Lleajy (EUW)
: MID ! why no MS ? NB. There should be a barrier of ms before launching a game, if riot consider you don't have the minimum ping required, like 60-ish ping, then it prevents you from launching games, you can go custom only. And they could use stat tool to trace regularly disconnected people (spikers) to avoid people that don't have continuous acceptable ping to pass the test.
Restricting people to play a free game because they dont have enough money to pay for good internet? Kek. Nice idea
: > [{quoted}](name=King Autist,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=pydQLEBE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-06-19T18:45:02.279+0000) > > Well it's 5 x 20 minutes which is 90 minutes, not an hour, but an hour and a half. shhhh i read a four :P
Well, if you read 4 x 20, it would be 1 Hour and 20 Minutes, and yeah I also miscalculated before but you were still wrong xD
kajtek220 (EUNE)
: but jesus man, u cant see what my other teammates have been saying. my jungler wanted to gank but i told him to back off since soraka has 0 damage. And when i said why didnt u go in/ u have 0 damage in the beginning it was because she blamed me for dying(she died as well, because again she had 0 DAMAGE)
That doesn't justify you flaming your team though.
ejpon (EUNE)
: Hey King! Well usualy i got like most dmg taken, is this good or bad thing? And playing Zac in jungle, i dont realy get farm at all, so can that affect it too? Riot said somewhere that grade standards are diferent for every lane. Also wards... oh yea... That might be it Thx for tips, ejpon
Well farm includes not just minions but the monsters too, so yeah you would have to get a lot of farm even if you are playing jungle to obtain an S rank, wards too, every statistic affects the outcome :)
kajtek220 (EUNE)
: Well i did learn my lesson, i didnt flame this time. I gave the the hard cold truth they ARE doing bad, How is that a punishable offence? telling the truth is bad?
If you were doing bad, would you feel good if someone kept saying ''YOU ARE BAD'' repeatedly in game?
: Congratulations. You have noticed i said it was my opinion. Good job! Here's a gold star..
: I will stick to what i said. Overwatch is over hyped and just another FPs game and nothing special.
> Overwatch is boring. This is an opinion^^ > Overwatch is over hyped Check the statistics^, yes, it was over hyped, with good reason. A lot of games are over hyped, but it takes **redeeming qualities** for the game to maintain the hype. > just another FPs game and nothing special. If it was nothing special, it wouldn't have had the amount of love it had on release day and during beta... There are plenty of new mechanics that have not been seen before within Overwatch, I myself don't like the game, but it doesn't mean that the game sucks. It's a completely different game to league of legends, and the league of legends community likes the game, It's not stealing players, people are just playing another game. Simple, get over yourself and stop being stubborn. Regards, KA.
: Stuck Silver 2
Greetings, SHlZZY Firstly, I would recommend not playing Yasuo. Even though your champion mechanics may be substantial, your game knowledge and that knowledge of your team mates to assist you with knockups, and communicating with them in champ select, may not be sufficient. If you want to carry on playing Yasuo, only play him if you can communicate with your team in Champ Select, and you can work a team comp around yourself, but I wouldn't recommend picking him and then forcing your team to operate around you, with knock ups, as that's a selfish thing to do, of course it's just a video game but you should still have some kind of moral standards. If you are looking to climb out of silver, I would recommend playing champs that can synergies a lot with a wide variety of team compositions. This may help you climb, or you might just have simply found your elo, you're not good enough to carry, or you just have to improve. Taking a look at your match history, you're hovering at around a 50% w/r, and in the games that you get a few early kills, you snowball, but in games where you don't get a lead, you tend to tilt and die a lot. Try to learn to play from behind and don't have this mindset of **oh i have to carry my team to get out of this elo**, yes, this might be true, but also sometimes you may just have to help your team carry you, by providing more utility than damage and kills on your own. > I feel like I stay for too long in my lane If you really are getting ahead early game, you may have heard this one hundred times, but if you have doubts about a lane, and you're ahead, tell them to play safe and that you will roam. I think that optimizing your pick he situation that you're situated in would be the best thing for you to do. (Since you have a lot of Yasuo games where there are few to 0 knockups on your team) Regards, KA.
Koracks (EUNE)
: Was I Lucky When I got Spirit Guard Udyr In A Hextech Chest (Did not buy any chests for RP)
Zona12 (EUNE)
: darkstar thresh disabled
Greetings, Zona12 The actual problem is just a problem rendering the skin when it first appears our of the fog of war, on top of Riot's **many** other problems, it shouldn't be too much of a hard fix. Should be fixed within a couple days, don't worry Summoner. Regards, KA.
Azuremars (EUW)
: This game is too hard for newcomers
Greetings. Azuremars. I'm not too sure about your understanding on MMR in this game, but, if you have hit level 30, you have obviously played a hefty amount of **normal** games. When you played your first normal game, I believe your MMR would have been somewhere around 0 (others correct me if I'm wrong), which is where completely new players lurk, obviously. Depending on your win to loss ratio and personal performances in these games, you MMR rises and lowers and eventually becomes stable, matching you with other players that are in this MMR bracket, this is why your normal games feel a lot more balanced than your ranked games. On the other hand, your ranked matches start off at 1300 MMR, which is Silver 3 level, I'm not making any assumptions, but you are new to the game, so I would like to think that you are maybe around Bronze 3/4/5, which is an entire division below Silver 3 (where you start off), you will continue to lose ranked games until you find your MMR bracket, shared with players with the same skill level as you. Hope this helped mate, Regards, KA.
: Ranked
Greetings MetalFaceD00m, I feel like I can enlighten you, since I was in exactly the same position you were in when I first got to level 30. I would strongly advise you **NOT**, to play Ranked at the moment. I will assure you that you will be placed into Bronze/Silver (If you're really lucky, Gold, but you will quickly drop down), now this may sound mean, but it's the sheer truth. Since you're new, you won't have a clear understanding of what qualities good players have, and these skill boundaries and where these skill's will place players, regarding divisions. I recommend you play a lot of normals and get better at the game, while researching how good players of each division are (I can point you to some sources if you want), and once you have an understanding of where you think your skill level is, you should go into ranked and test it for yourself. I'm not telling you not to play Ranked, after all, it's a videogame. You can do what you want, it's your fantasy, but I'm just telling you which would behold a better experience for you in the long run. Do as you please, Regards, KA.
MaximumDJ (EUW)
: Can't find any Non-Smurf 'New to League' League Players
Greetings MaximumDJ, I know this post is a looking for players kind of post, but Im just gonna hand you a bit of info on the problem regarding Smurfs at low levels. Unfortunately, this is a growing problem, and I don't believe there is a solid platform in place to distinguish Smurfs from newer players, but eventually, as you level to maybe 15+, there will be less smurfs in your games, a lot of the so called smurfs that you are playing against, are actually just players better than you, but not good enough at the game that they are able to climb the ladder on their main account, so they make a new account labeling themselves as smurfs to stomp new players. They eventually get bored and will stop playing after a certain time, and real smurfs from high elo will be at a much higher 'MMR' than you, meaning that the system has acknowleged that they are good players, and they will be matched with other better players, leaving newer players like yourself to be matched with players at the same or around the same skill level as you. I guess you just gotta grind through the low levels ;D. Hope this helped you buddy. Regards, KA.
zorock (EUNE)
: ahmm.. would it work?
Greetings zorock, Music is a great mood changer, but to be honest, if you want to focus on the game and want to _**Tryhard**_ (I use this term lightly), then I would recommend not listening to music and listen to game sounds as they are important, but if you're looking to just chill out and unwind playing some League of Lego, you should for sure listen to music, It's all about the mood ;D. Regards, KA.
ejpon (EUNE)
: Any Zac players with Mastery Tier 7?
Hey ejpon, From evidence and information released by Riot (Don't quote me), your grades on champions refer to performances logged by other players on that specific champion, I would recommend looking at highly experienced Zac players (preferably in high elo), and seeing what their scores are like. The grading system isn't only being worked around K/D/A, but also around Wards placed, Creep Score, Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, etc. F For example, if the average A rank for Zac was something like 10/3/10, with 250cs, 20 wards placed, 20k damage taken 20k damage given (I know these values mean nothing, just an example), then you could get an S rank for gaining higher than the regional/global average. Like I said, take a look at what the majority of other good Zac's are getting, and work around that. Hope this helped, Regards, KA. {{champion:154}}
: hard games...
Hey DonetskiyÁssasin, As a fellow player, I can understand that this may be frustrating, especially since League of Legends is a competetive game, in which you want to climb the ladder. You can deal with this by simply taking it as an experience, the people that troll you in that game, you will never see again. If they are intentionally trolling, there's a 95% chance that you are going to lose the game, and that's something you have to accept. D on't spend time being aggressive towards your team and telling them to stop trolling, because it's not going to help anybody win. After the game, block them (if you wish), and report them for doing whatever it is that they were doing (as long as it breaches the summoners code), and move on with your day and play another game. Don't let the bad thoughts linger within your mind. Regards, KA.
Oløf (EUW)
: Dynamic queue is not a fair way of measuring individual skill, bring back soloQ.
Although I agree with this point, 70% of the playerbase (elo's below diamond, if I remember correctly), remain unaffected or not affected enough to the point where they request that Solo Queue is to be brought back, and if so then they are just jumping on the bandwagon of high elo players and pro's (I don't blame them seeing as pro's are often players' idols), and truth be told Riot is a company, and companies are created to make profit (saying this they can also enjoy satisfying their playerbase). But even thought this is just my opinion, it's been backed before that Riot are money hungry, so a small amount of players leaving the game because of dynamic queue would not affect their income too much, and instead of working on a solo queue they want to continuously pump out skins. The closest they are going to come to bringing Solo Queue will probably be the Ranked 5's that they are bringing back soon (I believe). Regards, KA.
kajtek220 (EUNE)
: nope, people quit lol cause they had it with how riot treat us.
No, the majority of people are quitting league because of Dynamic queue, regarding the original post (holding back from commenting again), these are the things that you did/said that warranted you for the previous chat restrictions you obtained, and naturally, the system has moved you to the next punishment along the line seeing as though you didn't learn your lesson from punishments given beforehand, thus Riot giving you the ban hammer. Regards, KA.
: Yeah sorry man but you cant really proof it and its just 5 times waiting 20 minutes, only an hour in total so its nothing really, nothing you can do about it.
Well it's 5 x 20 minutes which is 100 minutes, not an hour
Kónnan (EUNE)
: i want 50 rp for free to take a skin on riven
Riot might give you it if you give them some fan art or something, idk though, they do it for IP but im not sure about 50RP, they won't give it to you for free i dont think.
My Syndra (EUNE)
: Yasuo worth it ?
> silvers please backoff we dont need opinions lol
: The Dynamic Queue style points.
: How the fuck do you get to Diamond being a one-lane-pony? Oh wait..EUNE. It's basically Platinum in EUW.
Gross Gore got to Master Tier playing Twisted Fate only. Not only one lane, but one champ.
Rioter Comments
: More info About Dinemic Q
Rioter Comments
: Automatic Taunting
Would be great, for example, the widely requested Teemo laugh when somebody treads on one of his shrooms!
Sjiel (EUW)
: Riot clearly doesn't care about EU.
: How League of Legends works when you are silver
IRL friends that you can duo with are great. When me and my duo play, we go Bot or Mid/Jung, it seems to work a lot, we've been practising normals for like 6 months with no ranked, and we can usually stomp every game if we use that combo.
MCminerva (EUW)
Yess!!!! If the Shaco clone dances, why exclude Mr. Tibbers! UPvote for ya :D Welcome to the community.
Rioter Comments
Frightpest (EUNE)
: Your Opinion: Most Fun Champion
{{champion:53}} , But ONLY with the Goalkeeper skin, you're basically a little brazilian kid running around with your w chasing after everyone!
Rioter Comments
: Veigar E vs Ezreal E
Because technically Arcane Shift is basically a teleport (correct if i'm wrong) but if you're teleporting out of a ring of fire you aren't going to get burned right? It basically functions like {{summoner:4}}
: About Fizz
Rioter Comments
: minion block still here?
: New Champion (riot take a look)
> [{quoted}](name=BradLegend,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=cMsRTJ88,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-21T14:35:53.019+0000) > Name: Phantom, the unknown Sorry but as soon as I saw that I just didn't want to read the thread. Try to make it a bit more original.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: I'm really stressed out, I'm on a four games lose streak because of others.
Go outside, take a breath of air, remember that you will never see these guys ever again in game, realise it's just a game, and realise that it should not affect your attitude at all. :D
Jedax (EUNE)
: Why Most Silver Badged Ranked Players having bad attitude gameplay and are trollers
I think that it's because they have just got out of Bronze, and think they have had a significant rise in skill level, then they start insulting people of their ELO and think they're better than everyone that they play with.
: Shaco is somehow dependant on cdr, mana doesn't hurt him as he has mana issues, and the armor stats are good, too.. Trinity is a good item, but it makes him more squishy. I play him as a bruiser, not full ad assassin :p
Yeah, Frozen Gauntlet may be cool, but he's played best as an AD Assassin, which is probably why people dont buy it :D
: i want to gift to my friend rp WITHOUT buying it but i can't. Is even this possible?
Rioter Comments
: Petition to ban minions from LoL
10/10 Comedy And Sarcasm. /b/adass
: I'm a Girl LF 4 teammates to play fun normal games with and skype
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Nerf Baron.
I think you have to change your name to make it be more like mine, find inner peace and find your inner league skillcap. Reach out to jesus and find your sins and one day you might be able to defeated Nashon Bahrer. Stay strong my nig {{item:3083}}
Powerhed02 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aurelyce,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=T42cRAOt,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2015-12-06T23:04:59.555+0000) > > He's talking about PBE, where you will get low priority queues right after your second leave. It starts at 5 minutes, though, so this dude has had a lot of other disconnections, apparently. I'm not talking about PBE
BTW why did you have to state that you are a ''PBE Employer''. Are you implying that this should only apply for PBE Employers? Not being a dick that's just what it sounds like.
: why are some 975 skins counted as legendary
Powerhed02 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SwaGxMasteR,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=T42cRAOt,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-12-06T17:57:11.731+0000) > > You need to realise what your PC can handle and that's your responsibility, if your PC cannot handle League of Legends, then don't play it. You don't get leaver buster after being AFK one time, this has obviously happened before, so why would you continue to play if you know your pc cant play it? think a bit before posting this type of thread. My PC can handle it, some how it started updating and I got leave buster! I play on 100FPS on league so you know...
I assure you, you won't get leaver buster if your PC kicks you out of a game one time. It's about 3 times or sometimes 4 I think, don't quote me on that. So don't say that you were dc'ed and got leaverbuster because your pc updated. I used to have the same problem as you, My PC restarted when I tried to play League, but not with ARK, GTA V or other high demanding games. Just stop playing until you get your problem resolved.
Powerhed02 (EUNE)
: I do not think it is fair to get Leave Buster just because the computer turns off/gets overheated!
You need to realise what your PC can handle and that's your responsibility, if your PC cannot handle League of Legends, then don't play it. You don't get leaver buster after being AFK one time, this has obviously happened before, so why would you continue to play if you know your pc cant play it? think a bit before posting this type of thread.
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