: if anything it would cost like a normal item, idea is there, but 150 for removing cc is waaaaay too op. i would make it new tanky item :P i would make it new tanky item, removes cc and heals for 10% of your max hp (90 sec cd) , gives 25 mr and 500 hp for 2800g
The critical point here is that cc removal is something that you want a lot more on a carry position than on a tank.
: It'd wreck the balance of the game a little, don't you think? Plus, what would be the point of playing Gankplank, if one of your abilities is basically an item worth two wards?
First of all 150 Gold isn't little and the heal amount of it isn't anywhere near GP's E. Then imagine a Champion with a Spell that is worth a lot more than a 150 gold item every few seconds. if we take "The Orange" and it's price of 150 Gold Gankplank's E would be worth about 200 - 300 Gold. If you look at it that way you are generation up to 300 Gold every few seconds.
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