: My ex didnt want to deal with me having a hobby so we split up. my current one understands that I have life beside her and she's no an isecure bitch like the previous one so Im cool now ;b
Well done bro, a man have to put limits to manipulative girls.
: or you can break up with insecure bitch and do what you enjoy with your life :b
I agree, you wouldn't want to have anything with a manipulative girl, they always go to worse.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Alone together (>T-T)> Well, I guess I knew someone at some Point, but it didn't work out. >.> So now I'm waiting for my White Knight in shiny armor while muching lots of cake and getting upset about my weight.
Are you a gurl right? Then you have it easy mode, you just have to be there and you will receive a lot of request from nice guys who would accept everything from you and would allow you to do nothing else besides playing.
: I'll be single until i find the right woman that doesn't lie to me, doesn't cheat on me or breaks up with me for superficial reasons. In the meantime, i'll enjoy playing League to my heart's content. It's that simple.
Words of wisdom. Don't worry you will find more women who don't do that when they approach 30 years old, it's mostly hypergamy for them below 30 (if they can easely fucc a lot of "desired" males, they don't want a serious relationship).
: compromise i can play as much as i like and she is ok with it, but i also realize that i need to give her some time so in our house we have games night and date night date night: is all her's i cook and do not touch my PC watch a movie or go out what ever she feels like doing it is her night games night: all mine do not disturb me not even if the house is on fire unless said fire will directly impact my game all the other nights it is up to us to maintain the balance according to what we feel we need
It seems like a good plan to balance life with your wife, I take notice bro I have also said and thought the "_...not even if the house is on fire_" analogy a lot of times :D
Oimmena (EUW)
: My GF seems to have an hard time grasping the concept that LOL has no pause button. She's still in the '90s videogame i guess. Anyway, before living under the same roof it wasn't a big deal: she called and kept speaking into my phone. I was just interjecting with some "really?" "ofc!" "i love you too" and kinda stuff. Now she tollerates it mostly, but truth is that she get to work earlier than me, like a couple ours, so i get up with her to have breakfast together and when she leaves i can make a match or maybe 2. And in the evening, if she's tired, i stay wake and play a bunch of games. That's sort of fair deal to me. But obviousely i'm playing way less than when i was on myself. Still worth it i guess.
Ha ha! I was with my gf of the moment in 2011 for only 1 month and she called me once from her 2 weeks volunteering in Africa, but since I couldn't use both hands to play and hold the cell phone at once, I payed no attention to her and she noticed it because she was so overexcited about me. It was when {{champion:82}} was completely broken and she called me just when {{champion:82}} was nearly death in lane {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} Don't worry she proved to be a total B I T C H, I would never do that to a nice girl or to mai waifu.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
I know that feel bro, if you find your way to truth keep fighting the good fight.
Rioter Comments
: I only read "lie" "4 years" "don't care about" and that for... like 5 times.
: With a game mode so unbalanced, so casual and so underplayed, it's shocking anyone was expecting anything being done with it. A competitive queue is just ridiculous. I also don't care if Rito gave you the wrong idea, a competitive queue for Dominion is just a bad plan, and I've even heard players joking about how bad of an idea that would be. Competitive Dominion wasn't going to solve anything, the same people would keep playing it. A few other people might play their placements and maybe a couple of games, but just because it's ranked doesn't change the fact it's still dominion. You are in a very, VERY, small minority (if the post Riot made was correct, you are a fraction of a percentage), and Riot has made the decision to sacrifice you because it's simply easier than updating Dominion and marketing it to a point where it would be profitable enough to validate its existence. Did Riot neglect Dominion? Yes. But that doesn't matter anymore. Dominion has become a joke, and there is very little reason to keep it in the game. You and 8 other people liking it isn't a valid reason, by the way.
Your blatant misinformation about Dominion (pure Riot PR damage control) and your entitled language (you sound like someone who is 13 trying to look like an adult) indicate you started playing this game recently, closer to 2016 than to 2009, you don't know enough to be able to voice your opinion on this matter.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well why would they put effort in to something unimportant in the whole scheme of things? It wasn't played at any tournaments, it wasn't played at worlds, its not part of e-sports and it had a pathetically small playerbase made up partly of bots, even if we assume the 15 million player count all to be logged in at the same time and all playing, which they aren't, thats 75k dominion players, assuming even 1/3 of that is bots thats only 50k, out of every 1 million matches it would work out at 5k dominion matches, and thats assuming all 0.5% of the the population playing dominion did it at once :P There is literally no reason to keep the queue
Every reason you mentioned it's 100% Riot's fault and will.
: Ranked Dominion, you're funny.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
They actually heavily suggested they were going to do it, a few months after Dominion release in 2011. And Riot kept lying about it until a year ago or so, when Dominate Dominion made his ultimatum.
Rioter Comments
: Balance thornmail
Look numbers, it's actually a heavy nerf on the item, less dmg and more cost. You need a stupid amount of armor to get it near as where it was before. I think they only did it because of World Championship, since Morello loves to bring back the HP meta every 2 seasons, they expect a lot of tanks with 5000 hp and thornmail.
: So, what is toxic and what isnt? Is riots system unfair?
4-premade, they all reported you and it triggered the automated sanction because TF probably had some Riot credit (maybe had worked in the old tribunal? he knew his report would be decissive)
: Switching to another server. [HELP]
EUW is way shittier than EUNA in terms of server crashes and way tryharder in terms of kids that left everything just to play this game 24/7.
Kitsy (EUW)
: Loadingscreen crashed and now i cant connect to the servers
I'm in the same situation, loading crashed and now I can't connect to the server.
: It is fukin insane, and riot does not give a single fuck...
They don't give a fuck about anything other than summoner's rift, especially ranked sr. The other maps are now officially "fun modes", that means they don't care. At least they now recognize they don't care, until a year or so they lied that they cared equally about all maps. They let Dominion to be a farming camp for bots so SR stays free.
Eeten (EUW)
: I just played a Dominion Match..
> Is Riot happy that atleast the Bots use this "Gamemode" ? Totally happy, as long as they stay away from the one and only map for them (summoner's rift). First they ruined Dominion with lies and broken promises and now they let it be a farming camp for bots.
almaz113 (EUW)
: Cant login EU West
Better compensate NA or Korea for this trouble! They can't stand looking EUW like this!
Nadaria (EUW)
: Why does riot nothing against dominion botting to sell accounts?
Because Riot doesn't care about anything other than ranked SR, specially being Dominion the game mode they care less about. In previous years their official policy was that Dominion was equally important (they lied), but now they even stated it's just a "fun mode" like URF and Mirror (finally they say the truth, that they don't care). Since they still can't totally prevent bots by automated means (a way to detect bots automatically that wouldn't ban real players), they choose to allow a game mode they don't care about to attract all bots.


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