Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey Kazilik, It's not recommended to run two antivirus programs on top of each other on same computer, i recommend disabling Windows Defender: You can download Malwarebytes here: I recommend also doing rootkit scan:
Nothing fishy found... What now? :(
Kraungard (EUNE)
: Do you use an antivirus? Like Avira, Avast, or even Windows Defender? Have a scan. Also Malwarebytes is needed. Use an adblock in browser(s) you use.
I have the Microsoft thing(not home right now so don't remember atm) and AVG :/ I'll scan when i get home. And if my computer is not infected, can i sue Riot? x(
LovroLox (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kazilik,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=UXReRVda,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-02-12T20:29:19.201+0000) > > So you're saying i should give Riot my whole bank account or should i have bought all heartseeker skins and blood moon skins? (Cuz i just bought Heartseeker Lucian and Blood Moon Jhin) No I am saying that if Riot allows you to change SOME files, not ALL, people would start to change whatever they would want.
So what you are saying is i got banned for changing the language even tho people EVERYWHERE say it is not a bannable reason? :/
: Hey dude. This is a common issue I have found because it happened to me 3 days ago. Their banning system is definitely flawed. I argued with them for days on end trying to explain that I didn't use any kind of 3rd party software but they wouldn't even listen. I don't even think they bother double checking and on top of that they don't present you with evidence, which I find very frustrating. Basically, I spent 100+ dollars on my account to get banned for something I didn't do. Honestly, best of luck in getting your account back. I didn't succeed but I hope you do. I even tried negotiating to drop my ban time to 1 or 2 years but in vain. This happens to a lot of people recently, innocent people ( considering I've never been banned for anything in my life and I just get a permaban out of the blue), but Riot is confident in their system and won't doubt it's accuracy. But There are definitely malfunctions in it.
Damn, that sucks.. Like i can kinda see why i got banned(as i explained in my post) but i have not been scripting or anything because it ruins the game for both me and others. I will be better than people and while they will feels useless. That just gets me a rank i don't deserve and i would for sure get reported for inting lol. I feel like i maybe should have recorded my games now that i think about it. Because i do have OBS and just downloading the recording doesn't help. I wish Riot would at least tell you the exact reason why we get banned and what game. Because the only 3rd party software i have used is LSI(LoL Summoner Information), Curse and Overwolf. And those are not a reason to be banned, why? Because i have not used them in a long time + nothing says you will get banned for using them. Brofresco, Sneaky and more famous League players use them so..
BlueStr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kazilik,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=UXReRVda,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-12T18:04:46.564+0000) > > 1. January 00:00:00 year 9001 "Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his ban level?"
I know right. Riot is like "Lol ur permabanned but we have humor so wait till OVER 9000!" FeelsGreatMan, getting banned for no reason and they try to have humor x)
Kraungard (EUNE)
: Oh my God. I do that every 2 weeks when I get bored of English I change to Korean and the other way around. Awesome...I mean they said changing languages even with LVOC won't get a person banned, and you claim that you didn't use any scripts. Did you use any kind of custom skin or "try-a-skin" programs? They aren't really allowed(custom skin programs are but you never know what can the system think you are running). Check what is running in the background in Task Manager, maybe you notice something weird.
I have not used any custom skin program for a long time(i think i used it either before or after i got reported for toxicity, over a year ago). To be honest i think i have been reported for scripting during the few Blood Moon games i had... If you ask my friends they will say it looked like scripts but i swear to god i don't script ;-; They know that too but they say it looked like scripts so now when i do something awesome like i explained they are like "you sure you're not scripting?" and they laugh and i get salty because i am not and they know it x) They know it was pure luck but shit happens i guess... And i'm starting to think that my computer is infected or something because all my games are glitching out a bit rn.. ;-; {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
LovroLox (EUNE)
: You know that sentence:˝ You give them finger, they take your arm˝? Well, Riot doesnt even give you finger so there is no risk they lose hand. ( iF YOU UNDRRSTAND)
So you're saying i should give Riot my whole bank account or should i have bought all heartseeker skins and blood moon skins? (Cuz i just bought Heartseeker Lucian and Blood Moon Jhin)
: Nobody knows.Keep in mind the following things: 1)If you played from a internet cafe or form a pc in which others also had access there then there is a possibility to be scripts installed there .In that case even if you didn't used them they affected the lol client folder so system detected them,sadly nothing can be done in this case i think as far as i know. 2)Riot is unable to give you additional information because this would make the script "better".Let's say i am scripter and i get banned if riot tells me what made them to detect it i will fix it and will be harder for them to detect the new version. _______________________ I don't really believe that riot would banned someone for nothing. There must be something more than just "a good game"to give you that punishment .In case your honest and not hiding the truth(if you do you just waste time anyways here you know that) and the 1 **doesn't exist** then I wish you good luck with your ticket at riot support and hope you get a solution.
I did not play at an internet cafe cuz we do not have those in Norway(not that i know of at least) besides i was home playing on my own computer at 1 am, and i am 100% honest. I have never used any script because i have a dream to play in the LCS(a big dream i know but if that fail i hope to be a owner of a team or manager of a team in the LCS). I don't know if i should send a new ticket but this is what i already sent and the response i got:
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
CoopA826 (EUW)
: > Is it possible to let Riot look through my computer and see that i am not using scripts/hacks? That's pretty much what they did already. By making an account you allow Riot to look into your League folder and detect any changes and shady stuff. If they find something, they send the info to themselves. Apparently they found something on your end, and banned you for it. Your account is gone. Permanent bans are practically never lifted. Also: How are your friends going to "prove" that you didn't do something? That's impossible
Idk, just a question x)
Sad Checo (EUW)
: The same happened to me yesterday. It looks like there is a flaw in their algorithm or something, an automated system cannot be 100% correct, as there will be false positives. The only thing you can do is wait for a response from Riot Support and hope that they unban you. I am still awaiting for a response from the ticket I sent yesterday. Best of luck, summoner!
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I didn't use any program. I just changed C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\system\Locale from "en_GB" to "ko_KR"
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