VulcanADC (EUW)
: Mouse Button 4 still alt tabs me. It's been a bug for months.
Ah so it's not just me lol. I thought it was to do with a background process but it literally only happens when I use my MB4 to ward. It's so annoying.
Feridjuh (EUW)
: Max amount of tokens you can gather in 1 event?
Honestly doing the math in this situation is too difficult because there are too many variables that can't be calculated. How long games time will be, how many games you can play each day, if they're wins or losses (because wins = more tokens obviously) It's too difficult to make a core decision based on 'math' or a logical approach, but I personally recommend just spamming ARAMs. Out of TFT, SR, and ARAM, ARAM usually has the quickest game time, so you can do more games in a day. Imagine you play 10 games of ARAM a day. No doubt you'll lose some, but lets just say for sake of arguing that you win 50% and lose 50%, you get 20 tokens for the five losses, and 40 tokens for the 5 wins, if I can do simple math anyway. That's 60 tokens in a day. Times that by 7, that's 420 tokens a week, that's about 1680 tokens in a month (4 weeks). If you think about it this way the logical approach is to play the game mode with the least amount of time to win or lose, which is usually ARAM. I know you can earn 6 per loss and 12 per win on SR, but those games can reach into the 30 and 40 minute mark, closing out SR games is a lot more difficult, especially if you're solo. In my opinion ARAM is the safest bet. I don't know if it'll get you to 2200 before the 19th of November, but you can try! Even if you don't reach that goal you'll still be able to roll some orbs if you wish for a chance at the event prestige ones. Silver linings, and that.
lukasz17666 (EUNE)
: Rito give chromas to that skin
Friends and I love this skin, that and mecha. I feel like this one definitely deserves some chromas. Seems like every who I know that plays Kha has or likes this skin.
: UK -> EUW Ping Issues
People might be saying 60ms isn't unplayable and shit but when you're used to something like 29ms like I am on this server being forced to play on 61ms constantly is a horrible feeling. It's not that it affects my gameplay super hard, but it's unsatisfactory and the delay is so noticable it makes me want to cry. If it's an error on Riot's side then I think we deserve a quick response ASAP, because this post is 17 hours old, and there's not a single response.
Chakkoty (EUW)
: Champion Concept: Zahrin, the Travelling Aristocrat
I like the concept. I enjoy the personality you've thought out for him in terms of quotes. I think the Q should apply a small slow debuff that decays rapidly, think when you hit a teemo shroom but the slow isn't nearly as long or damaging. Just thought that'd make sense considering the mini-explosion it would do. Personally I don't think the W would be a good ability, nor do I feel it makes sense given the theme. Aristocrat's are stereotypically stuckup and prideful of their title and position in the hierarchy. I don't think it's a very elegant nor complimenting ability to have in his kit. Maybe that's just me. Perhaps something with a bit more pride in its step. Also, dashes are usually on the E key, save for champions like Irelia. I think either Q or E would be fine, but W would feel out of place in my opinion. That's just nitpicking, though. E doesn't really make sense in my eyes. I fail to see how electrifying an enemy and then autoattacking them for a stun would be seen as anything but a Kennen knock off. Perhaps in line with the theme of his weapon you could fire a trap-bullet or trap-shot that entangles an enemy, slowing them for whatever amount (not good at numbers or balancing), rooting them in place after the said trap detonates. Think spiderman's stun grenade from the most recent film, haha. Course that might mean rethinking the Q. Overused concepts such as detonating abilities that go off after a brief delay would be terrible in abundance, just screams unoriginality imo. R seems heavily inspired from Rumble, not necessarily a bad thing but it seems almost too identical. Perhaps reworking this into something else would give him more flavour. Don't really know if you were looking for feedback but I mean I gave you my best shot, friend. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Pantheon Visual update?
With pancake feet flatter than the earth, yes. I would say he, along with Udyr, should be the next ones in line. _Joking about the flat earth thing before anyone crucifies me._
: Let me answer your question as a support main. For the first, support role is always hard, no matter your division. You will need to play protective support in the future. About divisions. Iron and Bronze are very similar, but Iron is really another level of fiesta. Silver... Well, it is a place where you can see all kind of skills: good combinations, good cs, good map control, fail flashes, missing nearly all skillshots, cancelling auto attacks about 7 times in a row, flash-heal towards enemy... P.S: I added you in game. We can play together time to time
This guy kind of sums up silver for you. I'm Silver 1 currently, was Gold 3 at the end of last season. It's honestly impressive how good some Silver players can be and I'm not talking about smurfs in the elo. You'll be able to tell if they're silver because sometimes they're mechanically gifted but lack proper map awareness or have no real knowledge of wave manipulation, jungle pathing and jungle tracking, objective times, etc. They're just really good at fighting. Things like that are dead giveaways of Silver/Gold players who are good at one thing but lack the necessary requirements of the other things to progress further onto the next elo. And on the flip side you do tend to get people in Silver who are just not that good. That make you question how they got this far and why you're in the match with them. Do not fall into this trap. Everybody has bad games, sometimes you go 13/2 and other times you got 2/13, it happens. Do not judge another by one single performance. Instead, focus on yourself. If you lose a game, try to figure out why, and find a new approach. Something akin to a remedy, before you enter the next match. As a support main myself my biggest weakness that kept me trapped in Silver for so long was my inability to play aggressive properly. I was always a passive support because I was afraid of taking risks and trying to get the upperhand when the situation clearly screamed that it was my time to make a play. You have to find a balance. The only reason I reached Gold 3 last season was because I started playing forward, and not back. I took time to develop my playstyle and adapt to each matchup I came across. It's a long, lengthy road, and there are too many things to learn that will set you aside from other people in the game. But one step at a time, slowly you'll grow, and you'll come to see that when you look back at how far you've come, you won't even recognize the player you were before. Keep grinding, @Linda de Mol.
: Please Fix Anivia's's been 4 years!
Don't worry dude Morgana's Q is getting the same treatment. Visual bug on the trajectory. The travel path of her Q is angled at like 25 degrees up instead of just straight 0 degrees inline with the indicator. It looks stupid and no doubt will throw so many people off ingame. Don't know if they've fixed it yet.
: I wish League would sell map skins.
I'm not really onboard with total map makeover skins for people to buy and use for themselves, but little cosmetics and stuff you could buy to display on the terrain and stuff that doesn't disrupt gameplay and is only for your eyes would be kind of cool.
: Lets talk about the CLIENT
Got this exact same issue and I literally can't play league. Restarts don't do anything and the client still loads on a black screen with no login showing up.
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: I don't think so. Afaik it's a one time reward. Only people who are now veterans can get it.
Wait so there's no chance I'll be able to unlock Tier 2 and 3 of this reward? I only got the first one. Was kinda hoping this would be like, a mini-reward system for putting in more serious hours into the game. If it's just a one time thing, then damn. That sucks. They looked so cool too.
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Zorokai (EUW)
: EUW - chat not working?
Exact same issue. Started playing at 11-ish a.m. UK time. Won't connect to chat when I'm on the launcher but as soon as I enter a game everything seems fine? ISP: Sky Broadband UK Country: England Occurance of Issue: Approximately 11:00 a.m. UTC on the 21/08/2015 While it may only just be a coincidence, we're both on Sky Broadband. Maybe that's something to do with our issue? EDIT: For the record, attempting to manually reconnect just results in the same unfortunate failure. My Launcher can't connect automatically or manually.


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