: You see others around you as merely tools to fulfill your needs, often using schemes and misinformation to achieve your goals without direct involvement.
and here i thought i just really like spiders. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Liƒe (EUW)
: Jungle Main LFT 'Silver-Gold'
yo, i'm silver 1 at the moment soon or hopefully be gold soon. i always like having friends to play games with so if you want feel free to add me. not only you but basically anyone who wants to play. so i supose my best roles are jungle and support tho at the moment i'm playing alot of top (weird i know) here are my champs for each lanes: Top {{champion:78}} {{champion:114}} Jungle{{champion:60}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:60}} Support{{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} but mostly {{champion:143}} {{champion:25}} if i have to go tank {{champion:12}} of corse i still try and learn other champions but those are what i love playing the most
: Christmas
it's like you are begging for free stuff, ignoring the discounts and other free stuff they're giving us. sure everyone loves free things but i'm just as happy about a new poro summoner icon.. like let's face it skins are up to 5$? some more and now think of how big the playerbase is. that money sums up. so i don't know.. be happy for what they give you?
IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Guess someone's personality based on their mains!
{{champion:60}} and {{champion:143}} it's mostly elise tho.. elise is fun
: Quitting league!
i mean.. sometimes you come across nice people on the boards i guess... playing league with friends is always fun!
Klatumatu (EUW)
: How to Sejuani?
http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2570155578/209546561?tab=overview just wanna leave that here.. that's sejuani Top in low elo thanks for the helpfull tipps!
Scuttle (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Klatumatu,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=nYQFiF9g,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-18T19:53:40.340+0000) > > yo you play Sejuani? i'd love to hear some tricks from you! imma add you right away~ > also while you're at it, why not open a club for all these people here? that way we could build a comunity of people who love to play you should open a club like he said and we can all chat there and play as premades it'll be perfect {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} btw, im kinda having the same problem as u, i started playing thanks to someone special and then when things were over i had no one else to play with but my bestie and we're looking for friendly ppl to play with and stuff so it would be great if u can add me to the club if ur making one {{summoner:31}}
i added you, i'll try to invite you when we're both on! can't wait to play with you {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
DahiKaaN (EUW)
: its because of riot repeatedly nerfing her damage in start of season 5. around end of season 4, riot buffed her w damage from %10 to %12 because they "wanted her to be a damage threat instead of being there to soak up damage after engage" . tho after cinderhulk came her damage was insane and riot nerfed seju's ult first , then her w damage to %6 , then nerfed cinderhulk A LOT of times. this left her as a cc machine rather than a "damage threat" sadly . this is why so much people dislike her i guess.
buffs are coming her way~ or so i've heard
Emberlynn (EUW)
: Friends to Play With
yo you play Sejuani? i'd love to hear some tricks from you! imma add you right away~ also while you're at it, why not open a club for all these people here? that way we could build a comunity of people who love to play
: > [{quoted}](name=Klatumatu,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YThOg6Xb,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-03-18T18:58:29.749+0000) > > oh and one more question, is jungle the only viable way to play her? obviously she's ment to be a jungler but you never know.. some junglers go places.. top for example AP Off-Tank Sejuani is possible but there are just so many counterpicks that will demolish you in lane and there's also so many picks that would work much better for yourself. The jungle is where she can farm up easiest and where her weak early matters least. There' also the idea of Sejuani support but again there is just so many better picks.
figured as much, thank you anyway!
Klatumatu (EUW)
: How to Sejuani?
A big thank you for all the quick replies so far! it seems like the comunity is very different from outside of the game which i guess is a good thing? i was actualy scared of getting flamed to death here when i created this discussion but it's nice to see so many helpfull people! more tipps and tricks are always welcome so keep them coming! oh and one more question, is jungle the only viable way to play her? obviously she's ment to be a jungler but you never know.. some junglers go places.. top for example
DahiKaaN (EUW)
: For build : {{item:1409}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3143}} is an example full build. jungle item is always cinderhulk , trackers knife is what you want to buy %90 of your games. But if you are having trouble cathcing up to people while ganking (which is not likely) {{item:3706}} is better. For boots swiftness has always been good on her because it synergises really well with her passive , but depending on the enemy team merc treads or ninja tabi is also good . And the follow up build is usual tank items. But even tho righteous glory is in a bad spot right now, it makes your engage sooo much better so you may want to consider buying it most games. (i find myself buying it even when we are losing, because it makes catching ppl and re-engaging after a disengage so good.) For other tank items Seju actually benefits from cdr a lot - %40 cdr makes her e cd 4 secs which is almost perma slow- so you will find frozen heart really helpful. All these items depend on the game a lot and your playstyle so i recommend trying them all out and pick the one that you liked most. Keystones: Strength of the ages most of the time . Grasp of the undying is really good on her too but since you will be farming jungle a lot of time strength of the ages is better. Bond of the stone also works, but you wont be making good use of it so not recommended. On how to actually play her : I am sure you can find a lot of better Seju players , but from my experience engaging the fight then peeling for your carries seems to be best. You can dive the backline too, but since the nerfs you cant deal much damage and this wont work unless you are really ahead ( it may not even work even when you are ahead). In the early game , you will change your playstyle a lot depending on the game . Seju's ganks can be really good if the enemy overextends or your laner also has a lot of cc, but her ganks can fail miserably if your laner doesnt have much to offer to the gank . So try to flank enemy laner from behind to make her ganks work. Also in some games you will not be able to gank the lanes, so in these games try to counter-gank and start fights with your ult around objectives (dragon , herald , towers , etc.) Sorry for the wall of text :( , but if you have any further questions leave a comment and i will try to reply. Also as i said , a lot of it actually comes down to experience and personal preference. So i recommend playing her a lot and finding your own build , masteries , etc.
no actualy i prefer wall of texts as long as you aren't repeating yourself which you didn't... i think, uhm first of all thank you! soooo her ganks are simliar to shyvanas with the difference that you actualy have a cc but don't quite have the damage? somehow i feel like people treat sejuani as if she was a squishy despite her beeing a tank, does she lack scalings or something? i really wanna know why people dislike her so much
WolfFZz (EUW)
: Hi I'm a jungle main and I used to main Sejuani before rework ( I have the traditional skin >:D ). I don't main her anymore because she is not the best anymore but I play her from time to time because she still has a place in my hearth and is a lot of fun to play. For items this patch I go {{item:1410}} as jungle item because cinderhulk is not really gold efficient atm in my opinion and you get a health boost from strength of the ages. Other items I build depending on the situation are {{item:3158}} or {{item:3111}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3001}} . I go Ionanian boots because CDR is really good on Seju mainly on her ult CD but her Q and E also have a long CD. Abyssal is good if you want more damage. For masteries I go 0-12-18 with strength of the ages for early extra hp and you can easily stack the hp with Seju. You can also go 12-0-18 but the Savagery mastery is really usefull in the jungle. So how do you play her? You are a heavy CC pealing tank. In teamfights your job is to engage and peel for your carries (this is why people tell you that Sejuani is bad because you need to trust your team, but she is indeed not the strongest pick atm). While peeling you use your W for damage and Q, E and ult to lock people down. Abilities I max R>W>E>Q. Runes you need to get something with attack speed and AP for early clears. Also CD on blues can be really good. That's what I can think of for now. Hope this tanks and gl on your boar ^.^
that's alot of information! many thanks summoner~ i'll try my best to use your advice in my future games however even you admitted she isn't the strongest pick atm, why is that? did she get a nerf ages ago and can't catch up to outher junglers? what would be a great example of when to pick her? speaking synergie whise and countering enemy team picks?
Klatumatu (EUW)
: it's sad how it says "Sejuani's Top build" and the items aren't even finished.. uhh anyways i'll read through some of them and come back here with what i found/learned from there! thank you again~
"utility plus the tank stats are nice but you are only using a sixth of her kits scaling, so in my opinion it's a waste to not build AP." that quote seems to be the general idea the site gives you. people build {{item:3151}} as it seems to be quite good on her. for runes they usualy go attackspeed reds for faster early clearing, armor yellows, mr blue and either defensive or straight up AP Quints. i don't really trust the masteries on the guides too much since some of them seem odd for example going bond of stone as a jungler... also, movementspeed seems to go well with her, even saw some guides giving her movementspeed quints but that again seems kinda odd (atleast in my opinion).
: http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/champion/sejuani-91 you might look at this site, where a lot of the guides are quite new.
it's sad how it says "Sejuani's Top build" and the items aren't even finished.. uhh anyways i'll read through some of them and come back here with what i found/learned from there! thank you again~
: Whoops my bad. Edited. You could always check YT for sejuani players
i did but like i said all of them are outdated from what i saw. i actualy found one on Tekk i belive but the audio wasn't very good and the guy didn't really explain anything durring the gameplay
Anraton (EUW)
: you maybe wanna try something like this? http://www.replay.gg/search/euw/anraton#2559707356
would've preferd to watch a win but anything like that helps, you learn from mistakes too after all ^~^ so if i want to build DMG on her i go AP? {{item:3116}} 's slow plus Sejuanis already inbuild slow actualy sound pretty good thanks!
: Example Build : {{item:1401}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3190}}{{item:3110}} {{item:3111}} And Keystone either Strength of the ages or Grasp of the Undying.
{{item:1401}} and {{item:3068}} have the same effect right? so idk if that's worth buying together.. i figured you build her tank but it would help to know why i actualy build these on her, for example {{item:3742}} to catch up to people easier/get a better position for your ult thinks like that. Strength of the Ages sound pretty good but Grasp of the undying seems more like a toplane thing.. How's thunderlord on her and what about fervor of battle since you AA alot with her from what i saw. thanks again for the quick reply!
: Do you think Soraka needs another rework ?
never experiencing it myself since i havn't played at the time but the general idea of a champion giving mana sounds cool, especialy since they removed mana pots from the game. just in case you're speaking of the old old soraka. but in general i don't think so, just a few balance changes to her heals maybe something like.. soraka has to stand still for a second or two while healing and only then the person getting healed will get the regen buff thing. Sorakas great power also comes from the masteries that give resistances when shielding/healing an allied champion. i like playing soraka and the ability to turn fights from across the map around just with the push of your ULT is fun, it's kinda like shen without you leaving your adc alone, also it's less punishing to pick up assists with your ult. i could ramble on like this forever... so uh, idk Soraka is pretty cool, they'll fix her eventualy i have faith in Riot after what i saw what they did with poppy
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: Carrying/Getting Carried in Silver
i'm in silver too so i don't know if my tips are worth anything but a good friend told me the following: -cc is your friend. -concentrate on your Cs in lane, practice it if necessary. -play a lot. so far to me Ranked feels like 2 steps forward and 1 step back and by that logic playing a lot makes sense, duoing with a trusted friend makes ranked a lot more enjoyable and it lowers the risk of having a disconnect on your team by one. i want to climb to gold myself and the only thing i can really do is to keep trying so good luck climbing! keep at it! don't give! motivation woo~
LA Losty (EUW)
: Yeah i think you get more lp if you duo with someone alot higher than you, but your enemies will also be alot better. When you have a good mmr you can also be matched against higher elo players and you usually win alot of lp then. Also duoqing doesnt count as boosting, even if tis with a smurf. However i am personally not a big fan of that :p
Huh.. the more you know, thanks for the reply!
: IP Gains Suggestion!!!
i like that idea, champion mastery should be rewarded in a way other than an icon and as mentioned it would encourage everyone to try out different champions. however as much as i love the idea of getting IP i'd rather have a reward related to the champion directly maybe something a champion-icon or create a new currency with Mastery level and let someone re-master their champions leaving a note how many times you have leveled them up to max rank. what could be found in a Mastery level shop? maybe designs for the client and your Status page (where your rank shows and you see how many games the person played etc.)
LA Losty (EUW)
: 1: Your mmr starts at silver 5, and depending on how many you win/lose and depending on the enemies you play against you will be placed in a certain division after playing your 10 placementmatches. So to get bronze you probaly have to lose 6-7+ of your 10 placementgames to be placed there. 2: Yes it is possible to get demoted if you lose alot, however it usually takes a while to be demoted to a whole new league (like from gold to silver), where as you can get demoted after a few losses from one division to another (like from silver 4 to silver 5). 3: Your mmr is hidden and calculated by wins/losses aswell as how good your enemies are. If you face higher elo players due to you duoing with someone in higher elo then you are likely to earn more lp and the other way around. ~Nikolai
so you climb faster by duoing with someone with a higher elo? theoretically... if you win those games, that's not boosting right? also is the difference in lp big and worth the risk?
: [Skin Suggestion] Mecha Zyra
i'm a big fan of Zyra getting a new skin but i'm not sure if the Mecha theme really fits her, besides.. planting turrets and shooting lasers is Heimerdingers job, right? the Idea in general is nice but i think the biggest trouble in every of her skins are the plants themselves, maybe i'm just lacking imagination but it's really difficult to think of something else than worms or something similar to what they already look like. however what kind of skin would suit Zyra are simply things related to plants for example the seasons, make em bloom or frosty things like that
Sarokh (EUNE)
: Do not put division markers in the borders!
in my opinion it really doesn't matter because from my experience people usually look up who they are against and who they are playing with anyways so riot is simply saving time for all those people who have to know that there is a platinum 2 or a silver 3 in their team so they can complain about matchmaking system, or just camp the person with the lowest elo. giving everyone the opportunity to see who they are playing with is comparable with the drake or baron timer, back in the day you used to ward those to see if the enemy team got it and when. in our case here it's very similar instead of someone having to look it up or you looking it up, you'll see it anyways. whether you like that or not. which again is something you shouldn't be worried about especially in ranked since no matter what you face against you should always try your best so it shouldn't affect how you play.
: Quinn
Quinn is fun to play but sadly she lacks in many things what bothers me the most is the AOE execute on her ult, it does nexto no damage and you might aswell throw another auto attack in instead of using your ult to execute, then the cooldown on her W is way too long and makes it look useless compared to the vision Ashe can provide (maybe change it so it reveals a bigger area on the map then the cooldown would be understandable atleast). of corse she lacks in many other things aswell but i wouldn't be telling you something new with that.
: and the next victorious skin goes to?
i realy hope diana{{champion:131}}
Drako398 (EUW)
: I've played her a fair few times in ARAM recently and because she loses the speed buff when hit her chase down is meh, atleast in 5v5s
well let's be honest not every champion has to be good at ARAM, i think Quinn could use some minor improvements but the rest realy comes with practice. the sticking potential mostly comes with your E since it also slows people building items like frozen mallet {{item:3022}} should also help with that. I've played her quite a bit now and think she's realy fun to play, i actually have to take back what i said about the burst if you change back from Valor to Quinn the execute has a fair amount of dmg and should kill anyone low enough. the only thing i don't like about her so far is that you can counter her very easily through items, a change on her Q could change that.... also did anyone ever wonder how Valor manages to blind a Lee sin or Lissandra?
Drako398 (EUW)
: Quinn, Buff Ideas
Seeing what others said so far her Ult should change her from ranged to close combat but how to make a bird a valuable Fighter? i don't think it ever was riots intention to give Quinn a huge Burst or Dmg increase with the Ult rather than just a utility sort of ult for chasing down an enemy
n33gs (EUW)
: Im currently using a champ in HOTS that has permanent stealth while out of combat. Its refreshing to play a proper stealth champ Much like eve if you get cuahgt out you get blown up. Also there are many vision counters in the game so certain champs are a pain to play against. Heard this is how she used to be Maybe a bug would be just making the vision circle a lot smaller currently i dont think she can even Q before being seen
you could also change her W to get her out of hard CC like roots and or stuns but as the W is right now she can hardly even free herself from slows, i feel like sometimes it just doesn't work making the skill rather unreliable.
ShpatiR9 (EUNE)
: This is what the community has come to... (Riot please pay a visit -Important-)
In Games like these i'd actually would want to know what exactly i got reported for/why i got the warning, if the judgement is based on the frequency of these incidents happening then this system doesn't work in a community like this, sadly. it's frustrating to see that people get reports for "verbal abuse" or "AFK/Leaving the Game" without even doing anything wrong, the report function gets abused in so many ways that there should almost be a report for false reporting (like that'd do anything). i hope the system changes in a way that reports can't be abused to let someones grudge out against you.


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