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: What do you do as ADC when you can't be in a team fight?
You keep your eyes wide open on the minimap, and you solo split push any lane that is free. And you tell your teammates to keep waveclearing and disengaging while the other team is sieging your towers and pray to god your team doesn't get forced into a fight. It's a 50-50 thing depending on your ability to make quick decisions on where/what to split push and your teammates' abilities to waveclear and disengage correctly. If the other team goes for nashor just push like a madman then recall as soon as they get it and regroup with your team for sieges (unless your jungler somehow steals it in which case you push push push) In the end, with a bit of luck the enemy team will F up and you'll get a good catch on that Lux in your unwarded jungle. Best of luck
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Rabhit (EUNE)
: Anyone just wanna have fun? c:
: Newbie streamer looking for some viewers and advices.
Heyoo, here's a friendly bump for this thread. Currently LIVE and waiting for you guys, let's have some fun! LINK :
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: enemy level up faster than me
Probably walked back way too far from the minion wave and missed one or two creeps EXP. or your jungler walked passed you and shared EXP for a creep or two. Or was your enemy laner participant in an earlier kill, from an invade?
Supertast (EUW)
: Tilted so hard - looking for someone to pick me up
I have to admit, it's the first time I've seen someone tilt so hard they got demoted to Season 2.
: Thanks for the reply mate, but as much as your offer sounds so intrieging, I'm having my Bachelor degree exams starting June, so I think I'll pass. Thanks for the generous offer though. PS: having a namechange soon, just need a few more IP, here's a little challenge for you, guess what it's going to be? It should be fairly easy.
Sorry for comenting twice, but just as a side note, I peaked Gold 1 last season, then dropped to Gold 3 at the end of the season after losing 4 consecutive Plat promos in September. RIP Platinum league, #thedream.
: so your name is kata... but the message is yasuo... so i looked you up. gold 5. i like to do challengies to these sort of posts if you can read plat 5 in 2 months ill buy you a skin for yasuo thresh and vayne
Thanks for the reply mate, but as much as your offer sounds so intrieging, I'm having my Bachelor degree exams starting June, so I think I'll pass. Thanks for the generous offer though. PS: having a namechange soon, just need a few more IP, here's a little challenge for you, guess what it's going to be? It should be fairly easy.
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: Weekly reminder to the people who are suddenly sad cuz banned: Yes "ez" is punished.
[IN GAME] Thresh: Hey man, how good is your ezreal? Cause my thresh is not so good and I had to pick him cause they instalocked my Leona :/ Ezreal: I have a decent Ez I think, we should be fine. Dominates lane, enemy reports you for Unsportsman-like Conduct out of pure hate and discontent. BOOM! Banned. (Hope I'm wrong here, can anyone tell for sure if the system has this in consideration or not)
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: FPS is fine, ping is fine, yet I have unusual lag/latency? Packet loss? Can anyone help?
UPDATE: I believe I found a fix, not sure which one is the one that worked though. Tried everything here then rebooted my computer and it was crispy again, back to that solid 60-80 ms with no delays. Thanks rito support, hope this helps everyone else.
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Kollery (EUNE)
: Less players from outer region less server load on already overpopulated EUW. However as mentioned before, infrastructure and fanancial issues are a problem, not to mention the huge unstability of the region and lots of terrorist groups and countrys nearby. Basically it also is a political problem and riot still has to deal with safety issues. To be honest, in current world state, where every damn country on the planet is already preparing for the war thanks to huge tension between russia, western countryes and African, Middle Eastern countrys, absolutely anything can set off another bomb attack or terrorist act or other who knows what. No point risking your employees or hiring ones from unstable region.
North Africa is not Syria, with all due respect to the Syrian people and their struggles. But terrorist attacks are very minimum here if none. And France has an attack not too long ago so, it's kind of pointless to hide behind this reason, cause safety can be secured.
: I don't think anyone would have a reason to be against it, it's all up to viability on Riot's side, so unless a company Director wants to weigh in on the issue the poll is kinda worthless :/
Yeah, but if no one from the community speaks, there's a less chance the issue will be brought to light. Riot Games may have witty employees but no one can predict what the community really wants, it's not like they have a psychic among them. or do they?
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well its not just a case of financial viability, as mentioned the actual network infrastructure over there just wouldn't handle the additional load generated Did some quick googling They offer a full rack for about $400 per month, now bear in mind thats not a lot of servers and that package only has 32 IP's available now given you would need atleast a login server and a matchmaking server and then a database server and a chat server (assuming you wanted zero redundancy which would be a terrible idea) thats 4 of those 32 IP's already taken, they only have a 100mbit connection so assuming you allocated 1mbit per client you could only have about 100 people connected, you have 28 IP's left so space for 28 machines total, lets assume each server hosts 1 match at a time thats 280 players but given the bandwidth we could only really allow about 100 players max and thats before we get in to spectator mode etc, now for each of those servers they also need to pay for power thats 32 machines at about $655 a month so you're looking at over 1k per month if you want to use standard consumer grade hosting, obviously any business grade contracts they offer would cost a lot more and considering the number of players even if it were only about 280k thats 100,000x that base price at a minimum not including hardware and having support access to the racks, so going off the consumer grade numbers thats over $100,000 per month just to host a server there Riot wont want that terrible quality package though as they will need multiple backbone links along with DDoS protection, custom firewalls and a lot more IP's than they look like they are able to offer, this is not as simple as just hosting a single server and hoping for the best, the riot cluster's are going to number in the hundreds if not the thousands of blades Realistically speaking i seriously doubt its 1 blade per match as they are likely able to run multiple instances of game servers on a single blade but those are likely to need a lot more power than i have budgeted for on that site :P But as i've said its also down to the network infrastructure just not being up to the task, assuming a generous allowance of 1mbit per client connection you would saturate a gigabit connection with 1000 players, obviously those numbers are a little high as the game itself uses less but i am assuming people want to spectate matches and i make allowances for the chat service etc, even if you were to cut that number in half you only get 2000 players playing at once, i think you can see why its not just about the cost :P i mean, don't get me wrong i'm all for you getting a server to reduce the lag but it realistically doesn't seem to be possible to provide something that wouldn't end up being far worse
Kian987 (EUW)
: An high-end dedicated server with 100 Mbps in North Africa costs around 350$ per month. The same exact server in Milan costs around 80$ (1000 Mbps @ 20 TB), in US about 100$ (1000 Mbps @ 25 TB) and so on. Not considering that these in these datacenters you can easily find additional must-have services (ddos mitigation, very performing firewalls (10/20/50.000$ each). In North Africa most of times you have find "best effort" services.
So it turns out to actually be a financial issue indeed,. But if that's all there is to it, let's hope Rito's pocket goes far and deep then.
: For or against? Answer possibilities: Yes. No. ?? Alright first thing, I lived in Tunisia for one year. I had 2 internet providers. Ooredoo and Orange. With Ooredoo I had higher download and a ping of 100~ (it didn't feel like that but still higher than in EU). With Orange I had a ping of 70. So I think it is playable, but a North African server would be nice especially cause of the **internet quality **etc. So I think if there has to be a server, it has to be combined with Turkey (ping stable 70), then it would make more sense making one.
Why would it be combined with Turkey? I don't think I'm following here
Kian987 (EUW)
: Datacenters (the buildings where you place all servers) are very few in North Africa and Middle East compared to EU, North America and East Asia. The direct consequence is that the placing the same exact infrastructure in places you have mentioned is hugely more expensive and you don't even get the same quantity and quality of resources. For example the cost per megabyte of bandwidth in North Africa is comparable to the cost of the same megabyte in Europe 10 years ago. Not to mention that there are no Tier 4 datacenters there of they are very few. Please keep in mind that I'm talking about server-side infrastructures. The internet speed you may have in your home is not relevant in this question.
So according to you, it's purely a financial issue. Any sources to back up your claims? No idea what a tier 4 datacenter is though.
: No problem but If you really would like more support I think you should post this on NA boards, I know it's like on the other side of the world but it's the largest lol server and that's where all the developers are so they might see this and hopefully might actually become a real thing! ^_^
I think this post would be enough, if we can get an actual red post on it, don't wanna go around all the servers spamming about this now. Thanks for the idea though.
: Even though I'm in UK I really support this idea. I sometimes have some ping issues due to the servers but I can't imagine how worse it is in Africa & Middle East. I read somewhere that due to the high demand of Middle East servers Riot will be implementing that in the coming future but this is the first thread I have seen about North Africa servers so I have no information about that sorry.
Yeah, I mean for a guy like me, I don't have that much problems concerning ping, I have around a constant 70-80, but when it's bad I'm in a soloQ game with 320ms for the entire game so it can get pretty frustrating. All in all, distance does truly influence the game outcome for us. Thanks for the opinion lad.
: The infamous North African server - between a myth and an impossible task.
Just gonna go ahead and rig this poll by having the first yes, much like the presidential campaigns.
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Riryz (EUW)
: its a new thing riot implemented. i dont know the exact criteria but sometimes riot already gives a free win. probably if you were demoted and your mmr is high enough (not sure though) in any case, this is not a bug. you really have already 1 win.
My impatience is gonna be the death of me, after I unlocked the promo I got the usual window saying I got into my promos and it was unusually large this time. And being the impatient little dimwit I'am, I just skipped it only to realise it wasn't the usual window and something was special about it after I closed it, but I could make out the words "1 win". Thanks for the response.
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: That guy is just strange and stupid looking. And isnt that theory of some other guy? He just used it. Heloooo brozz and pimps its brofrezko here. Its like he is trying to be cool. Really really really hard.
Yeah, I agree, he's a bit too uhm, hyped? All the same it isn't below average content, for me anyways.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion have you felt connected to the most since you started playing? :)
Yasuo the Unforgiven; Katarina the Sinister Blade; Vayne the Night Hunter. Very unique gameplay, good lore.
: he didn't say "something would happen" at midnight tonight. all he said was when the teasers were gonna come online and go offline. what is going to happen at midnight tonight is that the vi champion page will be reset to normal it might be usefull to learn how to interpret stuff said by someone correctly (not meant offensively)
According to the chain of events, everything that ends with these teasers trigger something else to begin. You can be right though.
: Nope, definitely not. Firstly it would be his reveal, not his champion spot light. Secondly riot always release reveals on the same day said content goes onto the pbe, with the 6.1 cycle getting near its end a new champion wouldn't get put into it now, it would have to wait till the 6.2 cycle, and as we haven't gotten the server maintenance alert yet (goes out about 2 days before the patch happens) it will most definitely not be tonight.
: You watch a lot of Brofresco. It's proven to be quite dangerous to watch that guy, and you're the proof
Rude but a credible comment, I'm not a vavid audience though.
: He already did a good job making 1k people spamming his theory all over the Internet.
> [{quoted}](name=VD Neal,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=p05hX14W,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-01-04T21:13:14.180+0000) > > He already did a good job making 1k people spamming his theory all over the Internet. Well, as much as a goofball as he is, he still makes solid theories, although not well presented, they're still all true so far about Deadeye.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 17 (Eune/Euw)
A positive player is someone who, regardless of the outcome of the game, still keeps a cheering attitude and a "Even though we lost, I can review my mistakes and learn from them" mentality, basically walk through hell with a smile. And of course is someone who doesn't blame his teammates for their mistakes (and especially the ones he was the cause of) but instead tells them how they could've managed without them in a polite way while still trying to cheer them up. >Carry your teammates mentally, then carry them mechanically.
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: What if...
Well, if everyone climbs, no one actually is climbing. #Paradox
Róót (EUW)
: it would be great if they fixed the project yasuo q first ..
I didn't know it was bugged?
: Switching to another server. [HELP]
Don't know about the rest, but what I do know is if you switch to EUW, you'll probably get a 15/20 ms ping increase.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: You missunferstood. I like yi and i am instabuying that skin along with zed's. So, now that it's confirmed a Yi skin, when will the story be revealed? Why does he share the same memory code with yasuo? And he has a quote towards Lucian and not Yasuo nonetheless... Rito PLS!!!
As I said, the Memory Trace probably refers to the Project's origin/land.
: thats so much writing for god damn skins ain't even new champions btw i wanted to ask about the projects when the new WARFRAME comes out?
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: Is there a site that holds information about champions like age, height, weight, ect...?
I would speculate mid-twenties from his physique, he's the same age as Shen, not that I know Shen's age though.
Bluttpug (EUW)
: Suggestion to combat negativity: Make it easier to compliment and cheer using pings
I was with you up untill the flash thing, oh hey this guy gave the enemy first blood and is on tilt for the last 8 some games, better start ping spaming him with claps and cheers, that'll definitely make him more cheerful and I'm sure he'll take it the right way and not AFK the game. Before thinking about the good cheerful side, consider what the trolls might use this for. Overall I'm against this, even though it sounds good.
DogIsGod (EUNE)
: I'm so disappointed with the Project skins
Maybe the Splash Art will make it worth the while, who knows.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Is he the only one? At least he has no point and click AOE stun...
You're rustling alot of jimmies right now, be careful. Surprisingly, there are alot of Yi mains out there.
: Bro, i really hope you're just fooling around and pretending to be a dumb f*ck. 75 + 75 + 75 + 75 = ? Exactly. 21.
You said you got CR'd for 75 games, then another 75 games though.
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