: [Skin idea] Augmented Zac
UPVOTED for the crotch XD hahahahahahahahahaha
Cetomatus (EUW)
: LEGO: League of Legends
Teemo doesn,t look like Satan. Not accurate enough ;)
: Pool Party Zac({{champion:154}} ) skin will come in** summer ** and will based like we saw on Renekton( {{champion:58}} )splash art. Trust me that is 75% real information.
I see ahri on the stairs, there going to be a pool party ahri too with that logic ?
SillyJester (EUNE)
: Gnar Skin Idea ( Not My Work )
Would buy !!!! I really hope RIOT will consider all the great skin ideas : chocolate pudding {{champion:154}} , spaghetti {{champion:161}} , Arctic climber {{champion:111}} , baker {{champion:80}} ... and MANY more! please RITO make us even happier :)
: Afk system
This is fantastic !
Emoticons (EUW)
: [Skin suggestion] Flying Spaghetti Monster Vel'Koz
This will go great with the baker pantheon , FOOD SKINS :D UPVOTED!!! love the illustration actually :D
Eronymous (EUNE)
: he could never pull it off
Hopefully this isn't the case. Requests *bag of attention* to get attention of RIOT :D
Luris (EUNE)
: "Upvote" attention whore alert!
Yes now give me candy ;){{summoner:31}}
PsyKzz (EUW)
: http://i.imgur.com/4snx3Ew.png
Will my post (baker pantheon) receive feed back from any RIOT Officials/ RIOT *insert epic name here*. KILLER TUNA : baker pantheon{{champion:80}} skin suggestion , found under "best" tab :) please have a look there is some epic Photoshop gods that posted ideas :D
TrustEdY (EUNE)
: Officer Leona Skin
This is a great idea !!!!! Love it{{champion:103}}
Eronymous (EUNE)
: he could never pull it off
hahahaha this was brilliant
: ***
{{champion:80}} well a pie is a good idea too but I think it should have the mathematical "Pi" symbol on it :) to add to the drawing. Not only does a pie consist of "Pi" because it is round it will also add to the humour that is to be conveyed. Summary: Head: chef hat- I do think he still needs his helmet aspect to keep up with the pantheon Sparta appearance, Spear: baguette, Hands: oven mitts, Shield: pie or aforementioned pizza, shoes: ?any ideas? belt: sash with flour? bottoms: Apron ? {{champion:80}}
TostiDuel (EUW)
: you mean something like this? :D (pls i did this photoshop in just a few minutes....don't hate pls)
That photophop skill :) 11/10 ;) {{champion:1}} ONE else like it ?
Sabzali (EUNE)
: I Really loved your idea man! and I'd like to add some of my thoughts if that's okay :) Baguette as spear is cool but then again we would have a bread for his shield and that would be Repetitive i know this tool that is used for baking and its a very traditional tool which might fit to the outfit ,It's a peel a shovel-like tool which is used to Slide breads and get Them in and out of oven and as for his shield we could have a crusty edge flatbread like one that we use for Pizzas or Pane di Altamura (Yeah i found it on wikipedia :| ) he must have oven mitts on for safety purposes ! :D i think more bakery effects on his abilities could be cool , like when he is Using his (R)ultimate the area gets floury or something like that. I Hope it was creative and i really hope a skin with Baker theme comes out for him , we already got one for {{champion:25}}
oven mitts , how could i forget that hehe. love the ultimate idea ( flour cloud of death)
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sasogwa,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OAEb1L0c,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-02-04T23:31:29.906+0000) > > Do you really have that much mana problems or needs for a little bit of cdr? Cause I don't see why not getting Bloodthirster instead, that has much more lifesteal and the passive shield helping not getting bursted too easily Because sometimes you don't need extra life steal and the cool down can help you more? Different items for different situations. You can't blindly just say this item is better than that, as there's almost always an exception. I think you have different items to help encourage different style of play. If you're more reliant on poking, then yeah, the mana regen and cdr are gonna be miles more important because you're not aiming to be in burst range.
im sorry but as an adc you dont spam ur spells especially not on cait , on corki i agree and ez but definitely not cait , thats a waste of her damage , also u purchased that item last and u were already fed so ur picture shows nothing . buy the item first and tell us if u have the same success. you wont. its not viable on cait imo
: I personally think this isn't better than searching the camp by typing his name. You see, the problem of not finding your champion only occurs if you have a lot of champions imo. But if you have a lot of champions, you might aswell have a lot of champions from the same role. So if you would have this filter you still have to search inside that role, while in this time you could just type in the first few letters of the champ's name and have him directly on your screen. Nevertheless it's not an idea that shouldn't be in the game, it could be useful for some, but it's not that big of an improvement imo.
I totally agree having all the champs its just easier typing the name out
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: Huge lag spikes
I have been having issues too , first stable then suddenly i'm dead and realise my ping just shot up to that evil red colour ;)
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