh my god, ive been looking everywhere for a fix in the last two days and nothing helped! Since the last patch my game seems to be permanently broken, nothing I did helped. Support didnt have a clue two times now and its probably too late to do something today, so with 4 days until season ending I#m screwed. Tried clean reinstall(s), deinstalled Razer Synapse, Hamachi, openend up Firewall and Windows Defender, closed Steam, changed .cfg files, deleted folders, used Hextech Repair Tool and In-Client-Repair function. Question: Do you experience the same bug as I did in the last weeks where, when you launch into loading screen, your mouse gets weirdly delayed/saggy? I thought maybe this mechanic would be recognized as cheating, but no one seems to know how to fix it or anything about that in the first place.
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