Riryz (EUW)
: if you hit the enemy you get a timer on the enemy. the passive is the monkeys around udyr himself. dude, seriously? after 13 days youre still going on about it not being a timer? just play the fckn champion and you can see for yourself that there is a stun timer on the enemy when you hit them.
Dude i know that his E ability, Bear Stance has a passive that stuns and has a timer on the enemy BUT thats the passive from his E, Udyr has a passive called Monkey's Agility that says and I quote: > Udyr gains 5 bonus movement speed and 10% bonus attack speed for 5 seconds every time he uses an ability, stacking up to 3 times. if we dont use another ability he looses his stacks therefore looses attack speed, soo we have to look for the icon that is with the others buffs and defuffs icons that is kinda small. Soo or we keep changing continuos and waste mana, or keep looking but we kinda lost track of whats happening.
Riryz (EUW)
: you can already see a timer around the enemy before you can stun again. its easier and makes more sense seeing how udyr has no resource for his stun. he can stun 5 people in a row at max attack speed. udyrs stun doesnt rely on spellcasts. same goes for ekko's passive. you cant get an extra resource bar just to see when he can use his passive again why is that impossible? well because there is not cooldown. you can infinitely use it as long as you always use different targets. what purpose would such a bar have? you stun someone and the counter goes of but immediatly after you stun the next target. then what? how is the counter gonna work? exactly the one right now (around the enemy) is the best counter there is.
Its not a bar for the stun, is a bar for his passive that if he switches betwen Q W E R he gains stacks that goes to 3 and grant him attack speed, if we had a bar or like a timer or such in the hp bar would be easier
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raiskader (EUW)
: sounds great ! it's a bit like my different half map idea (you can check). I think it's small (or sometimes big) tweaks like that that could improve the game greatly. Asking for new game modes and champs is way more complicated to make. if i have a thing that bothers me though, it's this big paragraph ^^. try making smaller ones (1 for each small idea), it will be clearer and attract the potential readers more.
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: This option already exists. Just go to the client settings and activate it there.
OH silly me XD thanks dude xb
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: Disconnected by RIOT, go a 20min matchmade ban
Send a ticket, its better than posting here
SlavVv (EUW)
: Problem with Ranking placement
they are putting us in lower divisions so players wont just climb to gold and stop playing, there were alot of players last season that just played to goldV just to get the skin and then stop played with 0 lp, in order to make it difficult for the players to just stop playing in a division they were putted in a lower division of the last season (Silver1->bronze1; gold1->silver1)if they get a middle score in placements because if u get worst scores you migth get even lower
: Not possible to leave bronze!!
You should premade with a friend :/ even though it doesnt mean you wont get trollers but at leas you know that you and your friend wont troll and with two goodplayers (in diferente lanes you go top and him jung for example) you can climb up
: And no mobility balances his passive and W, he is easily kited.
for example Illaoi has issues getting closer to the enemy because her only gapclose is her W and here happens the same thing but here you dont have any gapcloser
: The E doesn't throw them away?
in my adjustment the skill set you choosed will work too but if you activate the Q once the others will have diferent actions, for example you could poke by Q(set the scythe) use your E to get closer and use your W to give that empowered strike, or you can also use your Q and then activate the W for a small radius explosion dealing magic damage in the area ( if you choose the W the scythe will explode so you will return the scythe to the hand) and also if he activates his Q if he doesnt choose again Q W E in 3 seconds the scythe will go back to his hand( when I say this it means go back and gives no damage going back)
: Was: Silver II. Wins: 3/10 (crap team, "first time garen"). Now: Bronze II. gj riot. fix the fking dynamic matchmaking!
Yeah everyone is getting that kind of division :/
: Champion Concept: Loki, the wielder of the scythe (Remade) (long lore) (a lot more detailed)
I like the concept but the E is kinda weird and that is some long colddowns in his abillities soo in line he would like to spaw RQWE and then only basic hits, and he wont have like a good combo his q strikes is a area and a line(from far) his W makes his next attack enpowered and his E throws them far, how his going to use his W if his abbilities throw them away :/ And also his 60% life steal its too much xb I can see you used alot of thinking time in this champ and the concept is nice but maybe his W shold be some kind of gapcloser or maybe turn it like: Q first cast send the scythe and after that each skill has (Q W E) has three different actions, activating his Q again will make the scythe goes back in a line, activating his W would like creating some kind of explosion arround the scythe and activating the E would make him travel his way to the scythe(note: if he uses his second activation on E or W they go on coldown for three seconds)
duckarp (EUNE)
: Yep, in pre-season I was Gold3. According to op.gg I had about 1500-1600 MMR and was playing with high-golds and plats.
humm I see, well i think im going to wait some time soo high elo get filled xb then ill finish the placements xD
: it is 95% likeliness that you will be placed in bronze if you were silver last season. be prepared.
I know but wont be that hard to climb with a friend also we gain alot lp if we in soo xb
duckarp (EUNE)
: People are usually placed a league lower than they were in pre-season. So in your case you will be almost certainly Bronze. I was G3, now S4 (4/6 placements).
did you played in Preseason? xb just asking xb
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: I am dissapointed...
Bronze its always hard to go solo Q soo the best way to climb your way up is with a premade friend!
: my league doesnt work
dude I dont know if its the games fault, try to play some other game to see if its computers fault(like a crappy graphic card or something) if not try to open league of legends but before clicking launch click on the top right thing, its a question mark, and choose repair, if none of this works try sending a ticket to riot: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: suggestion/feedback regarding a summoner icon
First {{champion:104}} 's cigar, now they are taking from us a duck icon? Dont do thaaaaaaaat!
: TLC mode or Last man standing :D
If you liked the idea give it a upvote so more people can see :3
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Grond (EUW)
: Should refunds be regenerated every year?
As alot people already said once a year we should get an extra refund, because only 3 of them for a life time its kinda unfair :/ or even make us buy it with IP although the idea of buying a refund with IP its kinda nonsense at least gives us a shot to refund some skin or some champion
Kentaureus (EUNE)
: unbalanced, he have slow, knock up, stun, knock away, passive nearly on all, he simply chain QWER and he can do everything, + R - showdown isnt showdown when enemy in punished only because you knock him away with E + he have active movement , ad, as armor + resist, and when enemy will finally push him down, he can walk away with free blinks over walls
Yeah, now that I see it again he is kinda unbalanced :/ I made a few adjustments to try to make it more balanced, what do you think?
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