: The Inaugural EU LCS Fan Favourites Awards
No Attila Hylisang, Nooooess! {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: No relegations = won't watch.
Relegations at the end of the year, Like in Football, Half the Season isn't good enough to judge a Promo/Rele.
: Why are they dead? isn't new NA system supposed to be super good for everyone involved?
Because they don't have relegation, and based on rich orgs, while Europe at least has decided to make Relegations like in other sports, after a WHOLE YEAR not just Half (1 Split aka Spring) which is great news.
Cilix (EUW)
: This will probably hurt eu in the long term. With all these regions that have so much more money.
The two best region's as of today (Korea and Europe) remain without franchising, we shall see how it works out with China and North America.
3sss0 (EUW)
: I've had the screen for about an hour now and its not looking to work...
Yeah its starting to get frustrating, I logged on my other account and all is fine, just my account seems to be in a non existent game. ._. Edit: Still the same http://i.imgur.com/cE8Zpku.png Hopefully I do not get some sort of unfair punishment, will go watch LCS <.<
3sss0 (EUW)
: Reconnect screen
Have the same issue. Hope I am not in game for real.
Stell (EUNE)
: Pick Intent -system is a fascinating way to plan your team comp
I love Teemo Support in Normal games, really good with the blind, never underestimate Teemo, reminds me a week ago I watched a friends game where a Teemo Tank Jungle made a Pentakill! {{champion:17}}
: OOOOOOH SHT! Im going to hate xin Zaoh so much..... (buffs)
This must be not taking into account the damage that the Ragebuild already causes... Not the best decision im afraid.
Ćalix (EUW)
: I'm certain this will never be implemented because currently there are a total of 128 champions and they all have their own skins. So I reckon animating all of their splashes would be out of riots' budget.
One or Two people could animate this all.
Pothatho (EUW)
: champions icons bug
Mine always shows Trundle's true identity being Teemo!
: i was going to go dou ranked with my friend then one of my friend logged in so we played normal 3 in lobby and when this game crashed we thanked god that we wasnt playing ranked :DD, but anyway still annoying af when u want to play and u cant. I am going to play CS GO
Yup finally have some free time and this happens ._.
Was about to start a ranked, sites say the game exists so... guess its LP loss as usual. ._. hope to not get punished for these issues riot has on servers.
Riioll (EUW)
: I bought SSW skin and it didnt come
I want my Talon Q_Q give it, so I can worship our god Pawn! {{champion:91}}
MetaTrace (EUW)
: I hate having to chime in just to let you know that I read your letter, but I did! We are aware of the current service instability, and hope you understand that we are working tirelessly to resolve it. I am sorry if you feel we are complacent with issues of this nature, but I hope to assure that any issue that effects player experience like the one you described, are always a priority in our eyes.
The only thing that annoys EUW's player base is that there is never loss prevention when servers fry up, or never on time, a lot of us are paying customers so a IP boost would not do much in the first place but honestly it is irritating that people get reported for a dc that is not there fault, I never report people unless its a obvious rage quit for when they leave a game. because we all know how these server issues affect us all.
: SKIN SPLASH ARTS! for those that have not seen them already
Shared screens just do not fit this game, at this point.
: Whats with the bard trolling ?
Worst case: When people troll and you are forced to spend 50 minutes or 1h to win because they are not trying to win, then they get a free win. Had that issue with Soraka's and bard "ADC's" sometimes ._.!
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: I pick non-OP, but fun to play champions for a few games, then I get mad because of tryhards and OP champs so next game I pick {{champion:28}} and my score is like 20/3.
The night is my veil.
Tibore (EUW)
: "People have the mentality of "Must Win". So, they try to pick "OP" Champs in Normals, Ranked or whereever" Are you kidding me? have you seen some people on ranked at all? they pick shitty champs just because it's "fun" (for them maybe) and they don't even care about wining at all! When these ppl pick shit zhao i'm done...
Every time a team mate thinks or picks Xin Zhao I tend to accept defeat automatic :/ But I pick tons of non-meta champions, the issue is people who go to ranked without knowing the basics of there champion(s) and then blaim the team mates that they did not manage to help for there loss.
: [Riot Pls]Chat Restricted because I'm the Diana g0d on URF
Troll comment or not its true, People are getting extremely salty in URF it seems, even if they do not say a word in the game to you, they will report you for winning, as simple as this :/
Kapi (EUW)
: Why are people reporting for no reason?
Thank you for the comments guys, Just wanted to make sure its safe, It could indeed be anything I guess, your team mate that wanted a certain role, the enemy who got angry at the champion you picked (I guess Evelyn and Bard are not really liked in the featured game mode URF) but its okay, will just have to go on, thanks once again guys.
Rioter Comments
el barno (EUW)
: How to drastically improve your win ratio with a few simple steps
Good idea. I tend to usually do the oposite, focus on there best player to keep him out of the game, but perhaps farming the weakest link might work too.
Fler (EUNE)
: None of them needs a new skin 70% had one not long ago, maybe just talon needs one cuz he didnt had one for years... and maybe zed cuz he just got one... but rest is fine, azir is a new champ so he needs to wait a lil longer
: Will Riven ever be nerfed ?
Riven and Irelia need to be nerfed, not much truth be told, Riven's E is her kits only issue honestly, no counter play if you cant finish her off.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I wish more people understood this, sometimes I see some pretty foolish groups of people thinking they can report for no reason at all.
DynZé (EUW)
: Put Ping in League Client
The ping in the client would be a blessing, and prevent so much toxicity and "oh man i cant move, didnt know sorry bye" such situations. +1
: I don't feel like enough supports are released...
ADC and Support are the ones with less choices sadly.
Khaski (EUNE)
: Same problem. Fixed by switching language. Apparently English gives Error on any server. Was able to complete patching an login to the game with Polish language, so I guess I start learning Polish now. So all you haters who demanded RITO to make Polish server - here it is :))))
Switched mine to Spanish, Seriously loool.{{champion:17}}
Sightburner (EUNE)
: Since RIOT is a company that need to make money they are kind enough to give us 3 refunds. I have been playing since S1 and I haven't used any refunds as of yet. I have all champions and over 300 skins. If you are unsure you want a skin or not, check it out on youtube or something before buying it.
I have over 50 skins, not asking refunds out of greed, the reason people ask refunds is the CHANGES done to a skin/champion you purchased many months if not years ago.
emoKitten (EUNE)
: I would like better if they left the old skin option too. Like..for example Tristana, they will update it and leave you an option to choose if you would like the new or the old one. The same with splash portraits. I like the old Tristana splash much more than this new. In game skins are not so bad, but earnest elf Tristana was also better before update. Also I think that alien Heimerdinger was better before the update. I dont remember more of skins that I think old versions were better, like for example firefighter Tristana was good and is acceptable..many new skins are acceptable, but those two mentioned skins above were better before update
I also preferred my old Bucaneer Tristana, I mean the reason I got the skin was that it was so cool. Now every skin looks, the same almost . This is why Poppy and Taric worry me on a future VU, if they will ruin my Battle Regal and Armour of 5th Age :x
Wildman (EUW)
: Should refunds be regenerated every year?
They should, same as they could always let you refund a skin on a champion that was Updated (Visually or Mechanics wise)


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