Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: I got a Galaxy zed skin shard and decided It is time to main him due to his playmaking potential
Zed is a lot harder than Pyke. He is not super difficult to play, but relatively hard to master. Laning phase, basic mechanics : 6,5/10 Team fights: 8 or 9/10 Also you have to keep in mind that Zed has energy, which means that cds are not the only thing you will have to look at. Lot of average Zed players struggle with that because his full combo takes a lot of your energy, especially if you miss your spells with your shadow. I think you need at least 20 games before playing the champ decently, and probably way more to be a beast on the champ
Saveon (EUW)
: Why you cant use your current name for Riot account?!
I hope its just a bug that they will fix. But it doesnt affect your in game name in League anyways, still annoying
: They upgrade up like TFT champions in the game, but u need only 1 copy of legend 3 same legends makes a 3star legend
Shamose (EUW)
: No. Little legends have 3 forms. If you get a duplicate it'll upgrade to a 2 stat version. You can equip it by clicking on the demacian silverwing and selecting the 2 star version.
oh i didnt know thanks for the info
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: Final thoughts and a goodbye.
I kinda share the same feelings as you. I have been playing LoL for such a long time, and I have been so passionate about it. But these last few months, there is something different. I can not tell from where it comes exactly, although the reason you stated are what most people complain about, I dont specifically think that if affects me so much (toxic people always existed, and broken champs too) I think its more that I got bored of the game. I still did not quit league, but in the past month I have played only few ARAMS every 3 4 days (Used to play League every single day for 3 to 4 hours, so thats huge for me) I still enjoy league honestly, but more watching it rather than playing it. Because of League I have missed so many other great games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, did not have the time to play all these amazing games, because whenever I had the time to play I would choose league over anything else. Now I am enjoying all these games I missed and it feels so good. It feels good to remember that before being a league player I was also a gamer. So thats what I am doing now, playing mostly other things, and then coming back to league from time to time. I dont think it will ever be possible for me to completely unistall and stop playing league forever, because of the nostalgia and all the great moments i spent on this game, the friends I made, etc. But It is clear that my greatest moments on league are far behind me. I wish you all the best in your new adventure. Try other games, and you will be surprised to see how fun some of them are. I am still a bit sad seing the current state of LoL and all the veterans either quitting the game or not playing as much as they used to. But nothing last forever, and every good thing (or bad) must come to an end, soon or later. Regarding what you said on Riot, I agree on some points and disagree on others, I think they can not control everything, especially the player and community's behavior. But trust me the toxicity is an issue in all online games I have played. And no matter how harsh you are with player, no matter how many bans you put, there will always be toxic people (still would like to see Riot put some effort like bringing back the tribunal or smthing) I am also dissapointed by the skins released, I mean they are doing a great job really they are but its always the same champs that gets their skins, and what started as an exagerated meme, is now becoming a sad reality: new skin for Lux Ahri, and co every 3 patches while some champs like my main velkoz didnt get a skin in Years. And the Riot must make profit argument is true BUT imo they would make so much more money if they created skins for champs that dont have much, because I guess Ahri mains will not want to spend all their money every time a new skin is out, a skarner main or smthing on the other hand, would because of how few skins he has and how poor quality they are. Anyway im getting out of the topic. Sorry for this huge text, but I just wanted to take part to the discussion and share my feelings on this thing called league, more than a game : a social phenomenon lol Best of luck to all, on summoners rift, or on DUST 2, in university or at work. And of course in life in general. Peace NB: I will not cry because ""Tears appear to serve no function." {{champion:161}} "Humans; simple, messy, yet exceptional."
: I don't understand upvotes and downvotes sometimes
I absoultely agree with you. Even if your post is well written, polite, etc If they don't like your idea they will just downvote it. You get an upvote from me
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I already own all champions in the game, so I dont know if its faster or not (just that it should be since people did the maths) The only thing I really miss from the old system was when some weekends we had huge IP boost when we played with premades. I remember that I earned around 500 IP for a single win, thanks to that bonus. Imagine: you win 4 games you earn around 2000 IP. Wish they bring back this
: victorious skin
I dont think so, they said that SR and TFT will have different rewards. Maybe you will get a "Legend"
Yeah XD or You can also play him tank Support works really good as well
Uraraka (EUNE)
: What's your favorite not so supportive support?
{{champion:34}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:57}}
: The current state of League
First of all thank you for making this post. We are getting tired of seeing the " I gOt BaNnEd F0r n0 ReAzOn" posts on the boards. Second of all I don't agree with everything you said but that's just my opinion and im here to discuss that with you. 1-Too much dammage. I agree and disagree at the same time. I think that in some cases its just ridiculous example: Rengar can one shot any ADC with his ult, that should not be possible. When they reworked the rune system, I felt like it was worst, everyone was doing so much damage, now i dont know if its because I got used to it, or because they balanced it a bit, but I feel like its fine. Although I would not mind having longer team fights I think Riot's view on that is to reduce the game time. I also think a lot of champions are getting True damage in their kits nowadays, and this is annoying as you can not itemize against that. Also I think AP champs deal same dmg to turrets than ad champs, however, more AD champs build Attack Speed, therefore they take turrets faster in most cases. 2- I personally dont mind about RNG on little things like clepto, etc but I can see why some players dont like that. So fair enough. 3- I think that the meta is a good thing, especially for pro play. And I honestly think that there is no real meta below at least Master, so it doesnt even matter. This is something that a Challenger player once said in his stream and I agree. You can play whatever champ you want in whatever position and it can work if your good with it. Ive seen people playing Leblanc AD in the jungle and climbed to diamond (not even smurfing), OTPs of never used champions like the old Urgot climbing as well. There is a guy called Aquadragon, playing the most non meta things and his diamond as well (Malzahar tank jungle, etc) the examples are numerous. Now of course I agree that if you play this, your team mates might not like it, but this is Riot can not change Imo. And yes in some cases players like Nubrac or the guy who played Singed support, but never went botlane got banned, but this is because their team mates reported them (if you take the risk to play unconventional stuff, you should prove to your team mates that this strategy is viable) So in conclusion, there is a Meta even in low elo, but the boundaries are very large, which means that the meta dont really matter unless your Master + 4- I think that with the insane amount of champions in the game, they have to come up with new mechanics every time they release a champ and its difficult to think about new abilities when there are already thousands. Also I dont think the problem is the new mechanics they introduce (e.g. Kayn walking through walls, Zoe stealing summoners) but rather the balance of that. If Zoe could steal summoners but has a 30 second cooldown whenever she uses the picked up summoner spell that would be balanced. Or another idea, whenever she picks up a summoner, she cant use it immediately (5 seconds cooldown) so you dont get surprised by a sudden Ignite in lane, and you actually have time to prepare (play defensively or w/e) 5- I also prefer the new rune system, no need for 10 runes pages, you can change them in champ select, and you can still be creative. 7-Flash is part of league. Thats the first time I see someone complaining about it XD Thanks for reading, again this is my own opinion, just wanted to give my thoughts. Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my native language, (and im writing this from work, chhh dont tell my boss. So no time to correct it) Peace
: Tips for starting ranked?
Tips: -Play champions that you are good with --> Most importantly dont first time a champ in ranked -Play few champions (usually 1 or 2 is enough) -Play one role (of course sometimes you will get autofilled, but you dont need to play top mid jungle adc to climb, only lets say mid jungle, and having a support in case you get autofilled) -When you win a game, play one more. If you lose 2 games in a row, maybe its a good idea to take a break or play something else to reset your mental. -Learn when to dodge. You will learn how to spot the unwinnable games from champ select: when u have an autofill support that locks in garen for instance, or too much toxicity. Dodging will make you lose only 3 lp and your MMR will be untouched. Better than losing 30 minutes of your life and 20 lp. -Stay focused no matter what and always try to win (dont Surrend) This one is pretty hard to do, not gonna lie. Sometimes you think the game is just unwinable and want to surrend, but everything is possible in Solo Q even if you are hard losing, enemies might throw their lead, or maybe you outscale them. I've won, as many others games were I had an AFK, or a feeder. -Most important rule: try to have fun. League is very competitive but we must not forget that it is a game. Have fun and tryhard every game you play. N.B I dont know what your experience with video game is, or if you have played a MOBA before. If your entirely new to this world than I guess you will be placed around Bronze/Silver, but no worries you will climb. If you do have an experience with gaming, I think you can aim for Gold before the end of the season. Wish you good luck in your journey :D
Blitzz (EUNE)
: What the %%%% riot
Send a ticket to support. Your request here is pretty much useless, as no Rioter will read nor give you back your LP. They might if you send a ticket, not sure tho but try it still
Jelen1 (EUW)
: Master top LFT
I dont think you are going to find any serious team here mate. I suggest you search on Twitter, its the best option for LFT players.
: Am I the only one being glad that the servers are down?
Im not sure which last event your talking about, but from what I remember Riot never gave us huge compensations on EUW (on contrary to NA)
Dσn (EUW)
: Intergrating SR and TFT togther is a bad idea.....Somthing that should not even be entertained!
Maybe Im wrong but I dont think thats what he meant by "integrate ...". Usually missions that requires you to play a specific thing, have two options. example: -Play 3 games of ARAM OR -Kill 5 dragons as a team. And I think it will be the same with TFT missions. I dont think they will force people to play TFT to unlock a mission, you will have the choice. However for people that do want to play TFT like me, it will be good as we can earn XP and Rewards as well, because right now, as he said not earning XP sucks. Im also a pack rat whatever you called it when it comes to collectioning icons, wards, etc
: about counterchamps
Im not a toplaner, so I have no idea about matchups, but Im pretty sure that Darius counter a lot of champs that cant even lane against him or farm safely under their turret. Thats the purpose of aa counterpick. Every champ has some, just be smart in champ select
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Prophecy (EUW)
: Yasuo nerf thanks
I personally removed Yasuo from the game. I simply ban this champion every single game. TBH I forgot how it is to play with or against Yasuo, since last time I saw one was like 1 year ago xD
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Akaśhí (EUNE)
: I thought Riot couldn’t release something more cancerous than Pyke
The champ has been released few days ago only... It's normal that most people dont know how to play against it, but im sure you will learn how to. There are a lot of annoying champions in this game, not only the new ones : Yasuo, Lb, Zed, Zoe, etc but people get used to it somehow. My advice is: If you cant beat them, be them. I hated Zed, started playing the champ, loved it. I hated Leblanc started playing her, loved it.
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: What is the hardest champion?
IMO: {{champion:268}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:157}} Most difficult is {{champion:76}}
143107 (EUW)
: I am not getting rp on PBE anymore
They wont give RP to players on PBE anymore because all champions and new skins can now be purchased for 1 BE
: If he did it accidentally, he will not get banned because it can happen to everyone to missclick, but if he is doing it to int people he will get banned soon or later. It's like AFK, if in 100 games you only AFK 1 game because of an emergency or something you wont get banned but if you are doing it often you will get a sanction
Just realized that on this patch they added a new feature to avoid these kind of situations. When you are jungle, it automatically switch your second summoner spell to smite, so maybe he did do it on purpose, and in that case maybe you can report him
: Is not taking smite as jungler in Ranked bannable?
If he did it accidentally, he will not get banned because it can happen to everyone to missclick, but if he is doing it to int people he will get banned soon or later. It's like AFK, if in 100 games you only AFK 1 game because of an emergency or something you wont get banned but if you are doing it often you will get a sanction
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: I need help for my next youtube video
You can not watch a replay from a previous patch, sorry. It is impossible
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Śwaggy (EUNE)
: Perma ban shouldn't be a thing
When you get perma banned you have previously been warned, many times before. Usually you get the chat restrict, your punishment is to be honor 0 and you dont have rewards, then they give you 14 days, and they clearly tell you this is your last chance. If you can't reform after that, I dont think you will ever be able to reform. League is like life in general, at my university they give you 3 chances for an exam, if you fail 3 times, they dont care your just out. If the Police catch you with drugs, they warn you, next time you get caught you go to jail. There is no other chance You say that a permaban means a "consumer" less for Riot, what about the people that stop playing league because of toxic players. I think they are more important and more numerous. So toxic players are actually making the consumers leave, not the opposite. Also, not everyone buy skins so some players might actually not spend a single euro on the game. Therefore they are Users, not consumers. Permabans are not killing the game XD. They even say that if you are perma banned it means that you are in the 0,006% of the players negative enough to get that sentence. Do you realize how small that percentage is, I think you have more chances to be challenger. I got banned 14 days 2 years ago, I had my reasons, bad day etc,... someone flamed me and we started insulting each other like babies. Did I cry after ? Absolutely not. My banned was deserved, and since then I never flamed someone again. I usually only type Gg in chat. Thats because I learned to stop being a toxic player. So if I only needed one sentence to stop being toxic, why would others need more? If you continue being toxic after a 14 day ban it means that you dont care about your account. I do, with all the skins I own. Perma bans are healthy for the game, the system is not always great, sometimes some people that Int never get banned but you can not control every single game on a server. I respect your opinion tho, but this is just mine. Hoppefully you understand my arguments. Peace out
253IQ (EUW)
: Champions sale "BE"
I remember this, I bought Zed for this occasion. But im not entirely sure when it was. I think that it was either in preseason or at the beginning of S8, it was when we could buy some chromas, gemstones and URFwick skin with BE. If im not mistaken, Riot said they would do this BE special shop once every six months. So It might be available during preseason, so in a few days.
: Its because most serious players play solo/duo, and then do flex to boost their friends to gold for the rewards. One of the reasons that i dont like the season reward system, because it encourages boosting and induces frustration.
Not neccesarily, some players like me enjoy playing flex because I can train with my team in flex 5v5, or just because I dont like playing solo Q too stresfull, but I still want the rewards and the victorious skin so its a good alternative
: I had the most success to gold in flex this season. Flex seemed easier and more relaxed.
Yes it also seemed easier for me at the beginning, from silver 4 to silver 1 i had an insane winrate and managed to climb in less than 20 games, also the teams seemed more balanced as I was facing high silver/gold (in flex) players. But now I feel like since I won a lot, my MMR went up to an extent where the system might think I am a smurf, which im not and therefore every game now in Silver 1 promo to gold is a Plat/low diamond MMR. How am I supposed to climb like this ?
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Making something like that would be funny, but I got way too many skins to be reviewing ALL of them. 224 skins total, including 78 Legacy skins and 29 Chromas. * 4 Ultimate * 2 Mythic (Neo-PAX Sivir and Hextech Annie) * 27 Legendary * 66 Epic * 125 "other" skins 35 ward skins total. * 2 Mythic * 6 Epic * 16 Rare * 11 "other" ward skins Special mentions would be 5 Victorious skins (2014-2018, including this year's Victorianna), 2 Limited skins (the original PAX Sivir and Silver Kayle), Odyssey Ziggs (Odyssey: Extraction event limited - or so I've been told), Triumphant Ryze, and the Rito Fist Bump ward skin. ------- Honourable mentions would be all "Stage 1" PROJECT skins with borders (Fiora, Leona, Lucian, Yi, Yasuo and Zed), and "Stage 2" PROJECT: Ashe with border, Urfwick (the 150.000 BE Emporium version) and Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch (both through the Honour system). New Horizon (2017 Star Guardian event limited), Golden Space Lizard (Odyssey: Extraction event limited), Rune Enthusiast (having spent 125.000+ IP on runes), Essence Collector (Blue Essence Emporium exclusive) and the Hextech ward skins. ------- Personal preferences / "best" skins: * PAX Sivir (obviously) * Arcade Ahri (I can watch that dance all day) * PROJECT: Ashe (that dance <3) * Silver kayle (...PLEASE DON'T make a Golden Chroma for it!) * Celestine Soraka (one of the best 975 RP skins - and worth the full price, IMHO) * Forecast Janna (love to get into character with this skin) * Dragon Trainer Lulu (best Lulu skin - Pix even got his own SFX and animations) * Ghost Bride Morgana (I unlocked Morgana back at its release just to get that skin <3) * Arcade Miss Fortune (funny recall) * Pool Party Zoe (...brb, the FBI is on my door) * Snow Day Graves (again, another great recall) * Moo-Cow Alistar (keep calm...keep calm, [AND PLAY THE BELL]( !!) * Meowkai (the recall again)
Hey, thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. WOW thats a nice collection you have here, I wish I had that many skins haha. At least 1 gemstone exclusive skin and more legendary skins would be good, as right now I only own 2 legendary skins I own Ghost Bride Morgana, pretty sick skin I agree. But the best skin for Ahri is the star guardian in my opinion Also may I ask since when do you play and how much did you spend on RP approximately ? Would be interesting to know. I really want the new high noon lucian and tresh, hope i can get lucky enough to get it in a worlds/haloween orb
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Declined (EUNE)
: [Volu] Worlds Header Contest
So here is mine, hope you guys like it. I hereby note to participate in Riot's header competition with my work, that shall be freely used in commercial use by Riot and private use by everyone. I think it is pretty clear but in case you did not understand it is supposed to represent a discussion between Union Jack Fiddlesticks, Playmaker Lee sin/Rammus, and Fnatic skins from season 1. Fiddlesticks says "its coming home lads" in reference to the football world cup 2018 meme since football was created in England. In this case he is reffering to the fact that EU should win worlds, since its probably one if not the biggest server of LoL. He is wearing an outfit with the UK flag so he forgets and says "lets go UK" before correcting himself "lets go EU" Playmaker Lee sin who represent an english footballer is like but dude, you are late, we already lost in semi finals against Croatia, thinking that Fiddle was referring to the World cup 2018. Then comes the FNATIC team saying, no we are talking about OUR WORLDS, LoL WORLDS! I used the FNATIC skin for obvious reasons: They are the only EU and western team that won worlds (even tho some would argue that s1 worlds was no worlds but w/e) and also they are the favorite to win the tittle this year, and also because I love FNATIC :p. There is also a few memes in between the pictures: EU>NA>KR and G2 vs FNC ? because this is the final we all want I guess. Sorry if that was not clear I tried my best in English ^^ Sources: all the pictures (splash arts) and logos I used are from the official Riot website in the "champions" "skins" categorie (hope I dont have to list them all one by one, but I will do if necessary. And the logos you just go on Esports section and right click on the logo and press save as. xD Good luck to everyone
: Champions Similar to Draven
Im not sure if you are looking for Draven type Adcs or any other champion at any role? I dont think there is a similar champion to Draven in the game. The closest adc I have in mind would be Lucian, he is strong in the early game (lane bully) you can play really aggro to get kills and snowball. Also has a strong outplay potential with the dash. About the combos, you need to learn how to optimize your dmg thanks to your passive. Example: E- AA-AA (passive)Q - AA- AA + W- AA- AA Instead of E - Q- AA AA But thats not really a combo like A riven combo, so Idk if that counts.
DutchPro (EUW)
: I think pick/ban rate says more than pick rate ^^. Think urgot and irelia are up there close to 100%
> [{quoted}](name=DutchPro,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=vtssLwkH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-14T16:43:17.522+0000) > > I think pick/ban rate says more than pick rate ^^. > Think urgot and irelia are up there close to 100% Yes I agree, but I thought it was cool to see which champs were the most played to have an idea of the current meta.
: >{{champion:145}} 1- 19 games They picked her because she was balanced.
> [{quoted}](name=My Legit Banana,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=vtssLwkH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-14T16:10:26.203+0000) > > They picked her because she was balanced. xD, I think that if Irelia's ban rate wasn't that high, she wouldve been the most or second most played champion, she is way worst than Kaisa imo
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: Victorious Orianna?!
They chose Orianna because she is one of the few champions that will always be viable, no matter what meta. Also she is not super hard to play and therefore a lot of people can play her, whereas if they choose something like Ryze (which has been one of the most popular pick in pro play this year) a lot of people will not like it, as it is a really hard champ to play. I dont see other midlaners that could get this skin: maybe Galio, but he already got a new skin this year, and not as popular as Ori. Ive noticed that they usually pick neutral skill champs to make the victorious skin thats why we have victorious maokai, morgana, j4, graves,... I dont think we will ever see a Victorious Zed or Lee sin. The next problem is the number of skins the champ have, they cant choose a champion with not a lot of skins, they already explained that, which exclude champs like Velkoz, Aurelion Sol, etc.
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: I think that Camille, Sejuani, Trundle and Ornn aren’t realy exotic support picks. Ive seen all played multiple times, and Cam, Trundle and Ornn supp have all been played in eSports.
> [{quoted}](name=Crablobster10,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=nH0Fj8B1,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-05T20:39:28.518+0000) > > I think that Camille, Sejuani, Trundle and Ornn aren’t realy exotic support picks. Ive seen all played multiple times, and Cam, Trundle and Ornn supp have all been played in eSports. Yes I agree, but for me exotic means that its not super common to see it. When is the last time you saw a Trundle support in your games?
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