: Is that normal that RIOT Employees (FR) answer unrespectfully to RIOT Customers ?
First of all thank you every one for having cross this topic and share your thoughts. I have to make some things clear. On previous tickets thet support was using the right term " vous " to adress to me, but this one just decided to really talk to me like we were friends for ages. Secondly,he didn't answered my question, at all. He didn't gave me the information i wanted to know. It's simple, i've been chatrestrict, and 2 of the 3 chat logs that i could see explaining why i'm banned, where irrelevant to me. My question was simple : Taking a deep look to the chat logs, show me where i behaved bad in that 2 chat logs. His answer ? " it's always the same you talk bad to people and behave bad, until you dont change you'll be punished" I'm very sorry but that's not an answer, and that's totaly DISRESPECTFUL. One of you said he doesn't see where he was disrespectful to me. I'll explain it as much as i can with my english : 1-) I use the polite word "vous" and he talks to me using "tu", maybe in english countries ppl dont care too much about that, but here in france it's a mark of disrespect. When you don't know the person you use "vous". ITS A BASIC. 2-) It is 100% sure he didn't looked the chat logs at all, or he wouldn't have say that (i'm most of the time pushing my team to his best encouraging people to shine). 3-) He lies about me, i'm not negative (i really didn't looked at any chat logs for sure) I NEVER insult or use words a kid shoudn't read, and he says i am ! I don't "belittle" my team mates, never, does he smoke joints ? The only true point is i call people to report others, but with all that wrong points we can assume he says that to everyone hoping it fits to the readers.... But if you don't want people to call for reports, don't make it possible, and don't create reasons like " verbal harassment, verbal offense or intentional feeding" if you punish people that try to make your rules apply ! I'm really dissapointted of how the support of this game works Well here you have the chat log of one game, i give it entire to you. [All]IM2SkilledM8: report nunu and taric,they were suposed to bot lane [All]IM2SkilledM8: they went troll [All]IM2SkilledM8: please report them [All]IM2SkilledM8: "enjoy lose" [All]IM2SkilledM8: just because we dont want to take their roles [All]IM2SkilledM8: no,your way to act like a duchbag shows you're not new [All]IM2SkilledM8: you're atroll and i hope you get banned soon [All]IM2SkilledM8: please report him [All]IM2SkilledM8: i beg you [All]IM2SkilledM8: no happy enough trolling feeding intentional, he now talks about killing black people [All]IM2SkilledM8: please report taric IM2SkilledM8: nash IM2SkilledM8: drake IM2SkilledM8: why go for objectives IM2SkilledM8: better throw some advantage we had IM2SkilledM8: nunu release your ult efore IM2SkilledM8: before IM2SkilledM8: you always let them go out ^^ [All]IM2SkilledM8: report taric i beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg you IM2SkilledM8: nothing to do with low elo, you and taric made this game ruined from start IM2SkilledM8: trolling roles IM2SkilledM8: the only difference is you're not trolling the game nunu IM2SkilledM8: but both of you made this hard IM2SkilledM8: don't conplain IM2SkilledM8: it's ridiculous [All]IM2SkilledM8: thx reporting nunu and taric [All]IM2SkilledM8: are you playing support ? [All]IM2SkilledM8: like you were suposed to ? [All]IM2SkilledM8: taric suposed to adc [All]IM2SkilledM8: nunu to support [All]IM2SkilledM8: thx reporting [All]IM2SkilledM8: gg wp When you know that i was jungle, and our "support" was second jungler, and the adc went taric raom because they wont autofill When you know that both of them were spitting racists comments. When you know (because they say it) that they do everything for you to lose that game, just because they don't want bot lane and autofill like we all do. Well, i think you can only congrats me for having stayed that calm. Yes i ask many times to report them. But i don't see in any way how this could lead for me to be punished for that. When someone talks about "your black mother" that "he will violate and dumps his corpse" etc, well, staying that polite as i did should be rewarded no ?
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