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: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
**TheCryoProtector** Cryo= ice, think it's the best name i came up with. Mr Muscle (as in the cleaning product) MustacheOfSteel If I win add my account on the client :p
: Scuttlecrab should have the Shen-taunt when dashing
Well if it seems like a good idea then IT SHALL BE DONE!
: Add a Titlehelp i hacked
Would say this is the world's most subtle and hilarious troll if he wasn't on EUNE... but everyone on that server is slightly below par in the brain department
: Autofill aka forcing people to support without any conesnt
You don't get autofilled unless you're very high elo. Very rarely queue times are awful so they implement it, but it's never for long
: The Alpha Thornmales are recruiting once again- LF silver+ English players to play 5s/flex with
Anyone that hasn't fully read the post, and incidentally don't meet the out-of-game criteria, will naturally be asked to leave the team.
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: LF Players to form a club [nice] [friendly] [teamwork] [asian-style]
> you are Asian or have Asian roots, which likely means that many of the above traits are already build in your DNA; This is one of the more racist things I've seen on the boards
: Need one more for flex que 5V5
Just deletes you when you talk to him
Zekzo (EUW)
Passive makes him unplayable unfortunately, and his ult just isn't powerful enough to compensate for such a massive debuff of a passive he has. Additionally, does daze make the ENEMY invulnerable? If so he's wayyyyyy too weak
RareSteak (EUW)
: Worsening of old bug with new beta client
Never had this bug, what? That could be your internet.
: Assassin Rework Nerfing Noc???
Your average KDA on nocturne is 9.2 / 9.3 / 9.3 Doesn't matter how hard he gets nerfed- you'll still continue to ult in one guy then instantly die (silver 3 on eune in 2016 lul, practically a bronze 5 in every other region)
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Μr Toot (EUW)
: Looking for midlaner (Bronze - gold elo)
Hi, been playing midlane for 2 years.
: I want to be a Voluntary Riot worker
I think this guy's either trolling, or not far from his foetus form.
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: I'm just done.
Why does everyone feel obliged to post these POINTLESS rants about why they feel that either players or the game itself is wrong. Although I hate to say it, your voice isn't heard when you mindlessly rant about something generic that is impossible to change. What is your purpose here? To achieve some sort of second holocaust on players you think are "below you?" Ridiculous.
: > [{quoted}](name=Reformed Fool,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YFmQbnHA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-10-25T15:32:26.261+0000) > > Oh ok you're a silver 3 Zac main that can no longer land his e because he's awful at league of legends I dont main Zac, i pnly played him twice since the change but I did seem to get dodged a lot. Why the personal attack?
You have like 80 zac games in ranked l u l. It's just the truth
: There shouldn't be an aoe knockup basic ability with a 4 second cooldown in league of legends, so buffing/reverting a change to his e AT ALL, is not ok.
Oh ok you're a silver 3 Zac main that can no longer land his e because he's awful at league of legends
: Zac's e too easy too dodge?
There shouldn't be an aoe knockup basic ability with a 4 second cooldown in league of legends, so buffing/reverting a change to his e AT ALL, is not ok.
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Discord allowed?
lol no it's illegal dude
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Terramos (EUW)
: Lubom, the cleanser
I mean the bits I could understand, which doesn't include this: > Every champion with thisgs that chain with some other passive thing needs a way to generate that thing... Are interesting, but entirely broken, his ultimate being a power creeped version of Karma's does not help. There's no way a champion that gets %health back after killing a minion is balanced, even if the champ doesn't have base regen. I like the idea of the taliyah passive, though again it doesn't really make sense, converting the fears and shit just make it far too complicated, and this added to his 100% ap scaling, 3 second cooldown aoe knockup q... L U L
: STOP BOOSTING! upvote this petition if you want to end this mockery for good
Well yeah boosting is bad, but are you using "GET RID OF BOOSTERS" to hide the fact that you're losing to people who are simply better than you, and are in fact in their normal elo?
becel21 (EUW)
: ***
Useful comment
: Ehrm...yes actually. And of course it's rule breaking, you should really read the summoners code, there is a whole section about unsportsmanlike behavior.
EHRRRRRM, no. No one has ever been banned for only saying "easy" at the end of a game, that's a fact. So, EHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRM no.
: When are the project skins coming out
Still not here. Bit of a shame really
Slyze (EUW)
: The line between ARAM and Twisted Treeline let it look like TT is a totally different mode
It's not that huge, come on. TT is entirely different in every aspect anyway
Eveninn (EUW)
: I can deal 1k damage in 3s with a lot of campions when getting my core item...
I'm guessing you don't need to pass a spelling test to become an emissary, how exactly is that role attained? Never seen a useful post by one of you guys yet
: > [{quoted}](name=fairyyy,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=MEc3Z6uo,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-07-28T11:36:40.617+0000) > > Whats a girlfriend? It's an illusive critter in the jungle that shows up rarely and for a limited time; but if you get it you get the "girlfriend buff". Which means 24/7 of someone telling you that you League too much and who tries to kiss you particularly when you're chatting with your team or almost about to get an objective, just to annoy you and get your attention... It's both a buff and a curse, very unpredictable and you never know when you'll be happy or frustrated to have it :P
JustPablo (EUW)
: Probably it comes todat at 21h - 21:30h, as they did with all the skin groups^^ I'm still waiting for PROJECT: Katarina XD
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: This HAS to stop.
Woah, this is totally the best way to catfish.. Never thought of something so elaborate
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