: I have said that right after the rework but i got flamed for it. xD
> [{quoted}](name=Daniel1993,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XGb18gAg,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2017-03-15T10:44:27.823+0000) > > I have said that right after the rework but i got flamed for it. xD Who not? Look at me, 27 dislikes XD
: Right now she's the top banned champion in Challenger. That must mean something? I've seen Scarra play Katarina for a few games now on twitch. He killed everyone on the map with a 8 min cap, also 4 kills in every game on enemy midlaner with 10 mins. I'm not a kata main. But I say that's a buff, since kata wasn't able to do taht before.
Only Noobs banning her who doesnt know how to Counter her like Yasuo. Dodge her Daggers and her Power is significantly dropped like Yasuo, just Dodge his Q and beware of his Dash Range and hes useless. Katas Q Ranged Nerfed. W Nerfed, that means a Hidden Nerf to her old Passive too. Ulti still CCiable and also everyone can see her Range now. You cant escape anymore. Also Burst Nerfed. Kata Mains dont like her because its not a reworked Kata its a new Champ. Even Katlife (OTP Challenger) better then Scarra says the old Kata is better. And if you watch both you will see Lane Phase is better BUT the Mid & Late Game shes complettly useless. Shes only standing 80% of time behind where she cant even do nothing. Her Winrate drops like crazy, after 25 min, shes has an 46% Winrate. http://champion.gg/champion/Katarina/Middle And if the New Kata falls behind she double useless like the old because no Burst no Win. You have 0 Team Utility Spell, You have 0 CC, You have only your Jumping that can be easily predicted by good Players. Counterplay? You mean ADC wins 1on1? Dream further if you think hard to play means its a good Champ. Even mastered a Champ can be sucking. Only Kata Noob with 0 Mastery Points telling every time Kata is OP and only hard to play.... Mostly all Kata Mains with 100K Points or more telling you Kata sucks! Also if you watch Esports last Friday with the Assassins Event Kata was terrible. Even Tripple Kill even Feeded she sucks and dies and dies and can do nothing but to wait more then the old Kata. She sucked so hard that she was instant ignored to picked after the 2nd matches.
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: Jayce needs a nerf
Hes pretty strong overall, great range dmg and great def. I think just an nerf in his def would be ok and fair.
: While I do see your point, it could be said that you're so used to old Kata that the new iteration, no matter how good she is, will never match your expectations. You're so used to the jump, instaburst and jump out that you're struggling to adapt to the changes and Riot's design for assassin counterplay. At the end of the day, old is probably never coming back, so you have a choice between learning new Kata or finding something else to play and enjoy.
Thats the Point, if you played a champ so many times, if you loved a champ, you buyed all skins of a champ... what do you think if your main champs would be designed 180° backwards. This isnt a little tweak like on Rengar, the Gameplay is completly different, this isnt Katarina anymore. Old Kata: Free like the Wind, Speed+Speed+Speed. New Kata: Stiff, Clunky, Slow, fixed on Lane Minions.
Nobody wants Noobs to decide if Kata is good, the hater are always only toxic to Kata, they not even understand Kata, they dream further if mastered shes good, shes NOT..... here are the **Mastery Points** to show the truth. Mostly of this People have no knowledge about her, not even properly reading the tread and watching carefully Katlifes Plays. Some People with zero knowledge, not even mastered and not realizing new mastered Kata sucks and still thinking new Kata is good: efol00: 0 Kerrig4ns: 0 Elhim: 28K Dragon Intel: 0 JQKAndrei: 0 The Tigrex: 0 Vekia: 42K The Merchant: 0 Najns: 0 Kata Mains with high knowledge about her and want her back: Myself: 182K OzX: 414K klalaf: 534K Katlife: 354K oO0MuaZ0Oo: 116K Play with Balls: 101K Toxic Bonob0: 152K I dont even saw once a Kata Main that thinks new Kata is good.
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: Camille reminds me of Li Beifong from "Legend of Korra"
shes an old hag come on XD Camille looks gorgeous like Diana or Attack from Titan or Panny from Mobile Legends ^^
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: Smart Akali?
I recomend you dont pick assasins if you are main supporter rather pick solid mages where you are already know how it works like: {{champion:25}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} for the mid Thats completly difficult to switch such differnet roles, jobs and champs, dont do that.

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