: So we aren't even allowed to argue one bit anymore?
I don't think I've encountered any type of open forum moderation that was entirely objective, and not based on the presumption someone might be upset. That's just the society we live in now, where even comedians are being witch hunted for past Twitter jokes, that at that time were considered funny. "Tread-on-eggshells" culture and overzealous moderators.
: I don´t know what you Problem here is. You get the Leaver Buster when you not connect or you are AFK and get the "Disconnect". It is fair. If you go AFK it´s your Fault for being AFk in the first Place. And there is no real punishment the first Times. But for you to again write about it. It feels like you are leaving the Game quite often. And im just saying. Remake is 3 Minutes into the Game. Meanwhile Leaver Buster will punish you after 5 Minutes. And you should know it. If you feel like you get punished for nothing you should go to the Support. And not into the Off-Topic Area. But just to be clear. Your Problem will not happen if you don´t go AFk or have connection Issues. It´s you responsibility to have a proper connection and not go AFK.
> [{quoted}](name=FlyToSky,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=0aPNbfBl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-12T17:23:01.096+0000) > > If you go AFK it´s your Fault for being AFk in the first Place. Not quite. But should you need to go AFK for any reason that takes precedence over League of Legends, then a sanction in some half-baked video game is the least of your concern.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Agreed. There has to be a point where enough is enough. I'm all for extending 3 days to a week, two weeks to a month. But there has to be a cut off point where you say 'No. You're done.'
: His dps is higher then Syndras. I would know being a player of both... infact I am kinda droping syndra she is bad atm Check this base dmg and Ratios.. Q 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (+ 80% AP) W MAGIC DAMAGE: 5 - 64.5 (based on level) (+ 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20) (+ 40% bonus AD) (+ 20% AP). This is per hit, In avg you ll have 2 of those if each hits twice thats 80% ap ratio.. E「 TOTAL MAGIC DAMAGE: 80 / 115 / 150 / 185 / 220 (+ 80% AP) 」 His E can also be refreshed twice with Q/R without counting that his dps is higher R MAGIC DAMAGE: 125 / 225 / 325 (+ 110% AP) A Null Zone is opened beneath the target that lasts 5 seconds, dealing magic damage every second to both Nether Grasp's target as well as all other enemies within it. 「 DAMAGE PER SECOND: 2 / 3 / 4% (+ 0.5% per 100 AP) of target's maximum health 」 Syndra Q 50 / 95 / 140 / 185 / 230 (+ 65% AP) Malzahar Q does more damage... given the higher ratios and more damage specialy early game due to base damaage. I hate level 1 syndra Q so much dont even want to level it Syndra W MAGIC DAMAGE: 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+ 70% AP) Ehm malza W has way higher damage potentional. Seen it instakill few times on its own Syndra E MAGIC DAMAGE: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 60% AP) Enough with number comparisons this is how it feels like Malzahar has atleast 20% More damage, lower cooldowns, insane lockdowns, a bit slower burst Syndra cna pick of target from further range with her stun and then burst that target but her Base damage/Ratios/cooldowns are all worse compared to malzahar. Yes her Q has somewhat low cooldown just high enough for her not to be sutsained damage champ. His dps is higher then syndras. If you want DPS play Taliyah,cass even viktor... His burst can be as high as syndras well like 0.2 sec slower... If malzahar forces you to build qss that alone just says how much of a threat he is rather then ugh malzahar is rendered useless by this thingy.. Because new malzhar functions better without ultimate As far as Lucian goes... Lucian is about dps not about burst. He can be bursty if ahead but he ll never kill you under 2 seconds Why are you comparing control mage to lucian?
Wrong, because magic resist has a far larger impact on DoT abilities (as does MPen). A logical fallacy. You cannot compare base damage scaling, and not consider other factors and interactions. Damage Reduction = total magic resistance ÷ (100 + total magic resistance) 30-37.5 (scaling base MR of most ranged champions) ÷ 130-137.5 = 23%-27% damage reduction. Now comparing their bread and butter damage abilities.. Malzahar's E damage; 80 ÷ 4 (# of seconds) = 20. 20 - 23% = 15.4 15.4 x 4 = 61.6 Base cooldown: 15 seconds at rank 1. Syndra's Q damage; 50 - 23% = 38.5 Base cooldown: 4 at rank 1 (and at all ranks too). All in all, total reduction of 18.4 for Malzahar and 11.5 for Syndra, both at level 1 and rank 1. Smaller intervals of damage are hit HARDER by magic resist. I could do ALL their abilities for you, but time and a helluva lot of effort to further prove the point. Maths, ain't it grand? Syndra does FAR more damage in all her abilities, when you account for ratios, Magic Resist items, Ability Power and CDR. You've also noticed that she does that damage faster too, she can get 3 Q's before Malz is E is back up, equating to 115.5 potential damage. And Lucian is a burst ADC, like Corki, who is more often mid than ADC in High ELO. Both of whom, have far more burst than Malzahar. And there is a reason why Syndra is played mid in mage match ups in the LCS. "Syndra is bad atm." lel.
: You would be surprised but malzahar can funcition without ultimate He can have like a 3.5 sec cooldown on his q which silences for 2 seconds for example He can block skillshots with his W he has quite a bit of dps Even if you qss his ultimate he still does damage to you unless you stun him right after which if he has passive is not possible. So no a single purchashe doesnt destroy him
His ability to suppress and burst during it is his strongest tool. Yes. A single purchase DOES destroy him. QSS instantly and run out of range, it really isn't that hard. His DPS is no way comparable to Syndra, or even Lucian's burst. His Q is relatively easy to dodge with a short range. Blocking skillshots with W is something unique to Malzahar and Heimerdinger. His combo requires a set up, he cannot use his ultimate immediately for full value. He must Q, E and W first.
: Malzahar is balanced am I right? Right? RIGHT?
Malzahar is very balanced in that he becomes the most useless champion with one item purchase.
: Dishonored for a while
I don't believe you are locked out of getting an honour level per se. It just takes a significant amount of honours to get from level 0 (Dishonored) to level 1. In theory, the more you are honored, the faster you'll get to honor level 1. Then you can begin climbing honor levels at a normal pace again.
Haunted (EUW)
: Love the Arcade Event Blizzard!!
Yeah, Blizzard made a good game alright. :^)
: > Is this chat log banable when someone is toxic and trying to convince other people to report you. Are you sure it wasn't the other way around? Are you sure you weren't the one trying to get people to report others? [0:19] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka [0:22] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): id you took heal [0:27] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and ii exsaust [0:33] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): you would hea l more [1:24] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): i was eating [1:31] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): chill %%% [4:50] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): i am done [4:58] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka have been trolling since min 1 [5:23] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): you could help much more [5:25] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): flash oinn [5:27] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and took kill [5:32] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): you could instead [5:33] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): help [5:39] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and you don't silence bran [6:12] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls report soraka [7:41] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls rpeort soraka flaming not healing [7:46] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and not helping twtich [10:01] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): PLS REPORT SORAKA [10:02] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): PLS [11:36] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): cassi is reported aswell [11:43] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka is trolling me since min one [11:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): taking kill [11:51] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): waiting for kill [12:04] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): just loose <3 [12:11] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): she waited with flash [12:13] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): when i pinge [12:49] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): All mid pls [13:56] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka said in chm select don't pick twitch [13:58] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and he did [14:01] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): so he troll [14:05] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): he iddn't help blue [14:11] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): so me and cassi had to help [14:19] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and then she refused to heal me [16:23] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): yh [16:24] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls [17:39] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): idc [17:43] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): she trolled me [17:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): so many times [18:02] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): she trolled twitch [18:06] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): aswell [19:57] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls don't forget to report soraka [21:15] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): dude this guy can't even speak english properly [21:20] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): same with mf [1:09] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): omg blitz? [1:19] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): troll... [4:41] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): this game is just so unlucky [5:06] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): cause blitz trolled when we invaded [5:12] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): and after i got tilted and [6:06] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): blitz tilted me and i can [6:12] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): can't play properly now [9:08] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): i said i can't play properly [9:11] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): after blitz troll [9:56] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): wow the flame [10:08] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): reported and muted [12:11] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): look the others [12:17] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): cause they are [12:21] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): doing good [12:57] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): pls report i have been flamed since min 1 [13:23] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): ty vayne and blitz [16:42] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): you still havent stopped [16:49] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): oh can't wait for banning you [17:03] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): wow now you personal attack [18:20] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): yes pls [18:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): well flamers always loose just saying [21:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): now you refuse to help uss vayne [21:47] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): and the re [22:12] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): whole team did not come [22:38] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): pls stop being toxic [26:43] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): odn't forget to report vayne and blitz [26:48] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): and rammus flame too [32:26] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): rpeort bot rammus [0:29] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): lulu help chickens [0:37] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): kassa too [1:58] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): ty [3:18] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): it is ww.. [8:16] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): mf [8:19] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): and kassa... [8:35] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): you don't ward arround your map [8:55] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): makes it so damn hard to understand where your zed is and makes it ungankable [12:30] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): can you ffs say ss [12:36] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): you are ruining my stats [16:12] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): again no ss [16:13] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): bot [18:36] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): push it [20:50] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): report mf [24:34] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): kassa you didn't engage [24:37] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): before we died [24:41] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): what a troll [24:49] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): and mf is flamer [25:58] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): good baron [26:02] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): when thy got vision [26:20] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): pls report ryze and mf flaming inting [27:00] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): not my fault your noob champ [27:55] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): i really hope you get the bban the flames is real [29:23] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): mf won't help [33:47] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): pls report mf and toplane [33:53] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): flame This is your 8th penalty. You get reported in almost every game, and a lot of the times it is for 'lie to the opponent team to get me reported'.
Someone just past Eambo as my favourite EUW forum Rioter.
Eambo (EUW)
: They're granted randomly, like keys! Similar scenario, you can receive it at any point randomly so long as you've played games recently :-)
Is there any sort of bad luck protection though? Or perhaps any published probability?
Exitrida (EUW)
: Why I think AR:URF is not enjoyable
My only issue with ARURF is that Malzahar isn't disabled. While I don't particularly agree that champions SHOULD be disabled, winning within 10 minutes because you're spawning infinite minions suiciding on turrets. It is beyond broken, and I believe, the only champion needing removal.
Rioter Comments
: You are a bit off the track, all i am saying is that the whole idea of creating a tribute in his name is absurd, no matter the influence. And i will say it again, many other people died who saved other people's lives and were not given a chance for the tribute.
The scale in influence is something you're missing mind you. Not everyone has saved thousands, if not millions, of people. Thought I agree, a tribute in League is a terrible idea. A mural on the wall of a pizza joint in the US? Not so much.
: Big deal, one more person died. I just feel like thousands of people die each day (151,600) and those people, or at least the majority of them were important to someone. I understand the feeling of your idol / a person whom you loved as an artist died. It sucks and stuff. Especially because it was unexpected as many people would say. I am not judging the grief itself, really. You have a right to grief over him. What i do have an issue with is your idea, to make a champion as a tribute to his personality, name, the man he was. That's ridiculous. I mean, don't get me wrong but a few other people who were just as much or maybe even more (in numbers) important to fans and family died and no one made a word, because of one good and reasonable reason. Why should the company do this? What exactly would the company get from all of this? Nothing. And the idea is also absurd. It's weird. It doesn't make sense. That's all, really.
While I agree with the sentiment that others people die, other people commit suicide etcetera. Not everyone had the same influence. Linkin Park had worldwide acclaim and saved hundreds, if not thousands, from suicide. I don't particularly like their music, but I can at least respect that.
ppy (EUNE)
: For all the people smurfing in a lower ELO range than their main one, a cordial note.
Smurfing causes MMR inflation. Account sharing and boosting also causes this, which is why it is a permanent ban offence. The problem is that there is nothing else smurfs can do. Although you could make a case for smurfs intentionally keeping their accounts low, which many streamers are guilty of.
Vigun (EUW)
: riot, please recode your game
Runaan's passive range scales with auto attack range. In this case, Tristana activated a trap, which massively increase Cait's range for a few seconds on Tristana. The passive triggered when Tristana was hit. I mean, I agree it looks messy, but the coding is consistent.
: So you say that if I have a 0% winrate against idk let's say Lee SIn for example I should start playing lee and learn from every time an enemy lee killed me so I can kill with him like they did to me ? man that's a god damned strategy
No, but you can learn how they did it, by imitation, and thus learn to avoid it. It's a far more fun and interactive way of learning, rather than watching a replay and going 'what could I have done?' 'I'll not stand next to X wall this time.' 'I'll stay one less step away from my support this time.' etc. You can learn a lot by watching someone do the same thing you are.
Declined (EUNE)
: My advice? Go back to the basics, you don't have to excel at any one specific trait or skill, but if you're consistently good across a lot of different disciplines and skills, such as understanding wave control, strategy, timing, jungle paths, psychology, map control, play styles and so on, then your odds will improve significantly. Sure someone will be better than you at some of those things, but all of them? Play smarter not harder. If you're interested in going back to the basics an looking at it from an open perspective, then I give you [this](http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/EWwG2BEQ), just remember that what may be obvious to some, is a complete revelation to others.
> [{quoted}](name=Declined,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EFGxqRU9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-28T00:24:40.441+0000) > >Play smarter not harder. Probably the best advice you can give anyone, regardless of rank. Playing hard helps, undoubtedly, but playing smart will carry you far beyond your ability. Anyway, my input, would be to change your perspective. If you find your losing against X champion/role often, play them. You can see the mistakes people make, but rather being on the receiving end, you are capitalising on it. Personally I find that far easier to learn from.
: Nashors Tooth buildpath is rly bad
Bring back Malady. That is all. Make Kayle, Azir and Teemo great again.
: Your Predictions for the next victorious skin?
My money is on Ziggs or Ahri. A mid laner has yet to get a Victorious skin, and the skins are always made for champions relevant in competitive play during that season. Ahri having a decent win rate and high popularity, and Ziggs beings the highest win rate mid laner overall. Also I'd think it'd be pretty interesting to design a Victorious skin for a Yordle, rather than a generic humanoid figure.
RyuzaGod (EUW)
: LF Team - Currently Silver IV , Ex Plat V
How does one go from Plat V to Silver IV? I mean, even with placements, that's gotta be hard to do.
: Not really. For me to carry games it is enough that I see/imagine enemy's position, doesn't matter that even supp does not ward, and for map awareness, I keep my eye on minimap, and spam pings if something is worth attention. If you want your teams to improve you have to improve yourself, you have to carry, and vision really helps. Well if gold and above even got butchered as you say, it does not affect neither you or me. Standards are the same, gold and below - low elo. diamond and above - higher/high elo.
> [{quoted}](name=Sinisteris,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9Xhz78g7,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-15T08:43:02.958+0000) > > Not really. For me to carry games it is enough that I see/imagine enemy&#x27;s position, doesn&#x27;t matter that even supp does not ward, and for map awareness, I keep my eye on minimap, and spam pings if something is worth attention. If you want your teams to improve you have to improve yourself, you have to carry, and vision really helps. > > Well if gold and above even got butchered as you say, it does not affect neither you or me. Standards are the same, gold and below - low elo. diamond and above - higher/high elo. I was gold, was what I was getting at. :P All the vision you need for personal use comes from your trinket. Vision wards, when nobody is buying them, is just free gold for them and wasted gold for you. Look at it this way, what are you more likely to carry with? 6 vision wards (that have little use, and only benefits you slightly) or an extra 20 AP?
: What is your point? That low elo does not need control wards or that silver 4 is not low elo?
The point was in my original post. Vision wards are only useful if everyone is contributing towards map visibility. Doesn't happen in low ELO. And I never claimed to be high or low ELO, nor do I care much of it after Dynamic Queue royally butchered MMRs Gold and above.
Infernape (EUW)
: So flash yourself. It has a 5 minute cooldown. Cho'Gath aside from Flash and hitting you with his Q (which is a long ass delay) has no reliable way of getting close enough to ult you.
It's instant. You aren't flashing it if he flashes on top of you, and more often than not, damage will apply after flash. In League of Legends, a game filled with CC, flashing is not a solution to an OTK with a 48 second cooldown that grants stacks of health and increases attack range based on stacks. When flash is considered forced counter play strategy, something is quite clearly wrong.
Infernape (EUW)
: Well for starters, Riot don't really class him exclusively as a tank (unlike Nautilus, Shen etc.). He has a unique play style. He's a hybrid battle mage/tank-thing. Secondly, his ultimate scales off of his max health as well as his HP. The more HP he has, the more damage he does. And finally his ult's power comes from the fact that he needs to be in your face to use it and he has no reliable way of doing so.
I'm pretty sure Flash followed by an ult, one-shotting the mage or ADC, is a pretty reliable way of winning a team fight.
Sephiro (EUNE)
: Question to people Bronze/Silver players
When I was ranking up, I honestly didn't buy any. Map awareness doesn't exist in low ELO. There is no reason to buy wards if it only benefits me. Let's face it, a single ward isn't much use. Vision is only a valuable resource when everyone contributes, otherwise you're just wasting gold and feeding them <2 minions worth of gold each time. It isn't a case of warding not being important or that its not in your role, it's that it isn't a good idea. A laner can rely on trinket alone, for vision around their own lane.
: I am making a mini-game inspired by League of Legends and its characters, is dat okay?
As long as you're referencing and not monetising, then it falls under fair use.
Neonchan (EUW)
: And then you can punch then in the face
: So what do u want from riot LOL.Your post is useless u have no point.And im sure riot wont disable champ from normals.
To rework him, as the title suggests? OP is correct. You really ought to read. :/
: Ok... it's official... Yasuo needs a rework... and not because he is OP!!!
Get Ahri, Lee and Yasuo banned every game you are able. If they all drop <10% pick rate because they cannot be played, Riot will step in (and probably give them a new skin and introduce Ban Immunity at this rate).
: Why aren't 3/2 votes enough? question not complaint!
You lose 100% of the games you forfeit.
: Why is that in 50 games played, only 7 were first blood to my team?
Why aren't YOU the one getting first blood for your team?
: When will you make the other 4 Darkin?
It's a popular theory that other champions are indeed, unidentified Darkin. Jax is a frontrunner, as are the champions who received their abilities through being possessed (i.e. Varus, Brand etcetera). My personal belief is that Vladimir is one such being, with Aatrox's blade and theme centred around using ones life force to enhance their abilities or absorbing it to recuperate strength. I wouldn't be surprised that his former master, the one Vladimir absorbed, was either a Darkin himself or his abilities derived from a Darkin blade. The latter could make for interesting dialogue should the "owner" enter the Rift. My guess is that the Darkin are another retelling of The Four Horseman, with the inclusion of other interpretations and including Pestilence as a fifth. So you'd have Aatrox fulfilling War, Jax would fit well as Conquest, Vladimir would be a tight fit into Death while keeping a blood theme (with Soulstealer being the more traditional skin). With Pestilence and Famine remaining to be seen.
: Time For Jax To Take His Mask Off Don't You Think Riot?
Preferably never. It's part of the mystery surrounding him. Nobody knows where he is from, nobody knows his age, nobody knows what he is and nobody knows whether he's even human. What everybody does know, however, is that he is an unstoppable fighter. That's what defines Jax. Not his mask, not his age, not his looks, not his weapon, not his armour... But his unparalleled martial ability.
candoodle (EUW)
: Why Tyler banned but not kaceytron and other trolls? [answer inside]
Massive difference between trolling and flaming on stream, and trolling and flaming in-game. Tyler1 was permabanned 19 times on 19 accounts. You cannot come up with excuses for that, or attempt to justify that in any way. He's out of this community and good riddance.
Pieka (EUW)
: An Idea how to prevent people from sitting in any League with Low MMR
The system will eventually throw you back down to the division you belong. As it stands, you're a Platinum 1/2 in Diamond 5 clothing, and many people would kill to appear a higher rank than they are. You're still, however, playing with Platinum players. Reset or not, you still wouldn't be moving anywhere.
: Is the club name "Adolf Hipsters" reportable?
Of course not. Adolf is nothing more than a name. If you outlaw Adolf because the name happened to be shared with Hitler, then you might as well ban Joseph because Stalin shared it.
Mr Novski (EUW)
: My account is Banned and i did not do anything
Chat logs or nah mate, you toxic. Those who don't provide their chat logs in their initial forum appeal usually have something to hide.
: Post a screenshot of your most expensive and cool Hextech skin you've won so far
Not so much expensive, though the rarest I received was Riot Blitzcrank. Can't screenshot it as I've already upgraded it to a permanent skin.
raishinari (EUNE)
: it is said that dota 2 is more difficult than lol
If there is considerably more to learn, then it'll be more difficult to learn. It has already been debated over the years: League is more streamlined and more accessible to new players. DOTA is more complex with more mechanics to learn. Which one is better is personal preference. Nothing more, nothing less.
: My brother attempted suicide following a suspension in League of Legends.
Objectively speaking, you must understand the difficulty this situation poses to Riot Support. Given that the laptop was stolen, it's safe to assume that no security breach took place. There was no hack, no change of password - No concrete evidence that proves to Riot it wasn't your brother or someone he willingly shared the account with. Even if you managed to get said thief to write an admittance (in which case, you should be contacting the authorities because that'll throw them behind bars), it does not prove to Riot that all this isn't an imaginative story. They must remain objective, or you could have all sorts of desperate players creating elaborate tales in a bid to unlock the account. With that said, given the situation, I reckon your best bet in regaining the account is to ask Riot Support to give the account one final chance. If your brother isn't toxic in game, he'll have no fear of his account being suspended again and over dozens of games, any previous 'strikes' are removed by Riot's own automated system. Riot seldom does that, though no harm in trying. In the absolute worst case scenario, you could report the event to law enforcement and have them issue a written statement providing they confirm it took place. Provide Riot Support with that statement and your brother's ID. There's no guarantee it will retrieve the account, though it would be overwhelming evidence in your favour. As for your brother's depression, that began long before. He turned to his PC because he felt he could no longer live a normal functioning life in the real world, so perhaps removing the PC from the equation isn't necessarily a bad thing. Although the motive of regaining his accounts is noble, it could be that you're promoting and enabling the lifestyle that got him in this mess in the first place. Get him referred to some therapists and show him he can live a normal, outgoing life despite his disability.
: what do you call a femenist comedian?
The best jokes are the jokes that are ironically true.
: Splash Art update, my personal thoughts. [Harsh criticism]
I'll second this. Whoever agreed to some of these splash changes needs a good ol' slap. The Fiora one is a real gripe to me. Here, you have an elegant action shot of The Grand Duelist doing what she does best. What are we getting? A Chinese vampire Fiora knock-off with a cheap, lazy Microsoft Paint background with crows pasted in. I don't even like Fiora or that skin, though whoever thought that one could POSSIBLY be an improvement needs prescription lenses. There are other western skin splashes that are better, though this one in particular is the epitome of how absurd the changes are. I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of digging into the client files and manually changing the splashes, merely to avoid my eyes being offended on loading screens.
gvt2000 (EUW)
: Players abusing queue times needs to be fixed
The only thing you can report them for is not playing their given role. You cannot report them for experimenting and choosing non-meta picks, or not playing or building how you would want them to. If that player is given the support role and instead goes Top/Mid/Jungle, THAT is the ONLY thing you can report them for. Otherwise you are wasting your time and your report credibility will fall. There is also an automated system in place to detect those players according to Riot Lyte, so you needn't even report them.
pablowa (EUW)
: Riot is pushing Playing with friends like hell. Why i think it's a bad idea.
Forcing players to play with friends will work as well as it did with Heroes of the Storm. And we all know how that turned out.
: Hextech Chests Illegible
When the system deems that your behaviour is no longer toxic and you've become a decent member of the community, then you'll get chests. You're unlikely to receive them in the foreseeable future, it'll analyse your behaviour over dozens of games and reassess.
: I can't win any games with Evelynn what am I doing wrong? :c
No CC whatsoever until level 6. No hard CC. No burst until mid-late game. Main gap closer, her stealth, countered by pink wards. The problem is: You're playing Evelynn. In League of Legends, early advantage often decides the outcome. That's why the meta favours strong early gankers that scale well into late game, and why you're struggling with Evelynn.
: Do You Believe In God?
Personally, it all depends on how you define "God." Do I believe in a singular cosmic, omnipotent, omniscient entity with sentience? No. Why? The way all the Abrahamic, monotheistic religions describe their deities. Given the nature of the topic and how this isn't the most appropriate place for a religious debate, I'll use a less controversial example: I cannot believe in the idea of a God that created a universe potentially teeming with undiscovered life caring about what people do with their genitals. Wouldn't they have something better to do? Solve world famine perhaps? It seems absurd to me. I could be a deist and cherry pick parts I like, calling myself a Christian, though I'd feel ignorant in doing so. As for Polytheistic religions? I would be more inclined to believe in them. Their existence doesn't contradict themselves: None of them are individually omnibenevolent, omniscient and omnipotent but together they achieve that. A famous paradox questions the validity of labelling something omnipotent: To be omnipotent is to have the ability to perform any action. Therefore, if you cannot create a task that you cannot complete, you cease to be omnipotent and omnipotence becomes self-contradictory. If God cannot create a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it, then God is not omnipotent. If he CAN, then he himself sacrifices the ability to lift it and thus cannot do everything. The reason as to why I don't believe in any Polytheistic religion is the human drive for a singular truth, a single metanarrative. Historically, if a civilization fell, the religion fell with it. How is modern day religions any different, and how is one religion any more the singular truth than the other 4000+? Now that I feel I've justified my position, I'll throw myself on the 'maybe' pile. I'm an agnostic atheist.
: if lifesteal wouldn't work the way it does, he would be less problematic (that would be one way). so...no. the thread is primarily about lifesteal. if it was changed, it could solve issues that concern its interactions with some champs. when considering an interaction, there are always multiple sides that can be changed. if one of them is a big topic that interacts with many others in partially questionable ways...there you have your primary balancing target.
Many others alluding to who, exactly? Negatively impacting every champion that builds lifesteal because of one, in your opinion, problematic champion is absurd. If you can create a convincing argument where the overwhelming majority of champions that build lifesteal are overpowered, I may be more inclined to agree that lifesteal is a problem. Until then, your problem appears to be with Graves. So... Yes. Step back, look at the bigger picture and ponder how a nerf to lifesteal to deal with one champion could possibly be healthy for everyone that builds lifesteal.
: you seem to have ignored the text. some problems with graves seem to be directly related to the current state of lifesteal. or maybe they aren't. i'm here for opinions.
I read your post, and you've confused your issues with Graves with items as a whole. Classic trap to fall for. It's the same as saying "Zhonya is OP because Morgana destroys me with it." No. It would be Morgana's interaction with Zhonya that'd be the problem, and nerfing Zhonya would hurt EVERYONE'S interaction with it, not just Morgana. If you have a problem with Graves, then any suggested change should concern Graves and Graves alone. You'd rather nerf lifesteal as a whole to deal with your problem with Graves, which is just silly, and one of the biggest reasons as to why Riot ignores the community where balance is concerned.
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