Shamose (EUW)
: > Can you get money back? No. Read the ToS.
Guess riot can go %%%% themselves then, cheers though
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Mattie010 (EUW)
: Gives us compensation days for the snowdown 2018 pass!
: Don't bother with text chat or players; Most common mindset is that whenever you play in LoL you are playing with 4 NPCs against 5 people. Learn to handle players ingame stupidity, it will repeat over and over again so it's classified as "normal". I dont think level matters that much, but it is much better than it was years ago. Most of toxicity were taken by other games like Fortnite where currently kiddy players are gathering. You should hit the 30 and reach gold level at rank so your MMR will be above casual toxic kid. I don't see other option to do it effectivly
Cheers man, that's true. I shall try and hit Gold when i can do ranked then haha, guess until then i'll just grim and bare it.
: I most of the time just buy double XP boosts and play 3v3 bots and finish at 7 minutes for most efficiency. While yes this is boring it's a pretty quick way and you can watch Netflix etc in the meanwhile as you only need to clear the waves and push towers down vs beginner bots which isn't hard.
I didn't know you could do that! I shall totally have to give that a try, much love dude! NICE!
: ARAM seems to be pretty low on toxic people or those intentionally trying to ruin the game...
Yeah, i've noticed that too! but i'm a bigger fan of Summoners rift :O
Kimmaz (EUW)
: I play alone with 9 strangers. I cannot control if i win or loose games. but I can at least try and improve my own game-play. I don´t care if our team looses. I think the game is fun even when I loose. Most ppl are more interested in winning than playing it seems, and loose interest if you are behind on kills. As for toxic players, Dont feed the trolls. Dont talk back to them. dont try and be polite. they cant respond to you if you never chat.
Yeah, you have a really good point there, it just saddens me because i'm a really talkative person and it feels like the best way to play this game is to stay silent and just deal with the crap from other players :(
: Sadly a lot of the players you encounter are alternative accounts of players that don't care what happens to the account or returning toxic players that got perma banned, so they use the chance to %%%%% around as much as they can. The only idea I have to better your personal experience is to find players who play normally and add them to your friend list to reduce the amount of unpleasant ppl that could get queued into your game. Don't let these players take the joy out of the game for you.
Yeah, you're absolutely right. It's a shame really. Alright man, appreciate it. I'll try and find some players who play to the best of their ability and enjoy the game as much as i do
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