Vel (EUW)
: Up your standards a bit with the clips, I understand how it feels to want to get the montage done but quality is the most important aspect.
I actually spammed games for 2 months in D2/D1 EUW to get these clips :P
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JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Now that are some mad skills, do you also stream? The effects fit the music really nice, the montage is very pleasing to watch. sub earned.
Thank you :) I stream sometimes, but i dont have a set schedule (yet) Ill start posting videos like "streaming now" when i start so you shouldnt miss it.
: One of the best montages I've ever seen. Combines two very important aspects that I consider the most important of a montage: shows skills, in the champion, and the editing is just amazing. The music, even though it feels derpy, it fits the video perfectly. Gotta have to give the congratz. You earned a subscriber from me! :) Keep up the good work. P.S- Loved the ending by the way. Pretty neat, I should say :^)
Thank you very much for your feedback! Ill make sure to let my editor see your comment and you can expect lots of more good content soon :) Edit: statement from ym editor: there is nothing more satisfying than someone saying those words you just said, when we put so much effort in making a project as cool as possible - and that's why I appreciate it so much! Thank you for your kindness, and stay tuned for more! :)
: I don't know him. What rank is he? Btw Akali is one of the few champion that katarina can beat.
I think Katarina can beat a whole bunch of champions actually, most meelees for example.
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