: Arcade Poro Icon Changed
Yeah, I noticed as well, and it pissed me off. I loved the rainbow border around the icon, it looked boss in the loading screen. Now it's just black edges around a shiny poro, it totally kills the icon. Dunno wether it's a bug or intentional, but nontheless, FIX IT RITO. [(Picture of the current icon)](https://puu.sh/xn8mB/f4ce488b6f.png)
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: [GROUNDBREAKING] How to get people to want to play support
Broodpaal (EUW)
: They can't make it because it doesn't fit with her current 3d mesh. They would have to make a new 3d model which means time and money which means they won't do it. Also they have never made anything fans have made... ever... so yeah.
Whoa, hey! That's a lot of negativity! They wouldn't have to make a new 3D model, perhaps only adjust the current one, but I doubt that's even necessary. I assume you think so because the pose used in the picture looks a little different from the in-game pose. And that no fan-made skin has ever been implemented into the game? I'm not entirely sure about that. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3569332&page=1
: Unless you create another at least 2 champions with the midnight concept, they can't really use this. As most of the skins are coming out in small groups. Btw it looks good.
None ever said there _has_ to be more than one champion within the same skin concept theme. Riot has simply chosen to put several champions into one pot and thrown in a skin theme :) This skin could be one of the slightly more expensive ones, such as the new Elementalist Lux.. just without all the extra in-game features.
: Whoever made that concept art is a freaking god
> Whoever made that concept art is a freaking god I know right?! Her name is Jean Lee, I assume, as that is her name on dA: http://jeanleeart.deviantart.com/
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