L4yz (EUNE)
: i cant even login to the client it says something about the connection but my internet works well
aww (EUNE)
: You're not alone in this. Together as League players, we can hopefully make a impact.
I can't get my goal for their %%%%ing problems... :(
aww (EUNE)
: What's going on Riot?
I have a problem with the reconnects in every single %%%%ing game in this wonderful patch 8.22.
bubaa (EUNE)
: You have been disconnected from chat .
I have this problem too. Did you fix it?
: Lost 50 lp cause off game crashes and low prity que
I have this bullshit problem too. Did you fix it?
: Same to me on EUW server.What is wrong with this game?
253IQ (EUW)
: Maybe IG kept watching FNC videos and understood the way they play ?
Don't think so, but let's accept this too.
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Saibbo (EUW)
: Problems since last patch
I have this bull*hit problem too. Did you find a solution for it?
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