prof1cy (EUW)
: Brolaf or Infernal Nasus
Do you play more Olaf or Nasus ? Answer to that question, and you will most likely get the answer to your question aswell.
: Finally someone who's also been stomped, Also wierd how every time the wierd incident of having smurfs / high tiers on both teams the one on your team seems to be trolling and enemy team is tryiharding.
Everyone has been stomped, I've got stomped by smurfs. But still, i've got a smurf which i've been leveling lately. People want another account they can play ranked aswellor just for the fresh mmr and climb or account which they use to play with somebody, if they don't wanna tell their main ign/play with it w/ them. There are various reason, and I doubt most people do smurfs because they want to stomp low elo players.
JordMcFar (EUW)
: Personally I'd upgrade the RAM a bit.
Like I said, i'm buying more ram after new graphic card. The 4gb should be fine for WoW atleast.
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Igglet (EUNE)
: Top 10 Strongest Champions (According to Lore)- Redone!
> [{quoted}](name=Igglet,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=P1ROhTuF,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-27T17:26:27.530+0000) > You cannot fight death. Winchester's disagrees. [](
Arrow QQ (EUW)
: Please help
Why would it be free ? Sometimes it was free for a while to move to EUNE, but otherwise it's always (as far as i remember) cost rp.
MrYoloswagg (EUNE)
: Is that so? yesterday i changed the game.cfg file and my FPS increased with 4-5 After all i don't understand much of this, so i won't argue :)
You don't need to buy a 1000€ PC to play LoL on very high. My laptop broke so I have to use my old back up pc for a while until I order new parts, with these specs: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6850 3.00GHz 2GB Ram ATI Radeon HD 4770 1gb LoL runs on very high everything on max at smooth 60-100fps.
: The thing is, flamers are usually so self centered, they don't care about others. That's why the are able to say those things. There are nothing wrong in mistakes they do, because it's always their teams fault.
I'm one of those person, I don't care about other nor in game or in real life. Mostly I care only about myself but that doesn't mean I flame. I know what's wrong and right. I know what is acceptable and what's not. The people who flame either can't control their anger and then they release on the chat or they just think that no one cares if he flames a bit, cuz duh it's internet.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Name your one champion that can make you salty.
Yeah, if i'm playing, it's Lee Sin, mostly playing normals with it, but I'm constantly trying to make some cool plays and then I miserably fail them or don't get the opportunity and it annoys me... U_U Anyway, if playing against and overall, it's mid full AP {{champion:31}}, shieet the damage output what comes from that one :D
: Can you get just a little bit of rp?
You could draw something LoL related and send a pic, or screenshot of it to Riot support, and they maybe give you the missing amount :)
: I just want to say thank you for that awesome in-client Worlds-Interface!
Agreed, it's pretty damn good looking and easy to use. 5/5.
A Ocean (EUW)
The mask reminds me of Iron Man or Skyrims Dragon Priests :D
: The Origin of your name?
Huge Cyanide fan, I knew him when he was in same school with me years ago, nothing special :D
Husker (EUW)
: Where do you play from?
xCillion (EUW)
: Community vs. Volunteers
I'm up for it :D I remember there was Community vs. Admin matches on GameBattles and if you won it, you got special emblem, they were really fun :D
: Another 4200RP Giveaway
Sidéreo (EUW)
: Champion concept: Kormag, Gate warden of the Shadow Isles
If i understand right, when you start match you randomly get empower q,w or e. Which is kinda bad, since it's random. It's thing you cant decide. Let's say this champion with empower w is good against Viktor. Too bad you got empowered q.
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Grimacer (EUW)
I do think, people "hate" it because it's new. It's always been like this, people didn't like the "new" map when it came. but i don't think people would want the old map back anymore. I like the new HUD, more than old one.
: Got a good suggestion for Riot! What are your toughts?
And i assume you belong to that 4% of dumb kids ?
: Veiger x Lulu skin
But... But why ?
: pliz RIOT i want some IP
Hurrdurr you get ip pretty fast IMO.
Watermeat (EUW)
: One time, a pretty long time ago, in the middle of a ranked game, my step dad came into my room and started a massive row with me (unprovoked) which basically ended in him punching me in the face, leading me to move out immediately and permanently. I literally typed 'Sry, got to go, step dad just punched me in the face', turned off my laptop, packed up my things, and left that second. Couple days later, logged onto league again, and got a warning about it. Like, c'mon. Benefit of the doubt, anyone? It's a bit of a difference between 'Gtg, dinner's ready' and 'Gtg, my gf's nan's in the hospital' or 'Gtg my stepdad just punched me in the face'.
Because, i think you can relate to me. If someone type in the game "Gtg, my stepdad just punched me in the face" and then leaves. I wouldn't believe that to be honest, and i end up reporting the person.
: Don't even know why
You don't need to win 35 games in row. You just need to win 35 games in overall.
I think it's not Riot servers where the problem is. As i haven't had any problems today, yesterday, day before yesterday etc. And nor my friends in Finland either.
: [Halloween idea] Rise of the UNDEAD
Pretty much like Zombie mode in WaW&First BO ? Don't get me wrong, still sounds cool.
Zorsus (EUNE)
: Meanwhile At Riot's Office
That was so close. I almost laughed... almost.
I've been online the whole night. LoL client been open about 8 hours row now, played about 4 games, not row, but in that time. Not a single dc, lagspike, or anything happened to me. Dunno what's this about "can't log in" thing is.
Servers are working fine. Been playing this game almost everyday since s3 start or something. And last time where there was serious connection issues on servers was last summer. Just finished my ranked, no lags, no dc's or anything.
8GameDos8 (EUW)
: how was your luck with the mystery champ ^^ ?
Santa {{champion:79}} here :)
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: How can i get my main account out from TR server?
I don't think Riot would transfer your account back for free, because it was your friend who transferred it, and as you know, sharing an account can risk it's security. So, you can only buy rp and then buy transfer for EUW or EUNE.
: Wow, more stealing from heroes of the Storm. The style of circle that shows IP and Mastery exp recieved from battle was stolen from HOTS after-battle screen also showing in filling circle amount of exp and gold recieved from the battle. In HOTS, playing certain hero grants you experience and leveling allows you to cross certain milestones granting you additional free gold, new recolors for skin and in the end for free one skin. Masteries is really cheap steal, but still copies the concept, except Riot is too poor to give you free IP, pseudoskin or recolor for free. Chromas are again stolen from HOTS, where each skin has three color variations, yet you do not pay to get them (like in case of poor Riot), you just must reach certain levels milestones to ulock mounts recolors and skins - because Blizzard at least relizes it is awkward to make you pay with real money for something that could be done using Microsoft Paint with up to 30min of time. Also you can unlock free skin like this (yet not sure if just unlock to buy it for coins (non-real-money, recievable by playing) or even get it for free) - yes, the skin is just advanced version of default, still makes one happy. And guess what you can get from exp in HOTS too? Hero icon. Wow. Let us steal the feature, too. I mean, I don't really complain, I kind of have fun how awkward it looks when HOTS burrows something from LoL (though they have right for it, LoL stole things from not only DotA game/map concept but also directly from WarCraft+WoW) and when now LoL parazitically drains ideas from HOTS even when it was in BETA. But in case they have need to steal feature, may they put something of their own to it. For example: May LoL bring "back" Achievements. Yes, it is questionable how to reach it without skills, yet you would get achievements for "showing certain skill with the champion". Let's say: **Trap Clapped** Get doublekill by killing two enemy champions with Hallucination clone to recieve {{champion:35}} **I didn't see Cait coming** Slay enemy champion while they're stunned because of well-placed trap to recieve {{champion:51}} **I don't need a parachute** Knock all 5 enemy champions with your ultimate to recieve {{champion:54}} **Just... Little... Closer... Aaaaaand...** Hit champion with Enchanted Arrow from at least 50 yeards distance (not very good with distances, may be overmeasured) to recieve {{champion:22}} **TIBEEEERS!** Stun at least 3 champions with combination of passive stunner and ultimate ablity to recieve {{champion:1}} **Omnomnomnom** Grow at least two times in a row by finishing enemy champion to recieve {{champion:31}} And so on...
It's not free. Once you reach level 10 with champion, you can buy the master skin for 10k gold, wich is lot still.
: Or {{item:3362}} . Or {{item:3364}} . Or {{item:3363}} .
{{item:3361}} For top {{item:3363}} For ADC {{item:3361}} {{item:3364}} Depends, those for MID {{item:3364}} For Support {{item:3364}} For Jungle
: Skin Boost for ranked and normal
LP Boost ? Lol, are you high ? That's just a poor idea. Why would they make LP boost?
: S5 Bruiser junglers; Vi or J4?
samfishr (EUW)
: WAAAY too many champions in league
I would say 1-2 champs per 3 month is good.
Kaycee777 (EUW)
He seems to have a lot of utility and, well, only utility.
Dr Sugar (EUW)
: You can only play 5 champions
{{champion:236}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:150}} Are my choises probably.
: This is a brilliant idea! +1 However I would make these rewards like this and add one thing: Day 1: 0 ip Day 2: 5 ip Day 3: 10 ip Day 4: 15 ip Day 5: 25 ip Day 6: 30 ip **Day 7**: 40 ip + ip boost for a win + xp boost for a win(xp boost so these non lvl 30 have easier time) Day 8: 40 ip Day 9: 45 ip Day 10: 50 ip Day 11: 55 ip Day 12: 60 ip Day 13: 65 ip **Day 14**: 70 ip + ip boost for 1 win + xp boost for one win Day 15: 70 ip Day 16: 135 ip Day 17: 140 ip Day 18: 140 ip Day 19: 140 ip Day 20: 140 ip **Day 21**: 150 ip + ip boost for 1 wins + xp boost for 2 wins Day 22: 150 ip Day 23: 150 ip Day 24: 150 ip Day 25: ip boost for 1 wins + xp boost for 1 win Day 26: 1 champion selection dodge ticket(dodge champion select with no punishment) Day 27: ip boost for 1 win + Xp boost for 1 win + 100 ip **Day 28**: ip boost for a win + xp boost for a win Day 29: 1 champion selection dodge ticket Day 30: 10 rp **Day 31**: 1 champion selection dodge ticket + ip boost for a day + xp boost for a day + 500 ip + 90 rp **Total earnings when constantly logging in for 31 days** **2573 ip** **ip boost for 6 wins** **xp boost for 7 wins** **3 champion selection dodge tickets** **100 rp** **Ip boost for a day** **Xp boost for a day** **Yearly bonus** When you play in 365 days in row, you will gain 1200 rp in total. (100x12) however, for playing for such a long amount of days, you'll gain double amount of the rp ontop of it(2400 rp). Playing daily in 365 days in a row gives a result of 3600 free rp in total(1200 from every month + 2400 bonus).
That one champion select dodge is really stupid idea imo. Just sayin', no offense.
Zaweey (EUW)
: URF once a month?
No. Once a year is enough to be honest. I don't like it, but it's not like i get hexakill (6v6 in normal map) each month. :)
: *Removes DFG---> buffs AHRI's 4 spells.*Removes Atma's Impaler---> Who cares, it doesnt hurt mages
Germaxes (EUNE)
: Xin heal
I don't think that's necessary.
Uvec (EUNE)
: hmmmm... as he is supposed to be an assassin, why he has and 2,25 sec AoE stun and that broken shield? Why other assassins like {{champion:238}} and {{champion:91}} dont have a single hard cc like he does?
Because that stun is so easy to dodge, it takes 2 second to even activate. If you can't react in that time, well you deserved to be stunned. And all these qq threads about ekko are mostly because people can't play against him, or just get slapped *hint hint*. EDIT: Diana outburst Ekko.
: Your top 5 most played champs?
Well last season i played mostly jungle, but this season have been playing pretty much botlane, atm stats are the following: 1. {{champion:104}} 20W-17L - 54,1% WRate. 9.8 - 5.6 - 7.8 AVG 2. {{champion:222}} 22W-13L - 62.9% WRate. 7.8 - 5.7 - 10.7 AVG 3. {{champion:81}} 22W-10L - 68.8% WRate. 8.2 - 4.6 - 8.9 AVG 4. {{champion:64}} 12W-15L - 44.4% WRate. 4.7 - 6.4 - 10.9 AVG 5. {{champion:412}} 16W-10L - 61.4% WRate. 2.4 - 5.0 - 17.0 AVG Nice to mention 7th {{champion:18}} 15W-6L 71.4% WRate. 11.0 - 4.3 - 8.8 AVG.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cylch Dieflig,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6TN62y6E,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-05-31T08:29:31.893+0000) > > Stop b*tching. > Learn how his kit works. > Don't be where he's going to ult. well, that can be kind of hard in a team fight with the huge amount of aoe he got, and when he can 1 shot 2-3 people :-/
Ekko can't always use ult offensively, ekko is weak against assassin like LB, Zed, Kata. And if Ekko uses ult in teamfight either because he teleports the fuck out there or right in middle to get the aoe dmg. 2 options. Option 1, well after that he can't really do much because he's melee ap, and get instanly blown up if he goes in. Option 2, one cc and nuke him and he can't even use the ult first place.
: Share your noob moments here,,,
I boughted the most expensive items for everychamp, always Bloodthirster, IE, rabadon to everychamp because they were most expensive ones. Also when i first time played rango, i sitted on bushes only :D
: You can't get banned by playing out of meta picks. Anyway, I played a lot of teambuilder the past month and it got so boring.
You did not get bored to teambuilder, you got bored to lol. Teambuilder doesn't affect your game experience anyway.
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Efirias (EUW)
: That is a interesting build, but you will be really mana hungry with this, you won't be able to spam you Q very much and so stacking your passive. I will try it, but I don't think that the hardship of carrying with him is because of the build.
You won't run out of mana unless you mindlessly spam your abilities for nothing.
Efirias (EUW)
: Is it possible to carry with Ezreal ?
You don't need to buy tear. Ezreal is bad when behind, like really bad. But when ahead, you can easily carry. i usually go for BF > Then build trinity > IE > LW > BT or Botrk > GA&Scimitar. Boots are either atks or cdr. Depends.
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