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Aosi (EUW)
: Alright just from what I can explain, you might have to bare with me here because I just did some small research on the types of CC. So Fiora's **Ripose **is currently this. > Fiora poises to strike in the target direction and then enters a defensive stance, parrying all incoming non-turret damage and hostile **crowd control** effects for the next 0.75 seconds. This is Lulu's **Whimsy** > ON ALLY CAST: Lulu casts erratic magic upon an ally champion, giving them bonus attack speed and 30% (+ 5% per 100 AP) bonus movement speed for the next few seconds. > ON ENEMY CAST: Lulu turns the target enemy champion into a harmless critter, polymorphing them and reducing their base movement speed by 60 for a short duration. Okay so what I wanted to talk about _might be wrong about this_ but heres what I think. Firora's riposte has the ability to parry **ALL** hostile CC effects. So essentially you are right, this should be blocked using that logic, what it doesn't tell you in the game about Lulu's Whismy are a couple things. We know obviously its a polymorph changing your character leaving them unable to use **most** abilitys. * It's a Silence * It's a Disarm Okay supposedly this means you cannot use any abilitys so the spell bar normally shows as blocked or blacked out I think. When I went over your replay, I saw that your skills wasent blacked out but you was still Polymorphed into the character, maybe you couldn't use the other abilitys still, or maybe you thought you couldn't. But lets go on the assumption you couldn't use the Q & E while polymorphed. So this is what I don't understand, according to the wiki, both Silence & Disarm are resisted by Riposte, but I cannot find anything about "polymorphing" and I think only Lulu has this ability I'm not sure. So it could be that polymorphing your character might not be classified as CC but the effects it has (silence & disarm) are, which should be blocked. But then I don't know if pix is classified as a minion as well or another "thing" I don't know. perhaps that could be something to do with it. But if I was to use any of this logic _which might be completely wrong_ it could be that the polymorph ability had turned your character into somthing else but still allowed you to use your abilitys, however because you cannot Auto-Attack you couldn't use them, but could activate them. I just wanted to talk about it because I was bored, don't take any of my personal opinions as truth, just an idea behind it & i might be completely wrong I may not have helped but maybe I gave you a good read {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Wow, that's pretty impressive. Sadly, the one thing that matters here is that Lulu's Whimsy is a debuff, and as stated on Fiora's Riposte, she negates all debuffs. Ignite, silences, fears, anything, and not just hostile CCs. This being said, I don't recall trying to use my spells while polymorphed that way. E wouldn't work for sure tho, since I was unable to use my autos. So yea, might be due to Whimsy's unique nature, for sure. But Riposte is quite %%%%ed up as well this patch (and next one, seems like Riot ignored me on these 2 reports). And I swear I couldnt stun while riposting Yorick's wall thing. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write this, it was a good read indeed! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} (These Jinx emotes are fascinatingly... weird)
Ferinjec (EUW)
: 1. Fiora`s W is pretty annoying on top lane. you can get him/her with ranged champs like jayce, but he can switch to a melee fighter. I choose Kayle on top lane, because it`s easier to fight against a Lulu or a Fiora. A Lulu`s W is more annoying than Fiora`s W. I don`t know anything about the two champs.
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arthur2341 (EUNE)
: Bug with Annie
Casting a spell consumes the stacks. So you have no more when Q hits. If W hits but doesn't stun, there indeed is a bug. Please report it following the rules. There are people trying to get Riot's attention with well-written reports.
Realqxz (EUW)
: bump
Thanks, hope Rito saw that. I have another to report anyway soo
: Fiora is too op at the moment. Maybe she was intendend to be that op, but when a fiora does more damage than draven with two bf swords... and she negates all the basic damage if he got an axe spinning... that's BS man. Plus she has slow on that plus she can close the gap in ms.
Tbh Draven is easy food for Fiora, doesn't mean she's that bullshit. Tho I admit she's quite strong at the moment. And that comes from a Fiora OTP. At least we have to smash more than 1 button to OS Draven *cough* Syndra *cough*
Drako398 (EUW)
: Also has been bugged with TFs gold card
Didnt think about this one, but it is indeed an auto based cc, so checks out.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: The after-game chat is analyzed as well, so you can use the post-game reports to put a notice on players flaming there.
Thanks a lot, this has been done :) I just hope he'll get what he deserves now.
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