: A wild Riot dev working at 9.14 patch
half the devs went to work on tft so basically they had half the team working on current patch. blame tft.
DrDere (EUW)
: Annie needs to be disabled
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: they are prestige points, not gemstones, they work differently and you can buy different items with them, if it worked like gemstones then they would be called gemstones... they have only 1 purpose: you can buy an useless golden chroma with them so everyone who plays with you knows that you have more money than brains this is the same thing as apple in real life, ppl are buying a stand for 999$ which is 1$ anywhere else, just because they can
Its not about the money, its about the skins. I have 50 prestige points, i want to get some skins and cash out before im forced to get the next two event passes. i dont want to pay 100 prestige points, i want to spend my current prestige points and so im hoping to get this feedback to the devs.
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