GamerXy1 (EUW)
: I need a Beta invite REALLY hard
+1 Want Acces also does anyoone know when the next period of time people outside of RIOT can play it will be after 20.10
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elin990 (EUW)
: Why are champs considered 'top, mid, bot' champs and why not?
> [{quoted}](name=elin990,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jbAvJTl6,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-08T12:55:05.539+0000) > > I'm fairly new so don't hate me on this, but I never understand what makes a champ a "top, mid, adc, sup, jngl' champ. > > For example if you pick Garen as a sup you get flamed for trollpick. or Xin Zhao adc 'trollpick' > > I never understood why. Top you don't usually get much help so you need to be either a good 1v1champ or a tank depending on if you want to split push late or teamfight Jungle you need to be able to clear and have enough health to gank also its good if you have some CC but its not necessary because your impct is going to be mostly how much you can feed the carries be they AP or AD Mid you need to do a ton of dmg preferably AP unless top and jungle are AP your job is to roam get fed and kill champs that build armor in a teamfight ADC(Marksman) You should be able to take towers fast and have range Support are either tanks CC, damage dealers or a healer You need to get the ADC fed ward roam to help mid if its loosing help jungle get drake/herald You either need a lot of CC or dmg and some CC or to have strong healing There are strategies with 2 supports top and bot where you try to get first turret top and feed top enough that they become a powerhouse while the enemy top cant get any items- Its not a great strat because if bot or mid are loosing there is no jungle to help them and if top doesn't kill the enemy laner both the top and the top-support will fall in levels There is also 2 jungle no support where the too junglers need to constantly invade and kill the enemy jungler so they don't fall in levels.Advantage is that the ADC can get ahead in levels if he just plays safe and the enemy will play more defensively since a two man gank will almost always mean a kill if the junglers have CC also dragons and herald/baron should be a guarantee with 2 smites -Its bad because the ADC will either play like they have a support and get destroyed in a 2v1 lane or they wont be able to farm and wont hit their late game
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: Honor Capsule bad luck
got 3 so far and know of someone who managed 4 for 2 months
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Rumkatten (EUW)
: A question for support mains
> [{quoted}](name=Rumkat,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=JEqwQ69V,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-15T11:26:21.668+0000) > > This question goes out to support mains only :) > > As a support main, is it possible to rank up from B5 to gold, or whatever your skill allows, in solo queue? > > If you did it, what champion pool did you play? > > What should you be especially aware of as support in solo queue? > > If you can shed some light on this, I am very grateful :D -Yes you can do it -You need 2-3 champs min but more are a plus: the 3 champs should be a tank ex. Braum ,a sustain ex.Sona and a dmg sup ex.Zyra This is because the support meta revolves around items and when something like arden comes along you should abuse it to climb faster. Also the starting items and their gold generation gets tweaked from time to time. -I went from bronze 3 to gold5 in both flex and solo without help this season I played every support champ and a few that aren't sup in the sup role like shaco, fidlle,mao shen but those were more situational and because I was grinding chest at that time. -ward but don't waste your wards (gain some sense of jungler pithing) -Be aware which what comp the enemy has and pick tank sustain or burst support accordingly. Tank >burst Burst>poke comp Sustain>CC -Don't forget to roam if either mid or top is feeding. -Finally this isn't really needed but it will help pester the jungler to help you get dragon (just you and jungle can secure it lv 4)
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: So I cant make a Ticket and I still have a question for RIOT
BUMP and RIOT PLS the whole reason I made this post is because your ticket system is broken.
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: {{champion:25}}
> [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=znEKE0P9,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-11T11:27:48.450+0000) > > {{champion:25}} Already got her
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Mikuski08 (EUW)
: 5 man Invasion quest
IGN KazeRinShin
ApoIlon (EUNE)
: Looking for ppl for Star Guardian missions
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Arsene (EUNE)
: Can someone explain why people play heal instead of barrier on mid and top?
> [{quoted}](name=PiromaniacMaci,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xmbrYRor,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-31T20:18:17.665+0000) > > I cant think of a reason it would be better than barrier > > 1. There is noone to share the heal with, thus barrier gives you more value > 2,Most midlaners have burst damage whitch makes barrier stronger > 3. A lot of people play ignite on mid, whitch negates about 40% (sorry if I'm not accurate) of heal's value (also assassin's like kata and fizz have built in griveous wounds) > > Can someone explain why people still play heal instead of barrier? 1. in lane you get MS and if the juggler comes to gank you can give him more chase potential.(Its good on immobile mages like Syndra TF etc.) 2. Teamfights you can help keep the ads healed and he might return the favour. 3.Timing doesn't matter a shieldcan be baited the moment you are half health you can heal and it wont be a wasted cooldown(you could have used it better but it's not a complete waste) Oh yeah as a sup main hear me out don't ever go mid heal if your sup has a heal spell it literraly cust our usefulness in half almost unless its janna because she is so OP it doesn't even matter after we get {{item:3504}}
: I underwent the cancer surgery.
GJ Man nice to know you beat cancer IRL
: Chest gaining options for onetricks.
Just pick a champ in normal and if you have the basic mechanics of not going 1v2 or 1v5 and last hitting somewhat decently you will get S or S- after 1-2 wins. Alternatively invite someone who mains a champ and if he gets an S- or higher you will get a chest for the champ you played regardless how bad you were. And your suggestion will never be because the chests are given to promote the mastery system. And playing the same champ makes you use the same strategies over and over without mastering anything else. Anyways if you don't have friends or the skills to not go in 1v5 just play the tank supports for a while they don't have the dmg so they might break you out of the habit of going 1v5 and in the meang time you will eventually get a good adc and earn an S because he managed to follow you up on all your crazy turret dives without pings or anything.
Totshu (EUW)
: Who is the best support? (According to your thoughts)
There are 2 combos currently {{champion:40}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:37}} +{{item:3504}} {{item:3174}} The items being bought in that order and champs are lighted up in terms of how good the strat works with them with first being most op This is the stronger strat because it requires less items but here is one if you need a tank on the team {{champion:89}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:54}} +{{item:3190}} {{item:3193}} and{{item:3109}}or {{item:3075}} Also {{champion:89}} Praise The SUN{{champion:89}}
Just solo climb it to gold there are additional rewards if most of your games are solo supposedly
: Fight with honor.
Ok so its a secret item this is how you unlock it: 1.You can't be a ninja since they have no honor 2.Now that you are a non-ninja champion go into the enemy turret range as soon as you can(without items) after spawning and great them in all chat then you can B to get items. 3.If the enemy team are honorable you will be allowed to B and neither of you get to use honor since you both have it If however the enemy is not honorable they will attack you at wich point you get the Honorable Hammer fist of Justice in your inventory which ensures you get first blood and that the enemy team will tilt. Here is a video of someone fighting with honor
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: I don't understand the point of Taliyah
Um no she isn't {{champion:163}} has zoneing skills and her ult is made to secure objectives by denying the enemy a chance to get close enough to contest it or cutting off escape routes. {{champion:127}} on the other hand has AoE cc and DMG and her ult is designed to either ensure victory in team fight by making the fight 5v4 from the start or it can be used to bait out cd before a teamfight by her jumping in and using her ult into a {{item:3157}} before a teamfight starts So yeah {{champion:163}} and {{champion:127}} are both control mages but their skills are used in vastly different ways and by your logic {{champion:67}} and{{champion:429}} are also the same champion since they both are AS based adc's(Marksmen)
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Atherian (EUW)
: Climbing through Bronze- Tips
> [{quoted}](name=Atherian,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=YTqqzsqk,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-04T13:50:14.514+0000) > > Hey Everyone, > > The other day i got de-ranked from Bronze IV to Bronze V. I didn't see this as much of a problem at first as i won my first match quite easily, however it was once i got into the second match that i started to notice a problem. > > The game i am talking about is when i was playing Lucian ADC. My lane was doing fine as my support was listening to me i managed to deny CS to the enemy bot laner as well at gain a great level advantage. I won my lane easily and got a few kills here and there but the problem i noticed where the other players on the Rift. > > When playing in this match it seemed like they took the term solo queue too literally in terms of thinking little of their team and more of their overall score to the end game. This was apparent when attempting to talk or ping my fellow teammates as they would ignore them and carry on doing what they wanted. > > Is there a way to get my team to hear me out?{{champion:236}} Here is my advice: 1.Don't play adc or build it like a bruiser since even in bronze ppl know to focus adc when they can 2. If you change your role jungle or support are great I managed to get to gold from bronze with support this season 3.Pick cc heavy champs or ones with a lot of mobility range(Ex. Tristana ,Vi, Leona) You might not make it to gold unless you really grind but you might at least get silver so its easier to climb up next season. {{champion:89}} Praise the SUN{{champion:89}}
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: Support with new "Honor System"
> [{quoted}](name=margoncrack123,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=eoy7zUic,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-22T13:09:42.734+0000) > > So i´m support main since a lot but the problem it´s that now with the new honor system, no one gives honor to the support. I have carry a lot of times the lane and save the adc thousands of times and team doesn´t care of it and in the end of the game all people gives honor to the adc for doing dmg, while i save his life thousands of times and they win cause without my heals and CC he would have died lots of times. The new honor method for support mains its for saying in some way "support life". I want opinions from you guys cause its something that im interested on, or if there is any case that it happends to you the same. Thx for you time. > And one more thing, I put "Honor System" cause it doesnt seem honor, its more "DMG System" You still get some Honor even if no one honors u directly so its slightly better than the old system since back then most people just forgot to honor after a game anyways. It's bad but its nothing new to support mains and anyways the bigger problem is premades trading honor since then even the ADC's who occasionally honor u for ur work will just honor their premade jungle buddy or top that went 0/8/4 . At least since I don't flame I know that once I reach a honor rank I will keep it unlike with the ribbons before. P.S.: {{champion:89}} Praise the SUN{{champion:89}}
Wen294 (EUW)
: mundo support is the better choice imo. Lower cooldown poke with slow that doesn't cost a shitton of mana when you max it. I myself have never had a lot of trouble managing my hp for poke while playing support mundo. An olaf maxing q while not buying mana regen often has troubles if he wants to spam it though. And picking up your q is often too risky to bother. Also since it goes through minions you can risk taking a fair bit of farm from your adc and unintentionally push the lane which is threating with your lack of cc or escape.
> [{quoted}](name=Wen294,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZFHzaHVZ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-06-14T20:59:21.523+0000) > > mundo support is the better choice imo. Lower cooldown poke with slow that doesn't cost a shitton of mana when you max it. I myself have never had a lot of trouble managing my hp for poke while playing support mundo. An olaf maxing q while not buying mana regen often has troubles if he wants to spam it though. And picking up your q is often too risky to bother. Also since it goes through minions you can risk taking a fair bit of farm from your adc and unintentionally push the lane which is threating with your lack of cc or escape. Y but Mundo can't really use {{item:3071}} effectively which is like 1/2 of the reason I want Olaf But I see what u mean I might need to rush {{item:3028}} to make sure I keep the poke on
Snik JJ (EUW)
: shaco is shit now
Just play {{champion:35}} like this he isn't shit you just haven't played him enough to know how to gank with him or use his boxes effectively. Ademitedly he is weaker than before the rework in terms of dmg but his gank are a lot easier to pull of if you know what you are doing
gal11 (EUNE)
: I have bought lucian
You should make a ticket or you will be waiting for a response for a long time
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: RIOT employee lied to me or the Slumber party point tracking is broken. Help me
Also does anyone know how I can upload a picture on the board since I am playing games and I have taken 3 screenshot for the wins I have during the event but I dont know how to upload it on this board.
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: "Every LoL Champion can Support"(sugestions)
ok gonna do Olaf followed by singed I have a colab duo supports Diana Leo but will do Diana after that with regular ADC
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