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Arcwest (EUNE)
: 3rd btw. your game history says something else
Hello, im smurfing in different region heres my account :
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: I'd much rather see changes to her W. Making it possible to push yourself and cast spells after choosing the direction would help her out a lot.
: what to do to make Taliyah playable
i completely agree. Worked area of q skill is horrible. and also i wanted to w skill can work on taliyah herself. Shes range and damage is pure trash. It doesnt worth to get closer to enemy with her burst damage. Because you shouldnt miss W skill if you want some burst. and ENEMY shouldnt have any flash
Muzét (EUW)
: Imo. They should keep the worked ground and the only one rock thing BUT. the rock should deal one strong hit and double the base / ratio for this rock. (so [280 + 0.8AP] once level 5) and make the AoE BIGGER for this rock.
I completely agree with that. That worked area is completely killing her possible damage potential. Something should reworked on that. we must be able to spam rocks in worked areas like half a second by manually. Or 1 big rock should deal more damage.
Mirrin (EUW)
: I've not had the best time with Taliyah after nearly 20 straight games when I first got her. I hit mastery 4, then realised how not-so-good she is. The wins I got were because I was carried, and I didn't do any damage in teamfights, I just slowed people. The observations you made are the same ones I made, so good job spotting them (even if they weren't hard to spot).
Hey, i lost 10 out of 13 games. That is embrassing
: > Even if you hit all rocks the damage in late game is not satisfied It's 420 +120% ap... that's more than some ults. > - Low range + Low damage I think after we "W" the enemy into our "E" skill it should deal more. Because it is so hard to land them in it in a teamfight. In team fights i feel useless. The combo if done to its full potential (initial hit, then W into 4 triggers) is 680 +160% ap... combine that with a Q and that's up to 1100 +280% ap... that's very good damage. It's unreliable and takes a lot of practice to do right but it's very powerful if you pull it off. Perhaps if you are struggling to make it deal good damage late game you might need to tweak your build... remember when gnar was underpowered because everyone thought you needed to go triforce into bork on him, then they built him full tank and he became op... similar here, we haven't had to time to optimise her yet so when we do a lot of her issues will disappear.
On the paper you are right but in the field those damages changes so much. Team fights are pretty important for a mage to do something really good. I know Taliyah is some tanky mage but shes not tryndamere or sth, With that q range and seperated damage you cant do much in team fights and cant focus your damage. She has really some good scale i agree. But if you cant use those rocks 2 times in a team fight what does it matter? Second form of Q skill is need to be reworked i think. And E skill is also have some nice scale on the paper but well, Range is pretty close. To land that e skill as a mage i should go closer the enemy team. And i have no escape mechanic. That is the issue i think.
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: What started as a logic statement ended as a senseless cry. You want an instant w? It has a delay for a reason. Counterplay. You hate casting times? Deal with them or change champion as they exist for balancing purposes. Taliyah's issue is damage. Not cc.
I think you didnt understand my point. My point is as Taliyah with those cast times and use of mechanics you cant make fast plays. Its absolutely not a high elo pick. You say about counterplay but it is like you always get counter played. You cant counter a lucian dash with your knock up. it is harder than it should be. Thats why i advice faster you select direction faster it knocks up. Also i mean i cant feel the smoothness. Taliyah with her skillset ment to be a spam mage i think but her gameplay not feels like that. So that possibly why you think her damage is low.
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Fardale (EUW)
: Taliyah quality of life - Change the way W is activated please :3
i agree with that. The current use of w skill is horrible most of times i cant really do it with the right direction i want because i need to click twice. It feels like it asks me twice "are you sure?" And also W casting time should be changed. it should be like : faster you select the direction faster you get the knock up.
: Games are way too fast?..
i ve played 1 hour match and won just in minutes. it was really hard. i think it could be the longest match of this patch whew..{{summoner:30}}


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