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MasterKota (EUNE)
: duos in solo queue bought accounts and wintraders.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >I dislike the mentality of ranked, I personally just view it as a normal mode which ranks you over the time. You are entitled to have your own opinion and that's fine, but there are also people like me who hate people who don't take ranked seriously (so not like normal mode) and it hurts the competitiveness and the consistency of match quality. People who do not take ranked seriously, should not play the mode. And by taking it seriously i don't mean complaining. You hate people in ranked who complain but you are one of the main reasons why they complain.
Smerk (EUW)
: Just your luck. Matchamaking doesn't care if you're in promos, except for the fact that you can't be autofilled. It only looks at MMR
Smerk (EUW)
: Do you mean you get autofilled teammates in your promos more often than in regular games? Because you personally should have autofill protection
teammates are more often autofilled, I get my secondary more often
Raptorz (EUNE)
: I dislike the mentality of ranked, I personally just view it as a normal mode which ranks you over the time. People get too worked up in ranked and complain about every single little thing. Really makes it unenjoyable for me.
I dont see it as normal mode, since you really wanna work on your own skill and improve and climb and focus more on the game. I dont like the people who dont take it as a ranked, because im spending alot time in my improvement, and getting rank ups is a good reward for my work. Though I get what you mean by their mentallity, getting angry about things going bad is not worth it. With that attitude you concentrade less on the game and on yourself, plus you pull your teammates down, too
: I dislike the distinction between MMR and Division/LP. Everything else is fine. Sure, matchmaking sometimes gives you some strange teams but what can you do against that?
I noticed that I get autofilled more often in my promotion games, I dont know if that's their intention though. And I get worse teams and better enemies for some reason, as getting out of the hardstuck zone wasn't hard enough. I guess Ive been in diamond promos for around 6 times or more.
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