: Naming and shaming not allowed, Better go to jail.
the naming and shamign rule is simply a method to avoid work, nothign less nothign more, you find it in pretty much eveyr place where people do things in group and whjere authority dont want to deal with it... nothing new nothing special just people being lazy. accept it and keep going
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Blaming jungler is epic
like support when they get negativ score, or getting flamed when your ward just died because they last only 2min 30... enjoy people complaining about supp and jungle not wiping their ass that all.
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: "Noob" is offensive? or just sensible players
people are pretty fragile, just that simple, so even when you just give advice with no aggresion they feel raped in their intimity and report you
XxSteeZxX (EUW)
: Keep getting unrankeds in my team
unfortunately mid is already taken as is top and jungle except if i want a 10-20minute wait. they will feed and you wotn be able to do shit as supp and adc because they will insta burst you
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xSparky28 (EUNE)
: Stuck in low elo need advices
avoid bot lane its the easiest lane to shutdown and break, thsu if you do well it will be easy for your oppoenent to stop you. after that just play safe and it shoudl be good
: AFK's in Ranked...
same here but simply more bans in general woudl be nice
: nautils op ( tank champs with shields )
nautilus isnt the only one to like this mastery... seriosuly it work on any cc machine you havent seen a riven with it?. Naut isnt even the best user of it.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: Colossus Mastery and the main reason it's a problem
yeah for tank its a good mastery , but for bruiser mage ect... its too good. up the %hp and reduce the flat shield/lvl shoudl fix it.
: If your adc is dreaming or not in position then just take the kill, still better than no kill and the next time he is sleeping you can do more with the gold you got. Everything else is just a matter of experience. Look at the top players, they don't seem to have any problem at all giving kills to their carries.
> [{quoted}](name=Cancer Cavalier ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Eay9tAxP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-17T11:18:04.754+0000) > > If your adc is dreaming or not in position then just take the kill, still better than no kill and the next time he is sleeping you can do more with the gold you got. > > Everything else is just a matter of experience. Look at the top players, they don't seem to have any problem at all giving kills to their carries. yes and no top player often left kilol to carrie when kill is already secure by an armlenght , usualy they just burst /kill the target whatever they are.
: Why doesnt anyone play Rammus?
he doesnt have lee sin mobility or other jungler cleaning and damages nor late game or early game rape power. and a fed rammus wont carry super hard like other jungler , simple as that. its strong but its not the best in its job.
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Kanjejou (EUW)
: keep getting game were team are totally unbalanced in skill level.
so its why challenger match are gettign less and elss interesting
: Lock in....
I happen but its not common
: i see that they should make it 25 mins ..
no problelm most game dotn last that long anyway. you know surrender is here to be used not to be a gimick
Gnirk (EUW)
: Poll: Negative behavio vs Skill
Toxicity has nothing to do with skill should get reported like everybody else... it is the law and if the law say toxic shoudl get reported the rest is unimportant. Skill money or fame doesnt allow you to be super as s hole 360
: I can totally get what you're saying, and I think special treatment is not in it's place. I might sound harsh, but it is what it is. Riot cannot just give everyone with a disorder a special treatment, they'd have to hire a ton of people to review all cases and its just not feasible. It's either you adapt or you dont play, and thats how it is.
Maybe but they dotn do anythign anyway. the system being fully automated it read chat with a robot... a robot..; the thign with no emotion no subjectivity and no understanding of the atmosphere... well doen rroti
: Graves has the highest winrate in both jungle top AND adc
well he got the earlyu mid power and since game is only early mid power and 0comeback iopportunities even in pro player level , yes grave is good.
Xrozz (EUW)
: To all Toxic Banned People
Well seing as most country remove teacher and reduce the amount of money given to education that most parent have to work from 9 am to 7pm plus travel 2hour travel time and thus only see their childreen for diner and not always. dont expect young people to have education. all teh things that were supposed to educate them were removed.
: Normally i would disagree with you since teamwork "Should" win you the games but this season shows next to none of that to which i have to agree with you i mean even 15mins would be fine im just tired of the snowballing this game has become i honestly to me feels like Dota 2 which was a game i hated for the snowballing when i tried it.
i like Lol becasue it wasnt as snowball and cdeny heavy as dota.. they were more play less broken vs broken vs more broken... now its dota2 all over again... you know rito doing the same things as other isnt the way to go man it just make you samy and dota is better at the broken vs broken +snowball gameplay, because if you fail even once and was in top you are worth a lot of money, a LOT and thus you can come back with a single good move. right know to lose when you have the advantage ... damn you must shut down your brain your reflexes and every muscle of our body. Never before i have finished so many game with 3-4-8 lmelve more thna my oppoennt finishing at levle 18 when other ennemies were level 10 no point to keep playing such games... my only reason why i keep playing is hoping that rito will revert back a bit ont he snowball heavy gameplay, which require no skill and no teamwork at all.Or make chanegs to complete this snowball season by making surrender at 10 minute. If they keep going... well i guess i will stop playing. I carried games so fucking hard i coudl win 1vs5 because i was 8 level head and full stuff when other wer elevel 10 and with 2 items +boots. season 5 playing like this would have make me die and give 500gold now if i die I give 150gold whoa... so much and even if its global, except carry nobody got item at such a low price.
: > So we can surrender when game is over... and not wait 20minute to surrender a game that is over since the 3-5 minute. Call it optimistic BS, but the game isn't over until the nexus is destroyed. I've seen teams this season stomp for 30 minutes and them lose hard because they got cocky. Throws happen, with alarming regularity.
your lucky havent seen it once in all the game i had and watched this season and im an heavy lol addict... playign a few game eveyr day and watchign at less 3 game a day.
: bronze ranked
placment is shit... was gold 1 got put back in bronze had to climb in gold again and fend off troll afker and people who cant push 4 buttons...so yeah people that had high rank and droppde a lot are going to be super salty
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G0dot (EUW)
: Disintegrate Base damage reduced to 80 / 115 / 150 / 185 / 220 from 85 / 125 / 165 / 205 / 245. Ability power scaling increased to (+ 80% AP) from (+ 70% AP). If Disintegrate kills its target, the cooldown is reduced by half (in addition to refunding the mana). Incinerate Base damage decreased to 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 from 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280. Ability power ratio increased to (+ 85% AP) from (+ 75% AP). Summon- Tibbers Base damage decreased to 175 / 300 / 425 from 200 / 325 / 450. Ability power ratio increased to (+ 80% AP) from (+ 70% AP). Nerfed the base damage for annie supp , compensation for midlane annie was the up of ratios
still annie super strong as support because her strenght as always been her ability to chain stun and mass stun, from range
G0dot (EUW)
: Was overpicked as support. Nerfed . Had no compensation for jungle/top nautilus.
like every guy whose been overpicked in support and was supposed to play somewhere else... nice balance rito. he is still decent but nochere as good as befroe the nerf and thus fail hard top(can shield himself often enought to stay) or jungle(can clean fast enough so fall flat if he cant get a gank at level 2 or 3.).
Mimr (EUW)
: The real problem with TLD
yeah its a good idea but rito want plays rito want big dmage from everyone... they forget that with mùore gold early game is more important and thus nobody take mid alte game mastery. except those who wreck with it like fervor irelia warwick adn jax.
: Why are AD champions so much more forgiving early game?
well wxe are int the AD meta guys... it suck but deal with it.
: Just having self control works just fine. You can also drag the chat off of your screen or mute every other player in the game. However, I do kind of agree with the sentiment. I've always felt like LoL would have been a way better game if there was no Chat, but instead you could click on a list of phrases to communicate. "Push. Baron. Dragon. Invade! Help Me." Etc. Would instantly cut back on toxicity and allow people to focus on their games. With not needing to worry about what people say anymore, Riot can re-focus on purely punishing people who intentionally troll or cheat. Of course, many players like to chat because they're social and friendly, so this would be a bad thing to them. But Riot could always introduce optional voice chat and also better moderated chat-rooms in the client so people can be social and make new friends.
70% of humanhave no self control since society didtn train them to have one so its a lost cause to ask people to have something that was never given/imprinted to/into them.
: Zed or Yasuo
zed is stronger yasuo bring something more unique than snowball and instant kill
Ibroskull (EUW)
: The way LoL is moving as a game.
I have a bit of the same feelign and I have been playign since end of season 1... so... THe game look more and more like dota death is extremely punishing. team gold make snowball team event and the space of the game have become extremely one sided.
HelixKing (EUW)
: Nonsense. People are not surrendering enough. So often this week have we been getting completely destroyed, as in 8-40, but my team doesn't want to surrender. Not because they think they can win, but just to make those that want to surrender hate them.
same problem people keep fighting when game is loset since the first 3 minute and all lane are lost.... 60% of my ranekd are me trying to play my lane still level 1 every lane get slaughtered... even jungle get counterjungled score at 5 minute 2/8 i got two kill team died 8 time... cant carry that... and now its the norm. I roam get other kills mid and bot get dragont ower and shit team still play like shit ennemy gatter to punch me repetidly ... get out feded they snwoball cant come back adc two shot my at 12 minute mark with two crit during th animation of my first spell. another lose. the game is actually absolute shit in 100game sicne seaosn start their was 0 comaback. if early is lost game is lost its that simple no comaback no gettign bakc on ennmies the worst is first i thougth it was just becasue i was gold/silver... watchjed high level ranked and lcs ... same probleme snowball is monstruous no comeback even from pro player... gg well played rito you made skill pointles after the first good play
: Do you report people for being "noobs"?
don report bad player, I rerport player that donc communicate insult and are blatlantly suiciding for the heck of it...
: In-game attitude
the game get even more fast spaced thus all the unbalance ressurgate like bad food out of a stomach. we get more abusiv build than ever the snowballing is calamitous and thus if a single lane fail... a single death... its ove your game is fucked you can afk take a shit coem back 10 min later to start a new one, if you get early kill and build aggresiv enjoy your 15minute of slaughter and your win. the new sopace of the game make the blood boil and thus the oxicity rise... and since their is no tribunal well.. make the combination, not enough controll a lot of abusiv situatiosn that you cant comeback from anymore. Before you coudl deal with a weak lane(make game stale so he coudl coem bacl)...now its fucked simple and clearly fucked the guy will never come back get farmed for free team gold and if you dare help him you will lose you tower or worse end up feeding.
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: Ranked problems...
same problem here got 5 game today with gusy who pretty much must have been playign a script their champion was just farming jungle and didnt reacted to ennmies attacks or ping or chat. had totally unbalanced games and you got recipy for shitty season.
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Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Same with {{champion:107}} and {{item:2043}} , but who buys wards, honestly?
except renagr burst is on a 0.2sec scale try to put CC him before he can jump mid late game when jump distance is longer than pink ward sight radius. and their 3 target he can kill ad carry ap carry and the third squishi of the team.
Sýrian (EUW)
: Ap Rengar
gutted is a bit strogn it will be less of a free win. that all.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Game is punishing you!
when you get 20 consecutiv ranked lose were team surrender at 20... and at 8 minute the score is 2/15 (only i killed stuff, my opponent and mid bot when helping) )cant carry those games. when it happen for a whole week and it make you drop division after division that you lose 8-10lp for lose and gain 35-42lp for win but still drop again and again and again. Thx to game that are over before the 10 minute mark. you see 3 item rengar at the 12 minute mark.. good game i enjoy a lot those ... totally one sided games. and when you watch mmr rating of games and see your team 300points below the ennemy team me at 1500 allies at 1200 all ennemies at 1500. so im supposed to carry 4 player vs people as strogn as me... are you drunk rito matchmaking?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: 0.2 sec , as if it matters talon can do the same zed can do the same. If u have a good support u survive thats about it, try getting a support that is skilled and u will see pretty good results
talon can dot he same only with the two ult effect. and a big deal of its dmages are dot and very item dependant. Zed is nice but he telephone its killing move with its ult so eveyrbody can cast shield zhonia cc and stuff to stop hima dn kill him in the proccess.
: when he can nuke an adc without either the support or the adc having almost 0 time to react is not only unhealthy to the game but incredibly unfair its literally rengar got a few kills well your adc has 0 chance of survival because the exclamation mark is absolutely useless when hes using ghost blade and mobi boots by the time its seen hes already killed your adc not to mention he gets a heal that without ap can heal him about 300 health and gives him armour and mag res not bad for an assasin eh? But don't worry Kha Zix isn't allowed to fire his w mid air or have damage reduction on an ult because that made him "too tanky and snowbally". Fact is Rengar has been at his strength for ages which is ridiclous to the point that almost every game in diamond hes banned because most say that once he gets a few kills theres no more counterplay in him so yes hes had this coming.
donc forget that if he start its jump he will unleash its damage even if cced.
Salito1311 (EUNE)
: Fizz or Rumble
fizz carry harder but is boring as hell like most assasin with free escape+passiv to tower dive or take a thousand minion turret shoots.. high reward no risk. Rumble is fun to play because their is interaction between you and your opponent.
Samzonz (EUW)
: IIIaoi to OP...
she is a massiv pain bot lane her tentacle put a lot of pressure on the lane and she is both safe thx to rgen and dangerosu thx t ddamaegs and being relatively tanky. top she is ... average but if she get ahead... oh god will you hit punch all game long she has a very strogn carrying potential like fiora or riven if ahead.
CakeMix (EUW)
: Salty Reports
maybe you keep saying noob scrub or you mad bro? It tend to annoy after the first few time after 10 minute it make people aggressiv, after 30 it give killing intend. maybe rub it less intheir face, youa re already winning dont brag too much? if none of the above you wont get banned just lots of report but becarefull if you ge tlots of report even false it make you a watched target.
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