: If you don't have time or interest to play more than one game, try bot games. I do that.
I'd rather play with friends against other people, even if just for a game
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: I just played Sej top...
It's fun because the Iceborn Gauntlet is supposed to be HER gauntlet, is it not?
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: How can you think you are a good player when using Soraka?
Well, people do think they are good with Blitzcrank, where every other spell is useless unless you hit Q, so...
: [Article-like] Rift Herald & Baron & Dragon & Jungle Entrance & Trinkets & Summoner Spells, Ideas.
I definitely like the herald-baron idea, though dragons seems a bit overcomplicated.
Hell M00d (EUW)
: That one champion who always rocks in the enemy team and always fails in yours
Nasus: Just had a Nasus who went in lane with Doran Blade and Fervor of Battle against a Jax. 30 stacks in a 20 minutes game. Then I get a Nasus on the enemy team that obliterates Darius and wins the game stacking cs to the ceiling.
Storge (EUW)
: It is intentional, and this is why it's a good idea to get a pink ward! If you notice someone with invisibility constantly getting away because of the invisibility, get a pink ward and instantly put it down after you ult. You'll be able to q her while she's still mid-air, which basically gives you the kill for 75 gold ^_^
Dat item slot tho. I miss my totem.
: It's ok I didn't want my primary anyway
I have a dream: I have a dream where even supports and jungler are popular as the other roles. When the support and the mid will walk toward the enemy nexus hand in hand.

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