: Same shiet i have 55% win rate and i lose more than i get and it's hard to climb lol
Winrate says nothing about lp gain. Just because you might win every game against low bronze players while your account is silver, should not mean you get +25 lp, because you are just playing against people who are and are supposed to be worse than you. If you have a high winrate and you play against people who are above your rank, then you'll get a bigger LP gain to close the gap with your actual rank
: >Meanwhile riot just makes more skins Meanwhile somebody can't understand that Riot don't employ only 5 pepole and have team that have diffrent task. If you still can't understand that Balance or Bugs have nothing to do with team that work on Skins then i have no hope for your future... >People are complaining about the game not being balanced, kinda true but not terrible. People always gona complain about Balance. Cause people think of themselfs as Gods that are so good at this game and only thing that keep them from wining is "noob team" or enemy is using "op" champion. If you look at game history in case of balance game is in best state since releas. It's far form perfect. > But the worst part is the amount of toxicty, the amount of people doing bad things in the game which should be punished but just aren't. Game is free. That's biggest issue. Want a fix? Make game pay to play. No more new acc after permaban. >and when someone just dies over and over because he's tilted and he's actually inting without him wanting to int and the answer is "He just just had a bad game" Kinda sucks but bot can't tell if him getting killed is cause he wanted that or not. People even have trouble doing that. I saw one guy talking about somebody inting while after waching replay he just got ganked and then ganked and then dived and then killed on way to tower and repeat that 15 times. But bans for int happen. Not for soft-int. Never saw anyone got ban for that. But straight up "runing it down mid" or Staying in middle of lane to get killed happen a lot. >or the toxic people who do not get banned or just get a chat restriction or a few day ban and return on their alt ruining more games. Chat restriction is a form of ban. It serves as warning. There's only 14 day ban after that you get perma. >and return on their alt ruining more games. If only leauge was a pay to play game. > maybe nobody knows what the best way is, something has to change. For sure you can start with yourself. And stop flaming people who do thier job as they should and focus on people that aren't AKA stop blaming artists that make skins. And focus on people that suppose to repair bugs and work on balance.
> For sure you can start with yourself. And stop flaming people who do thier job as they should and focus on people that aren't > AKA stop blaming artists that make skins. And focus on people that suppose to repair bugs and work on balance. I am not directing it personally to skin designers, but the company's direction is the wrong way. If they spend 90% of their budget in the best artists to make another skinline and 9% on balance and bugs and 1% on fixing trolls etc. Then you'll get great skins but the game itself will be crappy. Artists can't do much but if Riot would maybe give 1 patch no investment in skins just give them a patch off, let them celebrate money and spend all their money in just hiring (I know you can't do that) some people for just 1 week to fix the issue, then things might turn out better
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Irarius (EUW)
: Does it physically hurt to fix the item issue in TFT?
Carousel also helps nothing. Whenever I am first picking I never see the champs or items which I need. But whenever I am 2nd pick I see something which I need but for some reason first pick always needs the same item or champion.
Even normal games are broken. I am gold 4, yet I am getting people in my team who are not even level 30 in normal games. Great and all, but 9 out of 10 times they're opposing someone from my skilllevel (gold). Result, they die a lot because and enemy can 1v9 at some point
: Tired of losing because of trolling team mates
I am getting more tired of people who do not understand simple macro mechanics. We win a teamfight (4 people dead), all 40 seconds death timers, pushing lane at an exposed inhibitor. What does that mean for me? End the game, there's 1 guy left and we're all pretty healthy, ez win. What does that mean for literally EVERYONE ELSE IN THE TEAM on most occasions? "I go drake, I go baron, I go take the enemy red buff, I go back to base to buy my last item" {{sticker:sg-janna}} And in the endgame they wonder why they lost eventho they won that teamfight
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
Don't worry, a lot of these bugs will be solved when worlds hit our door because they need to keep pro play bug free. And if a bug still occurs it's a hotfix. Just give Riot a few more months okay
: Is Qiyana a kardashian?
No, they are supposed to get 6 skins in the coming year, with various THICC versions so people buy it. Edit: While I am at it I might as well give some skin ideas. First of all let's just make every element she controls a seperate skin. Or make every skin element related - Hiker Qiyana, to obtain the power of earth and rocks she has to conquer mountains and there she started a small goat farm on a mountain. Nowadays she spends the day taking care of the goats in her lederhosen outfit which is obviously way too small for her. - Pool party Qiyana, to obtain the power of water she needs to be one with it. She will just wear a bikini or something so it fits the pool party theme but with a decent shot which shows her butt perfect. If Riot is not planning on a Pool Party release she will just get Beach watcher Qiyana or something. Which will be almost the same - Hot as Fire Qiyana, to obtain the power of fire she needs to go deep into flame and fire. Therefore her clothing are burned and you can see some flesh through her clothing but nothing will stop her to conquer fire. - Queen of the Jungle Qiyana, to obtain the power of nature/grass she needs to spend days in the jungle. Even so long her clothing just rots away and she nowadays only wears leafs on her private parts. the rest of her is just pure skin (Doubt it will be this explicit if they make a skin called queen of the jungle Qiyana. - Guardian of the Galaxy Qiyana, if you can control elements, you too can control space and elements in space. The rest of the guardians have asked for her arrival. In this skins you can see her in a very sexy version of a sailor moon outfit which just covers her upper and lower body. - Pyjama guardians Qiyana, this one obviously comes with the guardians of the galaxy release but this one will probably be the least prioritized skin since it will (hopefully) not contain any weird outfit. Unless you go for sexy night time but that would not fit the entire theme around this skin series. Well riot, here you have some inspiration
Lazyyawn (EUW)
Incoming: NA gets compensation for failing EUW servers because reasons
Mártir (EUW)
: The importance of both Champ Select, and Macro game/Decision Making... More than "Skill/Mechanics"
This is so true. Macro play and decision making is so underrated by people. But even when I or a teammate is screaming a decision still nobody listens. Seeing games where the enemy jungle is sitting in my lane to farm xp for almost 2 minutes while I keep pinging that she is there, but my jungler is not creating topside vision, or just making vision in general. Please use those minutes to take advantage of her being bot. In so many games people just want kills, going 2/2/2 is boring no we have to go 20/0 otherwise it's a bad game. Kills are not winning you the games, objectives are and it frustrates so much. And even when someone does not have the ability to make decisions listen to your shotcaller who is yelling you to do something.
CJXander (EUNE)
: They spammed, they reported, they've ridiculized :D
Can relate. "Why no meta support champ" "This champ counters hard if you do this" "But I do not know how to, cuz u play no meta" "Then learn matchups and counters" "No u bad supp, you must play meta now get reported"
: Who Was Your First Main Champion!
Morgana and she is my main but I now swap between different champs depending on match ups.
: Client Chat wont connect
Nope you're not the only one. It worked fine like 10 minutes ago then I restarted my pc and it as gone. Guess we wait again, for the millionth time that chat is not working
CJXander (EUNE)
: A 10 ranked games summary [Long post ]
Pretty much a coinflip One game my adc is boosted and chases a blitz under turret, gets hooked and blames the support and ends the game 3/18. Or my 30% winrate adc who went from high gold to low silver in just 1 season. But the very next game my bronze 1 jungler goes 15/0 in a high silver-gold game and turns out to have a 80% winrate. In almost every game there's flaming, there's toxicity etc and it's boring and it's boring. I can get a little trashtalk in all chat because its fun but just using allchat to flame to the enemy team or about your team is just a no go. Having a fun and nice exciting ranked game in this season is almost impossible
Eambo (EUW)
: Yuumi Builds? How do you play?
In teamfights I prefer to jump onto the engager, cast my ult and get the CC going. Use a heal in case if needed and then jump to the back to keep the main damager healthy and so if the engager dies, you're not instantly dead. Flash seems redundant since you can dash from champ to champ and I feel like range summoner spells are hard to use since you're still attatched on your adc. So if u want to use ignite but your adc dashes out, you're not going to be able to use it. In lane just poke with Q and hope your adc is good at poking and trading as well and not too aggressive since you will lose most all-ins pre-6 After 6 you can make a play with your ult and force summoners from enemy team but it still feels weird to be reliant on your adc Btw, for a fast recall just attach yourself to your adc when he recalls and you will go to base with him (But you will unattach at base so be sure to attach again) With builds I just go shield and heal items with a little AP and CDR, but builds are not my best part. Diving is btw also easy, just attach to your adc, make sure you hit first, tank turret aggro make your team dive and you will just get executed without the enemy having a single hit on you.
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: And that's why you get vision together
Yes vision is a great thing but 2 problems which exist here too: 1. People do not look at the map and see they get collapsed on 2. I still regularly see 8 wards placed on my teammembers in a 30 minute game. Wonder how we did not have good vision
: After playing with my low elo friend, few points i must make.
Splitpushing is the thing which annoys me the most. The enemy team is slightly ahead of us so we need all members to turn the table, but no instead of teamfighting 1 decides to splitpush and the other one goes take wolf camp. Leaving a 3v5 and making us retreat before we are getting collapsed on. In case you actually got collapsed on the splitpusher types: "Why you fight, I am not there"
: question about new missions
Yes, there is a mission after that.
: league of whoever gets the troll
My team just lost to a trolling support because nobody knew what to do with it. Having a troller in your team does not immediately mean you lose the game, if the enemy team does not know what to do with that opportunity.
malécy (EUW)
: you know brand, pyke and lux are supports who need the kills to be relevant. Taking farm as a supp is never ok when ur adc is in lane but some supports need the kills. If I don't get 1/2 kills in the first 10mins as pyke I know I'm going to have a complicated game (early assists don't give me enough gold to have good execute threshhold on my first ult which could mean the difference between getting a lvl6 double kill or feeding my as). Brand and lux strength as supp is the dmg they bring to the table. Tell me ur supp is a 6/0 nami or thresh and i'll tell you you have a problem, but not with brand or lux or pyke. This is just my experience and opinion as a silver support main.
I understand those support needs kill, but does the adc not need them either? With just farming as an adc you're not going to win the lane nor the late game. Mostly those supports think they suddenly can 2v1 the botlane, they die to the enemy adc giving 2 shut downs and I am behind against the enemy adc. What did that bring me, a fed support who now thinks he is a midlaner and a worthless lane minion as adc who has no damage compared to the enemy adc because he only got some gold of assists and cs. The support meanwhile has some good items but they are still the support, squishy as hell, can't 1v1 because they rely on skillshots instead of auto attacks. Just look at the difference: 3 times I played jhin adc. Game 1: Blitz support, 32 minute game, 35k damage 16/2/9 (Blitz: 4/4/10) Game 2: Pyke support, 43 minute game, 20k damage 2/8/11 (Pyke: 16/4/8) Game 3: Braum support, 21 minute game, 19k damage 10/0/8 (Braum: 4/2/7) Like 1 or 2 kills ain't a problem, but I need to be relevant in the late game and adc is already a weak(er) role. Just taking all the kills so I get less ahead won't help that
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Pixelbits (EUW)
: RANT ALERT!: To the terrible matchmaking system! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!
I feel both ways. In ranked I am a support main and always was a support main, having diving adc's is annoying, adc's who can't farm. Most hateful are those adc's who tank every single support cc as if they're invincible and spam ping me when I am morgana that I should shield them. Yes I can shield you but it's a long cooldown and a decent amount of mana I can't spam that ability, dodging is easier. But recently I tried to become an adc but all I get are lux/brand/pyke support who take 90% of the kills and then wonder why I do no damage in the late game because I as adc am behind while the support, who is still 'support', is ahead. Like I can understand that you might not like shield supports or so, but let your adc do his job and take a kill, but if you literally just on purpose try to get kills, then go play a different role. Or just ask me: hey wanna switch, I want to carry. Then I would accept that.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: riot said that they will scrap death recap and will build it from the ground again, when? noone knows, its not a big issue and not a must have in the game so for the time being look at it like entertainment while you w8 for your respawn, for example i love when a guy kills me with flash :D
This explains why iron players flash on the same spot in a stand-off battle. Flash damage does matter
Rioter Comments
: > to what extend you were "punished"... Cause waiting 5 Minutes probably won't kill you. neither a permaban kills you, still is a form of punishment > Then how exactly do you define trolling? And how do you build a system to differenciate? for startes, if nobody in your team has smite you can dodge and hardcode a check for playing ad soraka, that shit should not be allowed no matter what
With your last statement, how do you want to separate a non-meta pick vs troll pick. AD Soraka is certainly questionable in any way. But if I happen to go Ashe support, does that mean troll or me playing something non-meta. (P.s. yes I have done that before and yes it went decent)
: Being reported for trying your best...
I was playing blind pick for once and went adc. I got a Talon support who would 90% of the time be midlane with his premade buddy and I kept getting turret dived. After every death, they would say: NOOOOB, reported! and I am also pretty sure they actually reported me after the game, because this is the community. I just muted them at some point and just played however it still annoyed me hence why I stopped playing afterward. Their comments are not enough to be banned for, I get that. It's also a blind pick game so it does not mean much, however for me as a player it's super frustrating. I am just trying to play a normal relaxed game where I try adc as I normally do in normals and then you get met with those kinds of players. Even now while typing I am still kinda thinking: What a **** game that was so it definitely has an impact on how you behave/think and might influence your game. Riot should see that even the smallest part of negativity can influence a player's thoughts/mind and result in playing worse or just feeling shit after a game. It seems too farfetched to give them a ban but as you said, just a small button where I can just 'report' them for that small bit of negativity would be appreciated. Heck, even just a 1 game chat/ping/etc penalty just to give a sign like 'You have had a negative attitude in a recent game, just watch out' would maybe help a little.
: Two things mate 1) No offense taken, don't worry and 2) 2 minions average? where did you get the info from if I may ask -.o?
We can just look up your match history and see that your CS is lacking. Some games are decent but most of them are not that great. Playing toplane and 50 cs after 20 minutes is certainly something you have to work on. CS is the most important aspect of the game in the laning phase. So you're capable of doing it (since you achieve 5cs/m in some of your games), you just need to be more consistent every game. P.s. in some games you have 3, that won't do it either. Edit: 5cs/m is not great either but it's a start, ideally you would like 7 or 8cs/m or even more. But bronze can be a clownfest so having a good cs can be difficult
: I have another simpler theory. Some people refuse to surrender no matter the circumstances. It's not about whether they think they can win or not, they just automatically press "no" because "never give up! never surrender!!!" I even went through a phase of asking people who refused to surrender whether they actually thought we could win, or how they thought we could win. I never once got an answer to these questions.
As someone once told me: "The game is not over till the nexus falls" In a normal game I would sometimes forfeit because I don't care about normals but in ranked I keep fighting till the end because games can still be won by mistakes. And I just feel better when I lost while trying, instead of losing because I gave up
: Just thought I'd share one of my proudest games
So I see a lot of people commenting here it's the team who did it all. This is in fact partly true but keep in mind it's a team game in general. Certainly, since the OP played support you're there to support your team members and then you can't be proud of 1v9'ing because that rarely would happen. If you take in mind the slight skill difference in ranks from the OP and the rest of the game they would probably be punished if they played bad. I also sometimes play with higher skilled players and when they compliment me for a play I feel good about it, like the OP does. Yes they might've carried but I could've also thrown the entire game resulting in a loss. This game is (in its current state) mostly about team play and team performance so it's hard to say you did it all by yourself. But it's still nice that you managed to do good in general and your team did too. Seeing the adc's score they might've done well in lane. Doubt that would've been possible with a bad support. To the OP: Glad you had fun and good luck in the future. Maybe you will get in such games more often and do your best.
: Is there anywhere I can go to find people to play with?
There is a section on the board called: Teams, clubs and tournaments. People will advertise there discord server, their team and their club on there. But people also tend to ask for duo's or just people to play with. Try to look there or make your own topic and you'll be able to find people. Good luck on the rift
Vichious (EUW)
: Please Riot explain to mentally challenged that Normal Draft games are for serious play!
For practicing co-op vs ai does not help because bots are just bots, not hard at all And I do not want to spam the blind pick champ select chat with my role to then get it instalocked and then a lot of discussion between various players. At least in draft you're somewhat able to choose what lane you want to play and thus more chance that you can practice your champ in the right lane you want it to play in.
: 14 day ban for one urf game - is riots punishment system unjust? [proof inside]
My ranked games: Ashe with smite, banning team champs in champ select, buying no items, following jungler to try and steal buffs and then come to lane level 1 while we're 6 and tries to fight. --> Does not get banned and seeing the match history did this a lot more times. Another ranked game: Tahm Kench top with smite ruining jungler's path and never going to lane. What riot said about it: 'I strongly recommend to use the report feature whenever you encounter such behavior exhibited in your games, since even a single report is enough to trigger a warning or punishment for the player in order to bring him one step closer towards reforming. **I also want to highlight the fact that we have multiple steps in the escalation path since we want to give players multiple chance to reform and to reconsider their behavior.**' (I reported him ingame as well but I felt like writing support) You: Gets banned for 1 urf game where you just don't do well because it's urf and you try something Yup, balanced Funny thing, one riot member says, seems extreme for urf and the other one just immediately says: INT! Seems like it's really opinionated whenever someone gets banned and there are no 'strict' guidelines
Smerk (EUW)
: leveling up to 30 is super fast now. Is it bad? Not really. Overall it doesn't matter tbh, with new ranked system he will start in iron 4 no matter what, so if he want to get higher, he'll have to learn. Also about your last question. I started playing during season 1, leveling up took so much time back then that you could get to LCS level skill before getting to level 30.
Sure he will end in iron 4 but will it be fun for him? I spectated one of his games and everyone made fun of him including his own team and that was just a normal game. If he was still level 15 he could say: Sorry I am just new and nobody should actually blame him but I can kind of imagine that people start questioning if you bought that account when you make rookie mistakes while already being able to play ranked. I think you should be capable of actually get to the bronze-silver level when you hit level 30, not iron 4. Edit: to give another example, a few days ago I played with someone who was around level 30-40'ish. She would go support and I would go adc (probably my worst role). She did not connect that game but I still managed to 2v1 my lane with easy and go 5/0 vs a level 32 and a level 50. And that as a silver player who is actually really bad at adc. It just felt that I was playing against actual new players on a second account rather than level 30 who I assume played for at least a few days. And the games following that were exactly the same with her, I just kept stomping lane after lane against people who should've been better since I am a trash adc.
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Papdi1 (EUW)
: ROX punished for banning all female supports
To be honest this was to be expected. Nowadays if a minority starts to complain about something we change our rules/lifestyle/traditions because we need to treat people equally! However, there are some things that you have to let go and let it be what it is. Don't take things out of context, don't try to ruin something because a handful of people do not appreciate it. I respect people's opinions but just because 10 people out of 1.000 don't like it, should not mean we have to fudge over the other 990 people who do not mind or just accept it how it is
YumeAI (EUW)
: First of all, thanks for keeping it civil. It's rare you get to discuss things on the internet in this sort of way. I suppose that does make a bit of sense. However, as I've been saying.. it just doesn't seem fair. especially not for me since I already in perspective (to other countries who have higher avg income per person) pay a whole lot more. (this of course isn't a problem just with riot, literally all non-food related items are expensive as hell here. We have EU prices but far less than EU income, and _much_ less than US income, I was barely able to slap together a mid range gaming rig that would've taken about a month of work in the states.) I know what I said is purely speculation, but judging by the rest of the industry and what big publishers like to do, I'm fairly certain that what I said is at least partially true. And again, I'm not even blaming riot for this (at least not completely). I'm mainly just angry that it's getting harder and harder for us to get what we want, especially cause we (at least I am) are doing it for the sake of supporting Riot. I suppose I'll still be doing it from when the change happens onward, however I'll definitely be even more conservative regarding what I purchase. The fact that you won't even be able to get a pass anymore for 10€ hurts even more. Also, regarding the 60€ price tag, that definitely sounds reasonable, however it still isn't exactly fair, and I'm sure you can see why. A bad idea perhaps, but it would just be way more fair towards us if the eu tag was dropped down to 50, or at least 55. The latter is not an exactly pretty number, and with the former companies would earn a bit less than in the us, but in the long run would be a lot more pro consumer than what's happening now (especially considering, again, the UK usually has price tags around 40-50 pounds if I'm correct, or even lower(?))
RP is not getting more expensive like Glurch said, it's just inflating with the wealth of everything in europe but also the world in general. Almost everything increases in price. To start this off from the beginning. Running a game is not free, making it neither. All those prizes fluctuate from time to time. They will have to pay more for all their employees, buildings, electricity etc etc etc. That money has to come from somewhere and so also from skins. To make up for everything they have to pay more this year, they will adjust the amount of rp you get for the amount of money. Which means you have to buy more rp which means more income for Riot. However this does not mean that it's worse for us as players. Yes we have to purchase more rp to get the same amount of skins and items, however we also get more money from our work and things. At least that's how it should be. That's also why most prices in my country are rising, because everything gets more expensive for the producers, but at the same time I also get more money so I still keep as much money as usual. I do not know your situation in your country, however it should be somewhat the same for you. You might not be very wealthy compared to other countries, but for yourself prices should technically not change drastically. Even if this does not apply to you, then it's certainly not Riot to blame for. Riot needs to pay bills and since everything gets more expensive for them, they need to get more money from somewhere. I know that riot probably has a big amount of money in a safe far from planet earth so you would think: They do not need more money. However they're (most likely) obligated to make X profit per year for their stakeholders since those people are also supporting riot. (I do not know how Riot is split up in stakeholders so maybe this does not apply for Riot) It's just how economy works, everything looks to cost more but in the end everything evens out. At least for the most of us, I still do not trust my own government but I trust the economy. P.s. yes my wealth is increasing I am getting more money from the government to pay all my bills and taxes but I also get 0,07 euros more per workhour (Btw UK is a bad example, their economy went into a downfall because of brexit and can't stabelize yet because of the various events happen, therefor their prices are not settled yet and could drop even harder or rise harder. However the price stays the same compared to the european price, it's just the difference in what their coin is valued. If 1 euro is 125 yen then 10 euros is 1250 yen, but that does not mean it's more expensive)
Angst Two (EUW)
: There is no justice
I remember sending a ticket to support because my toplaner was intentionally griefing the jungler as tahm kench with smite. Till this day I wait for him to get banned Support just said: Everyone can have a bad game, we only ban if this behavior repeats. Meanwhile it was his 5th game already where he was doing this. Even if it was only our game, griefing = griefing, once or twice should not matter. Every normal human being should not do that, it's that simpel
Bangly (EUNE)
: Lost access to my account.
I never liked those questions at all, some are so detailed. Who remembers the first 5 champs they bought after maybe 7 years of playing. We forget things y'know. Like I totally do not know that my first RP was bought to buy Project: Ekko and Ekko and then I bought Poppy with IP so I would get a poppy skin out of my hextech chest which happened to be blacksmith poppy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} For some reason I remember this but I can completely understand if someone would not remember this detailed information. Hope you can get your account back
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Shamose (EUW)
: Can someone with knowledge in economics explain something. My country has been saying for the past few months, "The average person will see an increase in wealth". Then taxes increase on everything, my insurance keeps going up and my energy bill will be hundreds of euros more expensive than last year. But my goverment keeps assuring me that most people will see improvement. Our national statistics bureau says the average person will have to spend 334 euros more on living than last year. BUT WE ARE IMPROVING.
Wealth means what you will have left after all the taxes. So even if everything rises, then your salary and all your gainings from the government will rise more than all the costs. Even if your national statistics bureau says that you have to spend more on living, you might get more money in return. So maybe you will make 500 euros more than last year or something among those lines. However governments relies too much on predictions and so it might not always be the case and at the end of the day nobody will increase in wealth. In calculations the government will keep in mind certain probabilities likes the brexit, an export block from china etc. However it's a prediction, nobody can actually predict how much it will impact the economy and the wealth of citizens. Also to take in mind it's the average person, that means you might not be in that group of people who actually will get their whealth improved.
Exoría (EUW)
: DuoQ = worse teammates/better enemies?
In most cases you just fight a team who also have a duo queue team in it. I played like 6 games 2 days ago duo and only lost 1 because not every game is winnable but in the rest of the games we carried but our team did good too overall (however some games had a rough start). I do not experience any difference in my solo games and duo games. Even when we went flex with 3 we faced worse opponents, even a bronze 3 adc while we're all silver premade
: the "stfu" after saying "good luck have fun" is a classic :D it makes me laugh everytime why do you even start a game if you are already tilted?
I am not tilted, I would call it dissappointed that little kids (or adults who behave like kids) are still playing this game. I start the game with a nice attitude, be positive and go for that win because nothing can break me completely! But then the first flaming comes and everything goes downwards and I just facepalm myself and think: Yet another game where I have to deal with this Same like today, first game goes great. 2nd game and someone gets caught out in lane because he had no vision, starts cursing at the team and afk farms the rest of the game. Oh and obviously because he afk farmed he got caught out even more often and we could not make up against them. Hooray, all the lp I got the 1st match, is gone again in the 2nd because of some person who can't deal with dying once because it's his fault. Yup hardstuck silver 0lp I suppose at this rate, wish I could just win/lose a game by just winning/losing an important teamfight, not because some guy can't deal with something happening ingame.
Einshine (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Einshine,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KW6uwwA7,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-14T06:47:48.212+0000) > > I haven't looked at you match history (nor I care, sorry), but some people might tell you - "just cs better", "know how each of the champion work", "don't feed" etc.... That's certainly something I need to do, I am silver after all. If I was good at everything I would not be in silver. However there's a point where you can't do any better because nobody else is with you. It's a 5v5 game and yes some people are able to pull off a 1v5 or a 1v9 (at that point) but that won't happen every game nor that would happen to every single player. I just hoped that with me approaching people nicely at the start they would be nice to. And in some cases it does since I have had some nice chats with fellow players. However it seems that people still tilt or troll if they want to which is sad. Hopefully I will be able to grind again but I am getting to the point that I might just take enough with silver
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Hansiman (EUW)
: > I can understand that from 1 game.... IFS could at least flag accounts for manual review if there was an unusual amount of reports without it detecting anything. I'd assume FeederBuster could do the same, but there's still most likely some safeguards in place to prevent it constantly flagging innocent accounts. FeederBuster is far from good enough, but it is there. Even if behavior may seem obvious to humans, it can be very hard, if not impossible, for a machine to understand the intent behind certain gameplay behavior, and act accordingly. You don't want the system to be tuned in a manner that ends up punishing people for bad games. Chat analysis is different, and far easier, since the evidence is very clear from the logs. --- > And I would certainly send in a ticket but I feel that pretty time consuming in general. It's much less work than posting on the boards though, which isn't me saying you shouldn't raise awareness of problems. All you have to do is create a ticket, link the summoner and write a sentence or two about the issue. They'll take care of the rest. I'm quite sure the process can be done in about a minute, so before you'd even get your next game going. --- > Because then I would have to do that like 3 times per day because (eventho bad games exist) I have had games where I really wonder if someone is actually trying to win or just derank on purpose. You should only do it in the actual obvious cases, where there's no doubt in your mind of what's going on. I've sent in a couple of tickets myself regarding behavior like this, and I only did it when I was absolutely sure. Personally I'll give people the benefit of the doubt. --- > But if an entire team reports 1 guy at lesat it should be considered valid, certainly if this happen over the course of multiple games. Amount of reports should never matter when it comes to penalties, since you most likely would end up punishing people that were simply outclassed by their opponents, and where their entire team ganged up on them.
Ah so that's how support works in LoL, that's my bad for misunderstanding then. Any other game that I play normally asks me to write entire paragraphs about what happened what's wrong and even ask me for video evidence which is not what I really like to do. But if 1 sentence does the trick then, I will certainly contact support, thanks for giving me that advice. 2nd of all, I thought this Garen (eventho he had some weird plays) had just a bad game, because I have them too. But seeing his match history full of kda's lower than 1 as a mastery 7 garen. Then I really wonder if it was a bad game or someone playing like an idiot trying to look like he had a bad game. So that kinda threw away my benefit of the doubt And amount of reports in 1 game in general should certainly not ban someone. But if he got like a total of 15 reports in 3 consecutive games, then I would just look at those reports and be like: So why does he get those reports and do they match or is it indeed just 4 people being mad at 1 guy. And then 'investigation' can start if a ban would be justified or not.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Because detecting gameplay intent and handing out penalties accordingly is difficult. It **is** punishable to intentionally derank, since you can obviously only do that by intentionally trying to lose. If you feel a player is avoiding penalties, send in a ticket to support, and they can manually investigate the player.
I can understand that from 1 game, but after so many (in my eyes bad games) there is no way none of all those players have reported that guy for inting/trolling/deranking/griefing. I would think that at some point someone at riot should think: this guy gets reported a couple of times and seems to have a lot of bad games. What's going on right here. Because I understand just from those result, I know auto ban detect system won't work because he is still playing the game rather than running it down. And I would certainly send in a ticket but I feel that pretty time consuming in general. Because then I would have to do that like 3 times per day because (eventho bad games exist) I have had games where I really wonder if someone is actually trying to win or just derank on purpose. (Seeing people do stuff that looks more like an intro bot than an actual level 30 player) Because in those cases it should be enough to just report someone not just 1 report from 1 guy who might've been salty. But if an entire team reports 1 guy at lesat it should be considered valid, certainly if this happen over the course of multiple games. (this so riot does not have to look at every single report but only at the most frequently report people in multiple games)
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