: Suspension and how it can make you depressed.
Nobody will always have a 100% win-rate, losing is part of the game. It sucks, especially when you lose because someone on your team goes 1/14/2. However, there are also games where a teammate steamrolls their lane and the enemy is the one with a 1/14/2 player. Shit like this is part of League of Legends. It sucks, but that's just the way it is. It's okay to get salty or even angry about it, as long as you remember to calm down afterwards. If it turns into actual rage and you almost destroy your screen, it's going too far. Getting super angry like that doesn't help anybody, least of all you (or your computer screen). Try to stay a bit more calm and recognize it's only 1 game you lost. After you've calmed down, you can just play another one. If the rage keeps getting to you, it may be a good idea to take a break from League for a while.
StRaTiWtHs8 (EUNE)
: Riot You Need To fix your game
By the sound of it, Jhin was able to either farm a lot, or he got a lot of kills. In other words, he got fed. Most champs are insane when they get fed. That doesn't mean they are OP.
: Help me with game result
Holy shit, that's horrible. Sadly, Riot won't change it to a victory. There wasn't a bug in the system or something like that, but your teammates were being idiots. My first promos to gold was a week ago, and my second promo game, our Twitch Jungle was killed at 2:20. He left the game at 2:30, so we couldn't remake. The game was essentially lost because 1 guy pressed Alt+F4. Both cases are extremely unfair, and your case is definitely worse, but Riot can't really do much about this. There are too many games for them to worry about stuff like this. Best of luck to you in your next promo game. If you want, we can Duo Q, I main supp.
Ker1s (EUNE)
: few key fragments
I'm swimming in keys, I got 11 of them. The problem is that I'm not getting enough chest. It doesn't help I main 2 or 3 champs.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Dominator,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=yYZramgT,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-05-15T15:58:09.793+0000) > > The thing is I made a similar post with that question and Riot Eambo even answered, but then he deleted his response so I could never know what he even said... Apologies - when I posted I didn't have the exact information and deleted it to avoid misinformation. Good news is I have a bit more information now! Basically there will be an additional mission with fairly simple requirements (such as "play a game") in order to get your orb. The reason it says "chance" is because if you don't do this mission it won't automatically grant, but anyone who completes this mission will get it. Additionally you won't need to go all the way through the missions again obviously, this will just pop up as a new mission for those who have already completed it. No exact ETA on when this will show, but most likely some time next week. Sorry for the somewhat-vague information, but I wanted to assure you guys that it's not going to be some ridiculously complicated method of getting it or some people will be left out - so long as you complete the additional mission, you'll get it!
Will the house finishers come back in any capacity, or have they been retired? I understand they trigger epilepsy; is it possible to change them in such a way that they don't? Or will a toggle be added?
Mxnas (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xyfRWkoU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-15T16:07:17.668+0000) > > We all have 1 ban in champion select. If you are afraid someone will pick a "bad champion", use it on that. > > *** (Commented on in prev comment) > > 5k mastery is too much. > For example, I have 3k mastery points on Garen, but I'm willing to bet I can play him just as well as someone with 10k mastery, or more. I have even less mastery on Nasus (600), but I'm pretty sure I can pick him up and be decent with it too. > On the other hand, I have 26k mastery points on Kindred and I'm pretty sure I would perform worse with them compared to Nasus or Garen. > *** There is a reason Garen is a tutorial champ. And Nasus you can read the abilities, stay top for 30 mins, then providing you have mobafire, you can walk into the enemy team and Q them to death. My point is, these are two very simple champions, what about Irelia, Zed, Riven etc. > Finally, just because Yummi was recently released, doesn't mean there aren't some people out there that know how to play her. For starters, Yummi has been on PBE, like every new hampion before her. Second, someone could have played a few normal games with her before going into Ranked, but not enough games to reach 5k mastery points. True, however, the number of people with active accounts for on the PBE are significantly outweighed by those who are not, therefore I disregarded the PBE argument in the OP. > > In my opinion, to pick **any** champion in Ranked, we should play **at least** 5 games with it first; just enough games to play around with their kit. Learning is part of the journey and, in my opinion, we're not expected to be the very best with any champion we pick. At the very least we only need to understand what it does. > This opens its own can of worms. If we **have** to play 5 games with any given champion, before ranked, that means we must have 100 games (in total) with 20 different champions. Iā€™m not 100% on these figures, but I believe last time I saw, a B grade in a game gives you around 500 mastery points, so say you perform on average, you would be playing roughly 10 games before heading into ranked. Maybe there is a happy medium to be found here?
> There is a reason Garen is a tutorial champ. And Nasus you can read the abilities, stay top for 30 mins, then providing you have mobafire, you can walk into the enemy team and Q them to death. My point is, these are two very simple champions, what about Irelia, Zed, Riven etc. It would be very weird to put different restrictions on champs because one is "easier" than another. Besides, all mastery points show are how much you played them. If I kept going Kled support and feed 0/10 for enough games, I'd also get enough mastery points to play him ranked. > True, however, the number of people with active accounts for on the PBE are significantly outweighed by those who are not, therefore I disregarded the PBE argument in the OP. That doesn't seem fair. If someone mained a new champ on the PBE for a month, they should be able to play her ranked. PBE account registration is also open to everyone at the moment (as long as you have positive honor on your main account). Like I said in my comment, the problem isn't that people pick the new champ, but that they pick a champ they don't know how to play. It's a stupid and horrible move on their part, but shit like that will happen. Even if we were to ban the new champ for the first week, there will always be players who make horrible decisions.
Mxnas (EUW)
: New Champions @Riot
It's their own choice. We also don't ban One Trick Ponies from picking a champ they literally never played once. The problem here isn't the new champ, the problem is people who make the horrible decision of picking a champ they cant play in ranked. Like Febos said, if you can't stand Yuumi in particular atm, ban her.
Ahriiana (EUW)
: This yuumi interaction is not okay.
Why would the tower suddenly target Yuumi when Fizz uses his E? Yuumi should still be untargetable, so the tower won't target either of them.
: Funny Yuumi Practice too bug
That's awesome! It seems like the R effect can stack, so when you activate the ult while it's still going, it just adds more waves. If they never change this, and you get Yuumi in URF, that's gonna be interesting.
PIue (EUW)
: Why aren't new champions banned in ranked.
In theory, some players could have been playing the new champ on PBE for hours and hours. The problem isn't that someone is playing a new champ, but that they play a champ they have no idea how to play. If a Darius main suddenly picked Quinn without knowing how to play her, that would be just as bad (or worse) than someone playing Yuumi. I think people should stick to the champs they know (pretty) well, yet some people just like to watch the world burn.
Dramex (EUW)
: I can't see the Silver Trials mission
Did they give any reason why they removed the Finishers? I'm confused as to why they removed them in the first place.
: [URGENT] Crashing in champion select!
What OS are you on? I've heard this is a problem with 9.10 and Linux (if you are on linux)
: I got banned
Were you perma-banned? What did you do or say to get banned?
: Thank you. I should have searched more.
no worries, I've also made posts about a bug I had before I thought to google it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Clorces (EUW)
: [9.10] 'I was in alpha'
Look at your ability cooldowns to the left, you Alpha Strike was never activated. You were stunned for almost the entire clip. When you put Youtube at .25 speed, you can see that the icon for Alpha Strike stays grey. That means you cannot cast it. The problem was that right when the stun stopped, you were killed within a couple of frames. Though I have to say it's very strange that the ping shows his Q was on cooldown. There's a lot of abilities that take a small amount of time to cast, even abilities that don't say they require channel or something. I think this was the worst possible scenario for Yi.
Rixthul (EUW)
: I received defeat from remake because game failed to load me in and I was "stuck" in loading
did you get LP deducted as well? If so, the system probably flagged you as AFK. Next time you could try to alt+F4 out of loading screen if it takes a really long time, and then try to reconnect
: Crash every time I try to play or reconnect
It seems every linux player has this problem in patch 9.10: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflinux/comments/bod5cl/broken_on_patch_910_lutris_wine_46_w7/ I'm afraid there's nothing to do but wait
: I demand my LP BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!
There will always be games where you will be in a team with someone who plays badly. That's part of the game. Virtually nobody has a 100% winrate. When you lose, you have to suck it up and move on.
: "There are simply extra stuff you have to fill in and maybe some extra tests." Clearly you don't know about their policy rules. They prohibit men who have sex with men (MSM) if they had sex within the last 12 months, with no exceptions. Even if you're in a monogamous relationship for years. MSM indeed have a higher risk at having STD's and there is nothing wrong with excluding individuals based on their past sexual relationships, but excluding a entire group beforehand is, in this case, homophobic. Also, comparing something voluntary as getting a tattoo with being gay and having sex with your partner is... a choice.
HIV/ AIDS is virtually impossible to detect. Yes, they prohibit gay men from donating, because it is a (unfortuante) fact that HIV is much more common in gay men than it is in anyone else (due to the high risk of transmitting HIV). Because of this, Sanquin chose to exclude gay men not because they are homophobic, but because they do not want to risk the lives of people receiving the blood.
: Ok thank you. I assume that it will be added then.
I sure hope so, bit there is no way to know for sure at this time. They also weren't/aren't planning to include the Item Set Creator in the new client.
: They'll be out 23:59 PDT and around 7:00am GMT tomorrow
THis is unlikely, as the project yasuo skin goes on sale at 15:00 PDT (or 23:00 GMT and 23:59 CEST) In other word, 42 minutes :D
Gorostas (EUNE)
: Suggestion for Shen tweaks!
I know that shen's Shadow Dash actually DID affect minions and monsters. Personally, I am thankful this is not the case anymore. Say you are chacing someone and they walk past their minion wave. Using the shadow dash will then attract the entire minion wave to you if you use it. I like it how it is now, the creeps just ignore you slaughering your opponent.
Eambo (EUW)
: "In patch 5.4" is basically a two week period - badly phrased methinks, but normally they don't launch new skins on patch day. Lucien's explanation seems pretty legit - make sure the patch was successful and t here's no issues before adding a new skin to the mix
While that does sound like the smart thing to do, i was hoping for some DJ Sona action :/ Oh well, I guess I'll just wait :)
Lucien37 (EUNE)
: Was already answered by RITO here on boards. First, they want to ensure the patch is stable - then they will release DJS to buy, so people will not be fappin' on their new skins with crashing servers. P.s. I'll be fappin' too, so no offence {{champion:37}} .
Ah yes, i see Is there any clue when they will release DJ Sona or is it a mystery?
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