12a12b12d (EUNE)
: So what did you get for a mystery champ ?
I got mundo, I know he goes where he pleases, but I really didn't it would be my account.
: When is next rune page sale?
there will be one when next season will start for sure, since there seems a patern there, I think it's gonna be a while last one was in may or april I think, and there have been an event already (team up) and it wasn't offered.
galH11 (EUNE)
: tahm can take 6 stacks cho across the map but graves can't have a cigar
: [TeamUp PoolParty]
bump ppl need to hear about this
: omg i just love playing adc. all you need is a one good guy for peels and man is it fun then
The legend sais people protect the adc in teamfights I am yet to see it.
ppy (EUNE)
: Season 5 changes have made League incredibly bland, dull, and long-lasting.
in high elo that might be the case, low elo you see all kinds of shit go on, I just got carried by an ap varus mid in a 4v5, I was tank sion top all I had to do was engage and stun dem bitches and it was gg.
: {{champion:64}}
yep missed that one. indeed, training as a monk doesn't count as being ninja.
: Give riven energy.
She's not a ninja, so no energy for her.


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