: You still gotta wait exactly an hour bro, sorry
fricking fricks
: I think thresh & rakan won't get victorious skins because thresh got the championship skin already & a team skins SSW , Rakan got SSG new , maybe he will get the new Invictus gaming team skin :(
Update: he did get the invictus skin
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neropa (EUNE)
: You could've handeled the situation way better. I understand why you flamed little bit (And i couldve done it myself) , but i still think you deserved the chat restriction. And if this was only one of the two games that got you chat banned it makes it even more justified.
Naturally, I understand I could have handled this better by not saying anything at all, but if this is enough of a reason to get you restricted, then what is the point of a chat function altogether. The worst thing I said during this game was 'you are trolling' which referenced to him stealing my lane and then continuing to flame, walk in circles (basically AFK), trashtalking in chat, etc. I don't know about you, but this seems like it is a little far fetched for a chat restriction even if it is just 10 games.
: You don't have to explain why you flamed because it doesn't matter. "Report Sion" is technically already punishable. Fun fact, multiple reports in the same game have no effect and wont increase the chance of someone being punished. That's why you shouldn't write that.
Still, report Sion isn't an excuse for Riot, there should be more of a reason and this just doesn't seem like a decent one to me. If someone were to say "Stop flaming him, just report Sion for AFKing after the game instead' then is it toxic? No, but the 'Report Sion' is still in there. This is not a decent reason.
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: Redemption Bug
Saw the same thing.
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