: 1.DISABLE CHAT 2.ONLY play when you are ok ,not tired,not sad,not tilted 3.Keep a sportman like attitude do your best 4.Be your own critic find your little mistakes and improve them 5.watch other urgot mains with higher rank that stream or youtube to improve with these 5 things you will 100% improve your win rate
The whole point of the post is a petition for riot to only enable people to play champs that they have 20+ games on blind/draft. God, in the Elo I was dropped (ex gold 2), it took 1.30 minutes to be killed by lee sin, leona and ekko (1v3 non stop fighting, *the triple satanic urgot life steal item combo*, lost because of their mobility at their inhib) I am blaming the players that I am getting to work with. Heres a description what's up with my every team mate 90% of games. Top: 2+ towers taken, heralds, mid roams + tower, constant invasion of enemy jungle after first tower. Mid: usually okay Jungle: 0 ganks, powerfarming, sometimes grabs a drake Bot: ff 15 When teamfights happen, it is 50/50 I either get a quadra and my whole team is dead or others get smoked in 2 seconds and I'm done for as well.
Sunwise (EUNE)
: Well, most of my games has a Hyper-Late-Game Carry in the enemy team, while my Laner against him can't even punish him early, Hell, I had a Kassadin in the enemy team being 6/0 in min 4, I won my bot-lane by 12/0 score, But how am I supposed to handle this Kassadin that keeps running when he sees us coming to gank from Bot-lane, Or when it is late game and he literally just RW R R R R for penta-kill, This new meta is %%%%ing hilarious on how every single champion picked is a Hyper-Late-Game carry that becomes fed because for some reason, My promos are about Lv30 that goes to base running instead of pressing B and a no-ganking jungler that flames anyone asks him to gank by writing "lol you can't even win ur lane" (true stories). So, yeah, carrying is impossible when nearly all the enemy team picks are Hyper-Late Champions that gets fed early and non of your 4 other mates is able to win a 1 v 1.
Lmao, as Urgot, it is extremely comfortable to team fight regardless of the team, they just need to stay alive for 20 seconds (combined) so enemies wouldn't focus me. Every teamfight with baboons on my team, ends up with me taking a triple-quadra and both teams dead as I am last standing. Elo hell has no clue how to do come backs, never able to 1v1, but serve well as meat shields - enabling me to eliminate the enemy team.
davpet (EUNE)
: Hello. I perfectly undestand the frustration. I as a support is even harder to carry, but im pretty damn good at Soraka ( top 300 Soraka EUNE in 2019 ). Keep the good work and improve ur skills and state of mind because there is always room to improve, but first u have to see ur own misatkes. Work on that becasue u cant change nothinn for the rest of team. Now, what I do hate about some people that plays this game, is that they expect to be carried, they barely take any kind of action to win, way to pasive and they just dont abuse or punish any kind of failure from the oponent. I have seen people who were last season plat 4 and now they are silver 4 after promo. How is that even remotely possible and positively for the player to improve again his rank? Ssdly for that u need skills, luck and time.
Probably going to wait out for people to do their promotions, just impossible... ashe support??? Thought I learned a lot how to hard carry, I end up almost winning games with having 70% of team's kills, but as I do minor mistakes such as attempting to save my foolish team mates from overextending consequences (respawned fed enemy team vs 3 levels behind maggots) - I die for 60 seconds as well and game is done for.
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: Make swain decent first then we can talk about his brother lmao
Doesn't have to be exactly Swain's brother, just a suggestion which would make sense
MamaDuck (EUW)
: Yeah I agree with you, it would be sick. Don't know why you are getting downvotes though.
I guess booty thirsty 11 olds want more ass from rito
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: There is rumoured to be a skin coming in halloween patch. Don't worry kayn is popular enough to get a seasonal skin so he will get one this year.
Thank god if that's true. I hope they won't try making it silly or something
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