: Well, when your little kid gets beaten to blood by elder kids, tell him to better learn from them to get better instead of crying. Hope that helps.
problem is thats physical violence. this is about league of legends. a game thats supposed to be fun and games. learn from the mistakes in a game by playing vs better people. dont start crying about people beating you in a game just because you suck. when you start a game you know they can potentially kick the living shit out of you in game, and you can do the same to them. difference is most people brag about it when they do the kicking and cry on forums and/or make impossible/extreme comparisons to try and make a point thats really not there.
: Are smurfs getting punished?
why would you get punished for smurfing. the mmr system will balance it out (making you skip divisions and gain massive amounts of LP) there is legit no reason to punish people that are just playing good. if they are too good for your elo they will be out of it in a matter of days if not hours. sure it sucks you lost to it and it can be frustrating, but honestly use it to reflect and see how and why he could do it. this way you can learn from it and get better instead of being butthurt on a forum like this crying about them ruining the game. the only real way to get better is to fight people better than you so you can work on your mistakes and this does just that.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: if he was banned for using 3rd party apps why does riot want info about his champs? those kinda questions are for times that someone stole your account and now you're trying to prove it's your account. I'm confused ... but still remembering your first champ is simply not possible. the first login screen I remember is spirit guard {{champion:77}} so god help me
because they use the 3rd party ban for when your account was ''hacked'' aswell. a few weeks back my second account was permanently banned for the same 3rd party reason but i thought this was odd as my other accounts didnt get banned (only reason i could think of was overwolf apps like facecheck) turns out eventually that my account had 2 really weird and random aram matches that i didnt play. (i only noticed this after he restored my account saying he was convinced that its actually my own account) apperently 3rd party software bans are just a filler if thats not the case on your account
: Nothing says "balanced" like the 1/11 enemy Vayne oneshotting our team once she hits her powerspike
Actually vayne doesnt go further than 3 shotting you when she builds crit and you`re a squishy target. Sure it may seem like little counterplay due to the stealth in the middle but there is a good 1/1.5 second reaction window... Marksman scale the best in the game, vayne much like kaisa and kogmaw are hypercarries and they should scale insanely hard on their spike. granted vayne might spike a little early on bork rageblade. this however is still a playstyle FAR from oneshotting. As a marksman hypercarry she is SUPPOSED to scale like taking over games on her own (with help from supports and pref meatshields) no matter what her score is. Btw, you calling out some butthurt vayne players with Q while R but it seems like you`re the one getting outplayed by it and getting mad over it. You may need to work on that. Besides apart from the mindgames that come with the stealth tumble, the most difficult part is outplaying your opponent in a way to effectively use condemn. She takes alot of skill and practice and im pretty sure if you try her, you will feed your balls to the greyscreen.
: Don't force support/jungle players on Lane roles.
actually a jungler should know how to cs aswell. in case of "holding" a lane when a laner roams and the wave chrashes. or when they die and the wave chrashes. supports may not farm that often but farming is still an essential skill in league and you can ask every support in higher elo whether they think its a must have. they will say yes as its one of the basics of league which have to be learned in order to cooperate (tower farming for example) or how to push or not to push a wave back when helping the adc that doesnt have the pushing power to break a freeze. also as a jungler you have to know wave management. how else are you going to predict which lane is going to be ganked and/or gank-able in the near future (1-3 maybe 1-5 minutes even) not to mention how are you going to setup a wave in a good position for your own laner after you`ve ganked and no one died. or your laner died aswell. you are only looking at it from a lower elo perspective. which is fine everyone starts out somewhere. but it proves you have alot to learn about the game to climb. and it might be more than you think and/or are willing to admit
: Read below if you don't feed, TY
if you are bronze 1 while being a master at every lane... then i feel sorry for you. not only can you not manage to get a lead against an opponent which you obviously think is weaker, but also you get %%%%ed by people that have gotten a lead... bronze really isnt hard to climb out of all you need is a good cs lead and some mechanics (bronze only knows how to win a game by fighting and they fail to close a game most of the time by recalling after an ace) trust me you are probably just as bad as those "feeders" you refer to if you are stuck in there
: This isn't about being bothered buddy. If you are a non-toplaner sure go for it. I think I explained clearly enough why you can't buy this item most of the cases. And if you somehow couldn't understand even that,I suggest you main toplane for a a few weeks and see what I'm talking about.
actually GP oranges remove the ult the same way quicksilver does. this guy literally told you to play GP if you cant spare the 1300 to buy the item. as a toplaner complaining about mordekaiser you should know this. unless you started complaining about stuff without doing some actual research first to see if you really cant do shit. play lane bullies, gangplank or spare the 1300 if you need to.... but dont try to play a victim when you're the one not doing it correctly
: is %%% not an instant 14 days ban anymore? If so why is that?
could it be that he meant ''keep yourself safe'' after you told him to leave and never come back. i mean... we gotta believe in a not as toxic community right?
: I won't report you for flaming because I'm offended, since I'm not offended by anything you say
if you really didnt care about what they say. if you really just want that flame and toxicity out of your next game, then why did you make such a post? obviously you cared enough to feel the need to ''let it out'' instead of leaving it be knowing better and just let it slide (after the reports obviously) like anyone else would that doesnt really care about it
: > [{quoted}](name=rebelsAgainstg0d,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aqxAGXY3,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2018-02-13T17:19:20.709+0000) > > I highly doubt anyone get banned for saying that. RLY ?)))) okay dude ez game ez life got ban some one told me stfu and i repeat after him 2-3 time STFU ??? got ban x9 this troll got ban am done with this game ! ty a lot trolls ! HF got ban ask 1 dude Are y supid or just trolling ? got ban GG zoe ty for game (i told like 6-7 times to her) got ban We play different games or what ?
you say you get banned for those sentences which in some cases i actually believe. however without the full chat of every game those sentences were in, you dont have any credibility. you couldve flamed your ass off all chat and whine with just this little bit of text
: stop snitching
snitching and helping the community get rid of toxicity are 2 different things. you are basicly the definition of whats wrong with the community which is why you`re banned probably. PS: your way of talking sounds like a hardstuck bronze 15 year old thinking he's amazing at the game and teammates are holding him back. or atleast thats what they are usually saying... anything to hid the fact that you as a player yourself suck i guess
: Looking for friends to play flex with c:
''silver 3 in flex 3vs3 and bronze 1 in flex 3vs3'' wait what now?
: plat supp LF gold ADC
why exactly are you looking for a gold adc? i've got a gold acc somewhere and i wouldnt mind playing but why a gold one?
karolmo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uFwYjpRA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-16T15:41:52.963+0000) > > This behaviour mainly is the result of girls that actually are looking for this shit. They search for a higher elo players to carry them in their games. So you sayin' girls can't be high elo? wow. pls go with your attitude back to S. XX
he limited his comment to ''girls that actually are looking for this shit'' these girls seek higher elo players to carry them. he never said anything about the girls that arent looking for this shit you taking offense and call out on all girls not being able to reach high elo said more about you than him....
: [EUW] [Silver] - Professional Slayers (Team) - for silver- gold players
Avenn (EUW)
: looking for a team! :) 5v5
if you created your own team i wouldnt mind joining as an adc ^^ IGN : Asumara
Bombardox (EUW)
: i think kalista will get championship skin next time
leblanc doesnt have one. shyvana has one tho. jarvan is victorious not championship....
: Sock of flaming BoYs, looking for girls to play with...
its funny how you hate ''kids'' with that name ^^
Stàrgirl (EUW)
: LF Cute Duo queue partner (Girl Gold 4 Support Main)
: Will RIot admins Reply and fix a player, so called elo or LP with proof?
dude if they do that then they mess up the whole system... giving back LP for loses and such will be too forgiving. thats the risk of ranked. thats the risk of online gaming. everything that happens is registered especially on leaderboards.
: > What do we expect from you? ~Name change after acceptation (3w xxxx) You know that most people can't afford a name change right?
you know you can buy name changes with 13.9k ip right?


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