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: The Stuttering in the bottom left corner
It's easier to see with champion name tags & health bars. Actually, once, because of the stuttering, it drew my attention to the enemy jungle about to gank us. xD
Cosmick (EUW)
: [BUG] Champion Select Exit
Happened to me too. Twice. It seems it is a new bug with the Jhin activate... And, I was Soraka, so I don't think it has anything to do with what you pick. Funny thing is, it happened EXACTLY when the timer reached zero. Sometimes, with the new queue, It goes past zero, everyone leaves the room, and I have to close, log in again, and "reconnect" to the loading screen. But no, this time, this happened. I hope it gets resolved soon. :)
Dramex (EUW)
: that's a good idea, I would like it too. but that would make one of the problems of team builder happen again (not being able to find a certain role for the team)
Well, I doubt everyone would tick that box, you know. Most people like fast queues. I much prefer being in the role I know how to actually play. :P
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