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: it's random, I play a lot of twisted Fate and I can say succesfully, having a good winratio with him. As noted, the cards that appear on your W are very random, I invested some time maybe trying to find out a pattern but nope, it's just that, luck. The only thing you can do is practicing using this ability. In some situation if you have like 1-2 seconds time atleast to stun someone and you won't be dying, you just need to hit the gold card in the first rotation, if you are very unlucky it's the first card and you are propably gonna miss it, even with a lot of practice I miss it too sometimes. The only other option is if you need an instant stunn or you die in like 0.2 seconds, all you can do is like "spray and pray" by simply clicking WW instantly. Some situations afford just the dmg you get from that, so not the actual utility effects of the card itself, the stun buy you time for maybe an extra autoattack or casting a Q/ignite. Blue card deals most dmg, followed by red which slowes and by yellow which stuns. Simply as that, better cc, less dmg
Thanks for your comment Ârzo, i find it very usefull, i saw a video which explains that after u trhow a blue card for example, you start counting after the one you used, if you used the red one start saying: yellow blue red yellow blue red, and then press W twice to pick the card that corresponded, its pretty accurated but also hard to do, you cant really count cards in a teamfight or something like that.
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