: > His ultimate isn't really CC anyway You okay there? When used correctly it's a 5 man team speader, picking potential fear engage.
If they all group up properly for you sure, but I find it's rare for that to happen (though it's nice when it does), especially as the travel time gives them time to split up again making it only really useful for if you join after the right has already started, which is honestly where I find the fear has the most effect as people can't avoid it as easily, more so as lets say they are grouped up and you use it at max range so you have the full 1.5s fear instead of 0.75s, it ends up wearing off before your team gets into the fight. You then end up in a weird situation where you kinda want to go in first... and people expect it of Hecarim, but it really reduces your ability to be useful if you don't go in last. Now if you could get 45% move speed (the attack speed isn't needed as you get a damage boost from the speed) with immunity to slows and the charge... now that's an engage, and if you made it so you slow people when you hit them while it's active then bam you've got a fantastic engaging tool far better than the current one. Maybe it's just more people need to realise that Hecarim is back up, in his current form he doesn't lead the charge he sits in the back waiting for the fight to begin then charges in, that even makes up for no longer having the ult to chase down the carry which is honestly how I prefer to use it right now as you only fear 1 person but it's an important person and you can at least scare them away from the fight, if you engage with it you've wasted that ability to harass the carry in a hard to peel way.
: You'd cut his CC in half. There would be no point in playing him.
His ultimate isn't really CC anyway, I mean ye it has a fear effect but it's under a second when used at short range so unless you start fights with it you'll get almost no use out of the CC and no damage from it as it's negligible. I find myself just using it to chase the carry after the first charge or just to get over walls most of the time, that's the only thing I'd miss about losing it. And you could just change it so instead of the reduction in CDs he slows people while it's active when he hits them, BAM he has CC again and it'd be way more useful than his current one.
Kalvix (EUW)
: Why don't we give Hecarim Highlander?
Does nobody like this plan? I mean just change the name to "The Horseman's Call" or something like that and it'd look like it was designed for Hecarim anyway it fits his passive so well.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: How do you deal with a moderately fed yorick?
It might also just be Yorick has become one of those champions you won't beat if they get red like Yi. Sadly for some reason, Riot decided the game needs champion where even if you don't do well if you get to end-game you solo carry the game (unless there's 1 on the other team), and when those champions get a lot of kills or CS early it just makes the more godly. Or it could just be you had a full team of AP and he built a lot of MR and nobody had penetration...
Rioter Comments
: If you're playing agaisnt Plat players while you are Gold 4 yourself, you are definitely going to skip a division.
I think the point made is, imagine if you were trying for your first belt at karate, but you were good enough that you were of a similar skill to a black, (using extremes as I don't know the belts in karate well) would it be fair if you could only get 1 or 2 belts higher by beating somebody several ranks above you rather than having you easily beat people at your current ranking proving you don't belong there? Even skipping divisions isn't that much of a compensation for it as you will find it much harder to win to keep your MMR up, especially as it also means people who get lucky and are carried many games in a row could end up at a higher MMR so you could have people ruining the games for you.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Winstreak Matchmaking needs to be fixed next Season.
It is kinda silly as you end up being in a much lower rank than the MMR thinks you should be, but as you're against people with a similar MMR you won't win more so climb quicker you'll end up winning the normal amount after a quick boost of wins.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Recovery from a loss streak?
Aye sadly sometimes it'll just happen as you could have a bad game, then somebody else does against somebody you don't feed, then you end up with a mega smurf on the other team. You just need to remember it all balances out in the end as long as you aren't the weak link. Had a few horrible games myself recently, every day this week ended up 1 or 2 losses more than wins (1 with horrible 3 loss streak to end the day) but today think I'm so far on 4 wins to 1 loss. As for trying to avoid if you aren't the weak link, as a jungler I tend to try and focus on the lane that's winning and abandon the losing lane and just hope for the best, if you're in a lane it can help to try and roam a bit if there's a lane you can help that's also doing well, for support just roam to a lane that's got a chance if your carry keeps suiciding all the time. But aye sometimes you can't help it...
paprika (EUNE)
: the counters
I'm going to go for something to at least say which champions counter others as, sure you can say you should learn all your counters but new players wont have a clue about that and will end up very annoyed if they feel like they had no chance to win, most likely blaming balance when in reality they just needed to pick a different champion before they got hard counter picked.
: 2 new ranked tiers to be added
They are also removing 5 tiers from each rank so it's only going to be 4 now
: Hecarim is currently sitting on a 51% win rate in diamond+ with a 4.5% pick rate. (https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/hecarim/diamond ). He is actually a hard champion to balance because he has a very strong early game, not in terms of 1v1ing the enemy jungler, but he can a lot of the time, but in terms of his ganking and his damage in the early game is insane for ganks. Hecarim is a pretty strong champion atm, not busted, but pretty strong (I have 110k points on him if that means anything). Secondly, Hecarim was played top in NA (TSM vs C9) as a specific counterpick to Aatrox. So the balancing team needs to be careful because not only can he be played jungle, he can also be played top in some matchups. Recently, we have seen changes to Kog'Maw, Elise, Sejuani, Azir. All of which have a sub 2% pick rate. He isn't getting ignored just because he has a 4.5% pick rate (which isn't even that low). Hecarim isn't busted by any means, but he isn't weak either. You have to use your brain when playing him, and that's why there are people like you asking for more buffs.
On platinum+ he has a 2.7% play rate with a win rate of 50.61%, and the lower you go the worse it gets. Yes he's not in the WORST position ever but compared to other junglers he just doesn't have enough to add, the E is nice for early ganks where the opponent is out of position but no root or stun means you're often limited by where you can gank as you aren't tanky enough to come from behind the tower early on, made worse by any parry stun or dodge ability mitigates your gank making certain lanes a no go or at least requiring far more effort than other junglers (like Jax having to wait for his parry to end, and Ahri charming you for the duration of the charge). His ult improves things a bit on the ganking front but it's risky to initiate with that unless you are sure there's no support coming as you have no escape tools when that and your E are gone, and by then everybody else is getting far more powerful ults as the damage is so small I forgot it even does damage a lot of the time while the fear is handy but the travel time often ends up meaning you've got to predict a dodge or pathing to make the best use of it as the fear length is dictated by distance travelled. Then you have his W which is questionable why it exists besides to let him clear more efficiently and the way his passive is turned off in most late-game fights as you end up slowed a lot. He's not the worst, but he definitely isn't on par with the utility and damage other junglers add, or even the tankyness. The way I often end up seeing him now is an assassin that's a bit tankier. 8.15 did help him out it turns out as he was around 49% win rate and 1.78% play rate before the patch, that bit of love rose interest in him (with a free week I believe) but it's been dropping again since. And finally... Hecarim is pretty weak currently, but we want to be careful about how we buff him. Thats from the patch notes on his last buff, so you're kinda heavily disagreeing with the development team saying he's strong.
Kalvix (EUW)
: So.. Hecarim forgotten again?
You know except the minor buff he got even said: "he's in a bad place". Hecarims 1 of those champions that are only played by people with a very strong grasp of him which helps keep his win rate up but he's got some very obvious flaws, such as his weak early and late game (giving him just the middle to do well), and all his damage being front-loaded on charge which has a long CD (part of what limits him so much early on). And what pros play him? I've only seen him once that I remember and they lost, EU certainly doesn't as just finished watching the entire summer split and he wasn't even considered as an option. Oh and not touched doesn't mean they are fine.. it often means they just aren't played enough to warrant being buffed as people want changes on the often played champions. And he certainly fits into that camp.
Rioter Comments
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: I cannot understand what happens in League anymore...
Problem is some champions are just kinda... well broken is 1 word for it, stupidly designed is another. Basically they designed it so some champions are awful at end-game and you need to force an early win to get victory, others you can get 20 deaths in the laning phase but as long as you get your 2 item spike and it wasn't against a champion that also slaughters at end-game you'll still win most likely. Jax is just 1 of those, he doesn't need to be played well or do well at any point really, he just needs to get 2 items and he'll start dominating people with more levels and items than him unless you can use perfect team-work to keep in cc'd in a fight. Basically you shouldn't play the early game champions unless it's with a team of people all on early game champions who all know to push for an early win, as you'll end up staling out and getting slaughtered.
: I think that means for feeders, troll picks etc.
if they mean making it not count as a loss when somebody leaves or is obviously feeding to absolute hell it would be nice as it's kinda annoying to lose a promo to an afk or leaver, that said feeding I don't know will be included as it would involve being looked into as how do you tell the difference between a bad game where your focused because you're having a bad match and feeding?
: Nunu and Willump has slain the Infernal Drake
Would be nice as it's only 1 champion they need to do it on, and it'd be in place then for any other combo champions they release. Plus a small change like that shouldn't be much of an issue.
: armor is usless
it's not "useless" but it is kinda annoying how easy it is to build damage and penetration / % health or even true damage when tanks need to get potentially both MR and armour + health to make it worthwhile. Could be nice if items that were designed to eat through tanks didn't give many aggressive stats besides the tank eating ones so they wouldn't do much against people who aren't tanks but could take the tanks down, you know having to choose which you go for instead of building both.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Looks like smurfers in ranked are finally getting kicked out
Well it'll stop new smurfs, but they can't really punish ones that already exist as it wasn't against the rules. And it depends if they mean people making new accounts in general, or people who lose games to ensure they stay in a low MMR to keep ruining lower players games.
meco78 (EUW)
: RIOT FFS please just please stop it !!!!!!!!!
The problem might just be bad luck on who you team with OR how they calculate MMR, for example I made a new account when I hit G5 as I felt I had a good enough idea of what I was doing to go from 0 as this account is years old (from when I had no clue), and while I've noticed I tend to play against other smurfs it does end up throwing people in who don't have a clue what to do, which raises the thought of is it just wins? I've had a couple of games on it recently where I got an S rank in a loss (good kda, going for objectives when I could, counter ganking etc) due to people not helping with big objectives and a lane dying a lot to a champion you don't feed, so is that going to end up making my MMR reduce even though I did well? and on the other side will somebody who did badly but was lucky enough to have the bigger smurf end up being boosted even if they did horribly? As that could explain it as well.. people who get lucky a lot combined with being good for a new player so end up being boosted by higher elo people and put in a rank they can't cope with, as honestly that wouldn't help new players stay as they'd feel like they were doing well then suddenly can't do anything.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+ 100% AP) true. no way it did 250
the only way I can see it working is a seal or dorens to bump it up and a rune proccing as well to bump it up, though that often requires more than just an ability to get it up to 250, scorch with AP booster could maybe get you to 150 but 250... I don't see it.
Cypherous (EUW)
: None of the people on your team fed though, you really need to learn what feeding actually is :P
Yes technically the definition Riot use is doing it on purpose to troll the game, but most people also use it when people just get utterly dominated like the Rengar, as you really can't do much about somebody just doing absolutely horribly. Sadly though people also do have bad games, especially if people target them as they don't want the champ to get ahead so it's not always their fault, sometimes people just don't live up to their ability, happens to use all, even the pros have off games where they are a whisker away from kills 10 times in a row, but everytime it ends up going against them so they end up on an awful kda
Breakhz (EUNE)
: It shouldnt be normal tho. I can reach d3 with 100% if i dont get afk/ragequiting morons.But the only time i lose is either someone ragequit cuz lose mid..either someone go afk for no reason. But never...i dont think i ever lost a game 5v5 fair..Like freaking never.I dont mind bad teammates....but its not possible to 4v5.Or your top ragequit in 5 mins and top is open..
Aye it shouldn't but sadly it is as theres only so much they can do in a free game as people will just remake their account, and they don't want to perma-ban somebody as they'll end up losing to many players in the long run. I kinda wish they'd take the risk and do it though as I also really don't mind losing if it was a hard fought game or I just got out-played, had 1 today with a mega smurf who just dominated us, as at least you can learn from those games, but other than your own mistakes you can't learn much from somebody going afk or feeding non stop.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: i am going to sound like little salty kid. but i have to ask, does this happen to you 2?
Aye sadly you will just get awful teams that utterly ruin everything no matter what you do, as was said all you can do focus on your own mistakes as while improve them wouldn't have let you win with a team that feeds it will help in the more even games where you could be the difference. Had a game today where everybody was doing OK except the support who died 12 times in under 20 minutes (everybody else was on 2-4 deaths). Sadly when that happens theres just nothing you can do. And if you get a troll or afk then even less so.
: For a vital role not many people play support hence why autofill was created, since many players flame support and mostly never honor them....
It wouldn't kill them to just make sure it always auto-fills support for both sides though at the very least, that way both sides have half a working bot lane instead of 1 being at an advantage already
MindWard (EUW)
: The only reason I dislike auto-fill is when a remake happened. But I do find this hypocritical as you will play against players who don't main the roll you desired to have. Doesn't matter what roll.
Didn't seem like it in game just had as everybody on other team was doing well, and even then it should be mirrored as support is a vital role for the carry to do well, so if you end up with half a bot lane the game is basically already lost.
Rioter Comments
Kalvix (EUW)
: Can we please get a Hecarim buff...
Hecarim my old friend, you'll never be played again =( And the pony is softly weeping, lambs 1 shot him while bleating. And from the devs on Hecarim the soooound, of silence.
: Every single game my lane opponent: "Garen you suck! Garen noob champ! Garen you bronze!"
At least in low elo he is a freaking god right now as he has very nice damage, very nice sustain thanks to his passive, is pretty damn tanky and can move pretty quickly, he's got very few downsides really so you really need to know exactly how to counter him if you want to do anything against him and certain champions will just always struggle as if you can't keep poking him from range to stop his passive or bully him from the lane early before he gets ahead you're kinda up poo creek without a paddle. The fact you've lost with everybody else you've played kinda shows its more Garen than you doing this. Sure it's nice to use a simple champion to climb but don't try to brag that you're a mega star as people will point things out.
: It has nothing to do with transfers from other servers. Turkish community in western Europe countries is huge. There have always been a lot of Turkish players on EUW and EUNE. You probably just started noticing it recently.
Exactly theres enough Turkish people in the EU that Turkish leaders take their campaign trail in elections through EU countries to win their votes. That said it would be nice to have some form of auto-translate or have people select a language as in a team based game if people can't communicate it does ruin all hopes of co-ordination.
: You really can't do more to the chat, it's already really harsh, you can mute, you get restricted, you get perma banned from the game. The fact that so many people still think it's not solving toxicity, that for me is proof that it's the completely wrong approach. You have the result you know the actions that were taken, now it's time to evaluate the actions based on the result. The result is SHIT. It's wrong to try and improve the game by restricting chat. The evidence is clear.
Do they ban people from chatting? as if people are toxic it could be helpful if they do hidden-bans on chat so people think they can chat but nobody else sees it.
: Why I consider Riots attempt to fight toxicity a failure, please discuss!
Nah they need to do more honestly, wanted to make a new account to get a fresh start in ranked now I know what I'm doing and my god it's a wonder anybody keeps playing... all I've seen is IDIOT!! NOOB WHAT THE F*** YOU DOING!!! GO GET CANCER YOU NOOB!! and other such stuff, along with smurfs expecting new players to know exactly what to do and if they don't screaming abuse at them. It's utter utter hell and I wouldn't be surprised if what kills the game eventually is that it gets no new players as nobody can stand the toxic community. Thats why a mate I tried to get playing stopped, he said "I'd rather play something where people don't tell me I should kill myself every 5 minutes".
Kalvix (EUW)
: Suggestion to improve Hecarim
pfff nobody cares about Hecarim
: Shurelyas, glory, ghostblade, predator boots, deadmans + jungle item, with ghost summoner... plenty of mov speed to nearly 1 shot squishies...
theres items yes but most of em aren't a passive and even then slows still hit you hard so something else would be better as it's kinda annoying to have a common form of CC shut down your passive.
Mudkìp (EUW)
: I don't understand how this is ban worthy
Well I'll have a good comparison soon, had a game with somebody literally saying "death to *******" (not going to say it in full as I imagine it's against the rules" and using mentally challenged people as an insult. So yet if I don't get something saying "a permanent ban has been handed out" I'll be quite surprised.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Teleport
Honestly mainly getting back to lane when I do play a lane, I try to keep an eye out for ganks and what not but I'm not good enough at map awareness right now when laning to do it successfully normally. Or you could use it like the pros do, to get 10ft faster than walking :P
: The issue is a lot of Hecarim's power comes from that MS - AD conversion, so the only one that would ever get picked would be the bonus Q damage boots, because him moving fast is nothing if he hasn't got the damage to back it up.
It's not that much sort of, by the end with some items to boost if you get maybe a bf sword worth of AD, yes that's not a small amount but as soon as you get hit by a slow that can go down to basically nothing. It could involve some other buffs as well but right now his passive is just kinda dull and easily shut down by slows so something like the hooves would be a more interesting. True a pure MS buff wouldn't be that useful without the conversion though.. so perhaps a boost to rampage while moving, a slow/stun on his charge or damage reduction while moving. Basically stuff to encourage him to be play as an on the move champion that keeps going rather than sitting still and hammering away.
DylxnBK (EUW)
: Does Mortals stop Vladmir's 'healing' ?
From what I understand of it anything that gives you health basically is reduced by Grievous wounds so if somebody is gaining to much health get it no matter how they're doing it
Rioter Comments
: Not a good time to play Flex
it's not a good time to rank up maybe, but sounds like a good time to play against higher skilled opponents and learn the weakness in your plays so you can try to improve on it as lower ranked opponents won't punish it and perhaps they'll punish stuff you didn't even know should be punished. Yes it'll hurt, but you'll learn a lot
Necroˆ (EUW)
: champions that i love but forget to love
@Hecarim I love the guy and they did give him 1 minor buff a month or so ago.. but mostly he's completely forgotten (ps I don't know how to do the picture things so I'm taking a guess at how it works...)
: If you don't know how to play support it's not the game fault, learning what each role do is the basics and RIOT will not certainly increase the queue time because you don't know the basics.
Theres learning what they do then being able to play them in a way thats effective, it takes a while to learn a champion properly let alone perfect a role, all auto-fill does it mean you have to play a random role you aren't as good at. it's also bad game design to basically say "ye folks your going to need to play a role you hate now and then but if you don't you'll definitely lose certain games." Anyhow they'll eventually remove it, as it's stupid, and people will whine about it for a week or 2 then realise it's way better and pretend they never tried insulting people for playing the roles them enjoy instead of being a jack of all trades.
Cypherous (EUW)
: ***
No I'm trying to compare what the pros are capable of playing compared to what normal players are expected, what you are saying is you think pros should only play 1 champion but normal people should be playing every champ to the same level, basically you need to be better than a pro to play solo Q. You can "learn to play" a role but unless you spend a good few weeks on each role and rotate between playing them your not going to be playing very few effectively, especially when the number of rune pages and item builds is limited, as if they don't want you to do that.
Zridcht (EUW)
: Remove Autofill
See people are just set in their ways :P they won't even consider trying it out despite the fact it was proved fine to let people chose their role. Trust me until Riot decide to give it a go everybody will just shout abuse at you for even trying it at worst and say it's a stupid idea that'll never work at best, then pretend they didn't when they do it and it works.
Jafri (EUW)
: Switch to Jungle, start playing and abusing Warwick and you'll climb. I was silver for like 5 seasons in a row and then I discovered Warwick and right now I'm Plat 4 hoping to reach at least D4 before season ends but busy schedule :(
Jungle is good for climbing, you'll get all the blame and little thank but you can impact every lane if you do it right while as bot you need to outright win your lane to carry the team, and if your jungler doesn't help while the enemy one ganks non stop you're already at a disadvantage, plus relying on a support whos good means you rely on 2 people who are good to win. True as a jungler I rely on my lanes to not suck but at least I'm more free to funnel kills into the lane thats going well and even on a loss you can feel like you achieved something when you see 1 lane winning because of you.
: Play support once then you are autofill protected for the next game, because the support playerbase is very low autofill is there to match you faster, also do not play ranked if you can't play every role.
True Broxah really should be kicked off Fnatic, I mean the guy only plays jungle! how much of a noob can you get right?
: As a main support I understand why not many players play support, you hardly ever receive an honor, people only complaign when you have a bad game and when you somehow carry the game guess what ?.... No honor. Also it can be pretty hard to play a regular support and influence the outcome of the battle unless you play an agressive champion.
In all fairness maybe it's because people are so used to bad supports as they play support once every 10-20 games? I mean when I get auto-filled to support it's basically a free win for the other team as I have no clue what a support is meant to do let alone how to play one.
Zridcht (EUW)
: Remove Autofill
Yep, it'll happen eventually though as when I first said they should let you choose your position years ago I was greeted with "hah no way you want an hour wait time between games? that'll happen if they do that so no we want to keep shouting out our position before the game!". Lo and behold they let you pick a position and the queue time is under 2mins still... it might go up to 3 if they removed auto-fill but honestly it'd more just show which positions they need to make more interesting as if theres just a ton of people not playing 1 role it kinda shows that role is boring to play, and most of the pros play 1 or 2 roles (junglers tend to just jungle) so why do they expect normal players to just take whatever they're given and expect them not to dodge? Your better off dodging if you don't get a role you can play anyway unless your practising which just means the whole thing restarts anyway and you wait 5mins or 20 if it was you.
Viscious (EUW)
: Having the problem of switching mains every single week
You can kinda 1 trick with anybody as long as they aren't complete crap, I've got to gold 5 in 1 season with Hecarim for example, not exactly diamond but I'm still climbing on a definitely not good off meta champion. That said now I'm at that rank I'm working on a second champion in my main role and looking for another champion to play in top so I have a second role. Basically 1 trick anybody you enjoy for a while, then when you feel you've mastered that champion branch out to others
QancerClown (EUNE)
: The game is literally unplayable now.
I'm not a fan of it honestly and do kind of hope they change it up as it ends up making even pro play a bit boring at times as fights are over before the casters have time to say anything, theres more and more fight that are just "what the hell happened that champions disgusting". It's why most junglers end up building stoneplate as you kinda need tanks who can try to survive the mega burst in some capacity while laying down CC on the enemy hyper carry (kinda best term for em right now even though it was technically for the funnel builds)
Galacut (EUNE)
: What makes the shop think I didn't wanna buy that item
I've noticed it mainly when I start out, I think I've bought my items then bam I haven't. Only started to happen recently though
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