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: players trolling by taking jungle as non jungle
can someone explain to me the point of this? I mean I can understand frustration and tilt-afking and stuff like that but this sounds like a premeditated plan to mess someone over already before champ select is over?
Kerwints (EUW)
: Endless "game still in progress" or "concluding game" after a game, not able to get to endgame lobby
Thanks for replying. It would be lovely if more people could pipe up if they have the same issue. I'd love for this to get fixed because it's actually really annoying, specifically because the time it takes for the game to conclude seems completely random (either 20 seconds or forever)
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Ryuma sf (EUW)
: me and my high gol-low plat team have lost 1v5 vs a grandmaster vayne
matchmaking and MMR vs the league you're in has been one big %%%%fest since literally forever, I heard that riot has even asked to remove their calculated MMR, presumably cause they don't like their system to secondguess (a lot more accurately than their own) player skill level. I really am trying to understand why the system works the way it does, but the reality is that in the current system you can 1) get matched against a master vayne as a gold player, 2) can be silver 2 and have plat1 MMR and subsequently play with and against plat1 player while still only gaining 23 LP per win and not skipping promotions, and 3) have a team and enemy team containing such VARIETY of skill levels in low gold and below that you honestly wonder how all these people are still having fun in the russian roulette that is low elo (I thought this was sorted, but I have a new account now and am witnessing first hand how disastrous this must be, and I have distinct memories of my own low silver days where... where you never knew what kind of players you'd be playing with or against, gods or bots).
: if i unbind the chat key i cant write /mute all and if i see people int it allways triggers me to write something .. so i thought a perman chatbann could help me to dont flame my mates
hello, You can always create a macro on your mouse or keyboard that does Enter press /mute all Enter Press and unbind your chat key in game. Then if you press the macro button you still mute all, but without being able to type. That being said I think it'd be a lot better to try and work on your self-control. Take this as part of your learning curve in this game. So a good way to learn behavior control is to have a reward. This can be anything, like a cookie (you're not allowed any of those cookies unless you didn't flame your team), and then you're allowed 1 cookie after the game. Pick what's best for you, and when you get better, up the stakes, like, "10 games of no flaming mates and I can buy that new movie" or "if I go through this week without flaming I can get my new RAM" whatever random examples. point is changing yourself is not easy, and you will fail for sure, but if you keep at it, you'll become a better person and that's a good goal to have in life in general.
DragonEST23 (EUNE)
: Going to website pressing Download For WIndows, nothing pops up
Hello, Check your browser addons. Additionally, try downloading it again in Private / Incognito mode, as those disable addons.
Kerwints (EUW)
: Blitz runepages automatically being created and overwriting my own
I need to add it actually DELETES my rune page and replaces it with its own.
: Replay/spectator crashes after changing time.
Slight bump, this is still an issue, but now occurs randomly.
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: What I fail to understand here is why that is such a problem? What's the problem even? I mean - I don't play the game like: Oh boy, with the next feature I'll love this game but up until now I hate it, yet still play it Position Ranks are really nothing I absolutely want and need in my life. It'll be a failure anyway. If we are lucky, they drop it before it even reaches EUW.
Obviously he absolutely wants and needs it, so I don't see why your wants and needs surpasses his. That being said, you can no longer, with a straight face, compare between the different regions if their climbing systems are different. This is ironic, because in that same patch they want to even out how different the skill level is between master players in different regions.


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