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DanVen (EUW)
: URF with 10 bans
It's literally just like aram Accounts specially being made for the mode, champs with a ridiculous winrate,whereas I only got a normal pool and get to see a lot of champs (EVERY SAME DAMN TIME) Its just sad when you know you lost the game when you see (in both Aram and Urf mode) (multiple) top ten champs and your team doesn't have any. Also RIOT's idea: We don't want to see the same (overpowered) 20 champs in URF, yet specific made account with a really low champion pull ,containing the same 20 champs Riot's doesn't want to see. This isn't a permanent solution to the problem. Riot should really consider listening to the community over all the modes, There fun and all , but it really matters now which champ(s) you have. Just make bans, nerf specific champs who have a ridiculous winrate, buff specific champs who have a really low winrate,(you know,balance and stuff) Perma ban certain champs who doesn't make playing with/against fun. Please Riot , for once listen to the ideas of the community and at least try something
abraklaas (EUW)
: aram is for having fun with friends if you want to take the game serious than dont play aram ;)
But I always play it with friends for fun. But lately it ain't fun anymore when you play a lot more better than your opponents, but still get completely blown apart and cant even touch their turrets, because of this 1 champ that they have. Its just that, no matter how bad you are at Aram, characters as fiddle are easy and really hard to counter and can easily win the game, without doing anything but spamming 1 ridiculous powerfull skill. Its just some things I want to point out at the game modus
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