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archerno1 (EUNE)
: So u report them?
3 reports dont change nothing..
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Maluber (EUW)
: Veigar is a slow immobile mage who outside of his stun has no way of protecting himself and thus needs no nerfs. Stop being butthurt and making excuses for why you lost.
aaaaaaaa so the ult that instakill 1 adc witch does like 1500+dmg doesnt need nerfs?????immagine to an ap cant make no move
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: so you didnt even try zed and you say its easy??????lel talk without tryng him.Play mor ethen 5 6 games reach lategame and then talk ..dont say nothing if you didnt even try it.
cuz is skiled champ.. probably.. and requires many skils to lategame?????????if you dont believe it take some advices from pro players they will say the same.
: dute with that perception every champion is hard for ya...take it easy,and im not a assasin main,i preffer tanks and mages,im not maining all roles u know?
so you didnt even try zed and you say its easy??????lel talk without tryng him.Play mor ethen 5 6 games reach lategame and then talk ..dont say nothing if you didnt even try it.
: most players are sliver and bronzze,and my opinion zed is easy,say what u want go play master yi wich is hard for u cya
youre silver ofc you think that.But if you say zed is easy why you dont climb with him more easy???In tf zed is useless most of the time cuz is not kata to ult and gg kill 4... or fizz e to be invulnerable..zed can be atacked easy and you can miss q even more easy.. trust me.just play him then talk climb with him if you think its easy..
: **Downvoted cause you called Riven {{champion:92}} easy.** and are defending Zed, he is easy cause it doesn't matter about his energy when he only needs two abilities to one shot you. Missing skills only happens if your bad, it's not exclusive to Zed. You say Veigar's {{champion:45}} ultimate does 1500 damage but i have seen a Zed pop over 5000 damage with his ultimate. And if missing skill shots makes champions hard then doesn't that make Veigar and Fizz hard too?! Your argument is pointless because you contradict yourself. {{champion:238}} Is and always will be the most low-risk, high-reward champion.
wth are you talking about lel???with zed you can miss easy skils and use tons of energy...riven is not easy to miss +he got ult buff..and cmon veigar does 1500 dmg to an ad champ.. immagine to an ap champ so plz.. what is your elo man???evry good player says that zed requires skils and lategame is really hard to be played.. tell me how many times did you miss skils with zed..and then with riven so plz.. If you think zed is easy try kata.. then talk more plz
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legoatoom (EUW)
: ERhh that seems really annoying. It seems they are full of themselfs
They are.And i dunno how to make them listen to me i just dont know..
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S0kaX (EUNE)
: Just insult them, but not in chat, or insult them in a language they can't understand
if i say;you moron why you get caught man youre so dumb stop getting caught plz.i get fast punished by riot.If they say something more worst like:you sucks go home i report you loser you lost game you fucking.. etccc to them is nothing.What piece me off is that they always blame the carry always..ofc i cant carry you all the time if you sucks so hard lol..i cant do 1v5 thats it doesnt mean you must blame me.
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: i wont lie having your botlane feed is a problem for every role. Usually toplaner has 2 options. or he forces a gank on mid to snowball a more decent laner and maybe pressure tower. he can walk over there. or Toplaner snowballs his own lane so hard that it pulls the enemy jungler to top. meanwhile tell your team to head bot. Last option is TP into Bot ''only'' if you have a Proper TP or a Drake/Tower chance. Walking to mid is harmless even invading enemy jungle when your ahead is doable as you can return to top relatively easy. Once u go bot you are stuck there for a decently long time.. enough for the enemy to strip toplane empty if that happens u just 100% put your team behind. because now its not just botfeeding its also Top falling behind.
Its not that simple.The fact is that they wont listen that mutch .Even if i destroy top and jungler coming i always ask mid or jungler go help bot etc.Most of the time they dont listen and other times they just fed even with that gank.Because many times happen that your bot will get rekt so hard that even jungler cant do mutch. Another point is im a toplaner and even if i try to comunicate with them they dont listen. Its a team game to trust is good to not trust your teammets its better.I cant trust my teammates no more because honestly i got dissapointed so many times.So now its like i try to do evrything myself if i wanna win.
: ""put ward second bush i will tp.Him/Her:we dont need you.And he/she goes 2 6 and supp 1 6.Jungler just nothing to do about him its a lost cause"" 80% of toplaners don't know how to TP especially in lower elo that includes plat. They usually fall behind because of their tp and as result. i can understand alot of botlaners are wary about TP plays. i had a Garen TP in the middle of the Botlane twice, there was 100% no gank chance.. and we didn't need him to take the tower. instead of gaining.. Lost top tower and Garen fell behind 30 cs because of his 2 TP plays and he was now struggling in a lane he had won.
i need to help my team..if jungler and mid are useless how can i help bot???if i dont help them they go 0 10..i cant let that happen right?and even if i help them its most probably i lose top tower but wtf can i do i cant be in 2 places in the same time.
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Jaskko (EUW)
: Maybe they got boosted into platinum or just bought the acct? Many people are boosted ya know?
So many people are boosted?its not just 1 person.
: Maybe he gets stomped in lane and no one on your team including you helps him? just a wild guess. He could either give up towers and cs or feed his ass off, i think he made the wise choice.
enemy got 2 kills in 3 mins.. so lets not say about help.+ if enemy push why dont you farm under tower?if youre plat farming under tower wont be a problem at all..
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Arklíght (EUW)
: need top lane main for ranked climbing plat+
dude why you deleted me.. you could just tell me im not good for your team without kicking me out seriously ..
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: Well that's the thing, you get early game comps and late game scaling comps. If you play an early game comp you can win against a team with akali pre 35 min. If you allow them to scale then that's your problem.
Why my problem.. i understand that lategame is important and i play most of the time gp top cuz its amazing in tf and good lategame...but i cant pick for my team ..if they wanna pick lee sin jungler and ofc most of the time they do bad its their problem..unfortunaly i cant pick for my team its their decision so the nerf for this easy champs should exist no matter what.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: There is no "elo hell". Elo hell basically means u hit your own skill cap, and u are where u belong. Your opponents are same as your teammates, so you make difference. Yes that Leona went 2:12 that game. What about your game where u went 3:12 with Yasuo? Was that ELO HELL for your teammates? Or 1:7 TF game? Whose ELO HELL was that? Everyone has bad games.
bad games evry1 have it i agreed that but when some1 lose game like this leona and blame his team is not an excuse..+they throw free games ..for example we won 5v5 we killed 3 enemy and they decide to dive inhibitor tower to kill that 2 remaining enemy and they died..gj...greedy for kills and they could just get tower and inhib..
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: If you can get a 60 cs lead in lane against Akali or Fizz you win lane. Which is really easy against Akali if you play long ranged poke. They can't farm when you do.
i dont say that you cant kill them..ofc you can win ofc you can destroy them..the big problem is that lategame they scale hard..and even with cs behind their dmg is still enough to kill some1..+they easy to play thats the big problem you cant miss mutch skils with them.and yes ive seen fizz 90 cs in min 25 and still nice dmg.. he scale nice..thats why i say easy and need to be nerfed.
: Obviously tank Akali and Ekko are different. They are just annoying. But so was tank Ekko pre nerfs. I'm pretty sure you're trolling the boards though.
akali nerfed???wow i think youre playng some other game like lol cuz i never seen akali nerfed.. and i never seen akali skiled or to miss skils but ok..if you say so man
: Sure , your opinion = truth ... Fizz was too strong yes and malz also but they both got nerfed... (Fizz this patch....) Fizz is hard to play vs good players..., at your elo he is easy af and strong but so is illaoi ... Til 10k buffs to her she was shit in high elo... Especially you need to dodge it or dmg with fizz e... You max it early and so if you miss it then you loose a trade... And i can play any champ in bronze and win without farm... Because its bronze... Zed is hard to master but vs bad players already strong same with fizz, difference is zed is no way near as safe early on as zed... He has 0 range nor poke or sustain!
i dont understand whats your mentality honestly... but maybe you didnt play akali...bronze players can play akali and win easy.You cant miss no skils 0 and fizz.. cmon dude what nerf..the dmg is high and cd e at lv 18 it spretty mutch the same..and zed dude that guy use energy like hell and he can miss evry skill.Other side akali?????he cant miss absolutly no skils 0 and even if you start 5 potion and armor you still do more dmg then zed in early dunno why ask riot..+that akali its easy to play and scale hard so dont sell me this ballshits..
: Wait wait wait did you just say the same thing about fizz ANYONE says about zed? Zed at 6 is imensly stronger than before 6 and can easily kill you if you use a wrong spell(like fizz using e) And he does bonus dmg with his ult with the pop
What i mean is that evry champ is strong if played corecltly.What is not right is that zed requires skils and this is the truth and fizz no many skils does fizz requires..ive seen bronze fizz that could kill evry1 even with 100 farm in 30 first time fizz i was like 20 2 with that noob fish easy to play with 90 farm in 30 mins cuz i was only running for kills he does dmg and he scale hard and his e its so stupid because got low cd and he can avoid evry skil...So Thats the point why would you nerf skiled champs and champs like fizz or malzahar for example..never nerfed just buffed.. cmon dude..Easy champs never nerfed and i dunno why another example is this malzahar..
: Anything with long range poke counters fizz and akali. It makes it impossible for them to farm. If you allow them to kill you that means you are dueling them at melee range which makes you retarded if you're playing a mage.
WOw i dunno if you played akali or fizz or youre troling or youre at low elo dunno ...wait 6 and gg.. akali r isnt big cd and its instant to enemy and got range too she can catch you even if youre cait and use skils ..and fizz if he hit you with 6 you have no you talking about range lel akali you cant escape from her..omg man you dont know mutch and tanks??nerfs??dude i played ekko top and im gonna play him again his dmg is amzing..same as akali and they hard to be kill mostly akali because healing wtf.. dude we are playng lol not some other game seriously..
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: Stop ranting and just get better at the game. Jeez. Akali/Fizz has really weak early games. Why don't you try stomping every single game with those champs before calling them easy to play.
lol man what weak you mean??? i won vs akali in early she was 0 3 and at lv 6 she destroyed me.. she cant miss her ult and not even q..and fizz.. cmon dude that guy scale so good and once he hit 6 its a very strong fish..have you ever played zed?? cuz i did once you used your spells youre very open and fizz can jus tkill you there only if you run from him with flash..And fizz when use ult he does bonus dmg..Lets not talk about fizz tank its even stronger.
: Zed laning Phase probably is one of the easiest of all champs in the game and only Thing he Needs to do to win over Fizz is to deny CS via poke, CS himself, bait Fizz E and ult for win. Then proceed to use that lead to roam. Should be able to get a nice lead before Fizz built {{item:3157}} .
you can kill zed without {{item:3157}} because he does dmg even in early with his w and his q you cant miss lel ..zed q can be missed e too and use energy very fast +the nerfs that passive got it and shadows after poke if you miss or not.. youre doom..and you can miss easy a fizz because of his e and ofc can be killed you can win against fizz all i say its that is easy and op in same time..
: Skill level: Fizz > Zed Why? because: "Its not easy to play fish so dont say it is cuz is not truth at all."
lel dude what elo are you.. fiz zis easy Zed lategame need skils to be played can watch streams or pro players they agreed.Fizz not really i played him and is easy he scale hard and the dmg is unreal +his e its just unkilable so dont say fizz its hard lel not at all..
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l3imbo (EUW)
: because everyone knows how ridiculously easy it is to gank a yasou considering most picked junglers dont have any skill shots for engage
its not ganking.. yasuo is a strong champ still requires more skills then many other champs..ive seen yasuo losing lane and going 0 10 9/10 games.. and because of him many games were lost.i played against yasuo and that game was 4v5 cuz yasuo was useless and his team rage so hard..and yes they right.
: " they all are bad players and playng such skiled champ lose game like 99% " so you banned yasuo because you knew off champ select that he was a "bad players" no offence but I really don't think you were right here neither do I think the troll was right but you calling him a bad player and childish because he trolled after you went out of your way to ban yasuo a champ who really isn't ban worthy to begin with all on prior experiences is very sad. The worst part of it is that you came to the forums to complain about something that wouldn't have happened if you weren't being toxic
this trollers happens evry game so i wish riot to do something.Maybe you enjoy them but i dont.and i wanna win ranked games not lose them.You think they are good players but i played very many games and i didnt see 1 good player to carry me 1 single game so..dont take it like an offence or something but i didnt lie.and they sayng tryhard in ranked is useless ..i wanna win i wanna be better i wanna climb and im the one to carry you not them me so ye..
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kirito Zen,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cnw5jWJj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-06-13T20:38:38.696+0000) > > he troled cuz is a kid..rage..for a champ..if they ban my champ i wont range i dont care i play another..Last game lee sin started to do 1v5 cuz he said:im boring i cant wait so he did 1v5 all the time GG.not troler at all.. Its "troll" not "troler". Troler is type of car.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: So u banned teammates pick and he trolled? What a surprise.
he troled cuz is a kid..rage..for a champ..if they ban my champ i wont range i dont care i play another..Last game lee sin started to do 1v5 cuz he said:im boring i cant wait so he did 1v5 all the time GG.not troler at all..
: Normal games are not for trolling....
they sayd ranked its for trolling ...i think normals are for trolling.
: You intentionally banned his pick and even saw it -> no excuse Yasuo isnt ban worthx at all not even at elos where bans rly matter(not at your elo) Basically you were toxic and got trolles for it
troled??? they all are bad players and playng such skiled champ lose game like 99% what troled lel..First of all picks win games.. and second of all if he feds its my duty to carry him.. i lost many games with lee or yasuo in my team.. i cant pick for them ofc.. but i can at last do something to change that.. so dont tell me intentionally bla bla.. cuz after he feds hardly im the one who must carry so plz..And no im not toxic i just ban it i didnt say words +its low elo YES skiled champs dont work here.+that yasuo was 20% win rate with him so ... i think i done something there for my team.
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: Because they play for fun. Yasuo is fun to play with and victory isnt that important.
yasuo losing the game going 0 20 its not fun.And all the time i win the enemy says:ban yasuo so he cant be in your team.. no its not fun at all believe me i understand them
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