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nrganev (EUW)
: [Here]( is a platform for reporting bugs as well. Choose In-Game ->Champion wasn`t working properly it is cool to be reported here as well, so everyone here can see it, but I think the bug platform is easies way for Riot.
Damn i didn't even know that existed.I'm going to submit it asap, ty for link.
: I reported the same thing in 7.1. Been checking the patch notes ever since. Still nothing. They will get round to fixing it eventually.
I mean you reported it in 7.1 and still nothing has been done since then, i mean patch 7.4 will come soon they should really acknowledge this.It is really uncomfortable when you know you shouldn't use your ult if you are going to die, while before it could be pretty important.If you got caught you just place W+R on you and at least you would still do a lot of dmg and help your team.
: Emailing Riot is not necessary. While they (almost) never reply to bug reports, the bug reports board does get checked and bugs get forwarded to the responsible team.
Idk as i said i haven't tried sending them email about bug report yet, but as you can see the guy who posted this youtube video posted bug report 21 days ago and nothing has been done since then.
: 1. Pretty interesting...You could also try to e-mail Riot about this bug.If a Rioter does not see this,I would 100% recommend you to e-mail Riot about this bug!Nice find though..{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I am first going to see if someone from riot sees this post, if not i will send it through email.My first intention was to send it through and email but i got redirected here when i wanted to submit a bug so i gave it a try as this is my first time submitting a bug.I mean as i said i have been experiencing this for some time, i am a Viktor main so it wasn't that hard to find :D.Thank you tho :D.
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