: the game runs on a toaster buddy maybe highest graphical settings aren't as optimized but if you are having performance issues turning down some options may greatly improve your performance most pro players and mechanical streamers play on low settings despite having insane setups
Correction: The game isn't running optimally at the moment, it slows down for no reason at times It used to be pretty smooth running, but for some reason it randomly freezes (Mostly just for a moment, not long at a time)
Sarokh JR (EUW)
: Why am I getting 28 fps in the middle of the fight?
To be honest, the game is pretty poorly optimized at the moment, but for it to slug that hard might be a hardware or PC cooling issue. If you have a desktop computer, I would open it up and check the CPU cooling block and GPU fans for dust. If it's a laptop, it's still within warranty most likely, so wouldn't recommend opening it without knowing what kind of warranty you have.
: Please return "Summoner's Call" to ranked champion select,at least as an option
Honestly think that this would be great as an option, but it might be more difficult than "just add it". The new draft phase is longer than it used to be, so for it to not just loop, they would have to make an "extended version" or remake it, but would be pretty awesome
KoBro12 (EUW)
: Patch 6.9 - Annie ultimate stun RNG
No, haven't played her in ARAM
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