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: You clearly don't know what you are talking about. Probably you missed it, but I told you that Blizzard has a similar ToS to Riot. Did you not know that WoW is from Blizzard? Maybe you should look up their ToS.
: For toxicity? Really? Why did that happen?
They somehow convinced the Supports to get a 2nd Chance , the chances are pretty low but some Supports still believe in "Reforming"
: Example?
There were some cases ppl got unbanned
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Nerf twitch
Dont cry about it , u have a ban use it
: the reporting system is working just fine
Yes it works fine although it isn't the best System atm
Altiverse (EUNE)
: What... did I just experience...
I mean it's not always a good start if u get no good Leash but a jungler should be able to kill the buffs alone aswell... Idk what kind of jungler u had and which Elo you are so i cant talk much more about it
: So, you're banned for for flaming? And this is not "that" topic, where someone telling it's not fair & giving proofs, but you just admitted it. Oh - the only thing I can do when I hear/read that someone is banned PERMANENTLY (so it's probably seems, that you had earlier warnings or short bans & that changed NOTHING) is just listen this song ---> https://youtu.be/3GwjfUFyY6M {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Litterally saying Permabanned people are bad people isn't nice either. Hope Karma punishes you!
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Koroth,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ybo8VdcE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-14T00:03:03.050+0000) > > I mean Riot even said they want people to reform. You are given plenty of chances for that. The reform program starts with the first warning and not the first chat restriction (aka punishment). Furthermore, it's common to receive multiple warnings before the first restriction. If you somehow manage to not get the hint and improve your behaviour, the program is divided in 4 steps, each with escalating punishments. The 4th step is the perma-ban, but only those that refuse to reform are punished with that. ######Oh and we are talking exclusively about chat toxicity. Don't try to play the victim card. If you are perma-banned for chat toxicity that's because you deserved it.
Haha i didn't say i don't deserve a punishment... if so pls quote me ... Don't say something i never said ... I just mean permaban for Flame isn't really what a game should do to reform people it only makes things worse in the most cases also Riot saying you are one of 0,0006% of players getting Permanently banned is just bs , i know so many people that got perma
Febos (EUW)
: You do realize that the ToS are almost copy-paste across the globe? Find me 1 popular gaming company, just one, with VERY different ToS compared to Riot's. Good luck. ######I'll save you the trouble on some: Blizzard, EA, STEAM and Hi-Rez. Those have similar ToS (just worded differently).
WoW and other MMORPGS .... They wont ban players for saying bad things.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Koroth,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ybo8VdcE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-14T00:03:03.050+0000) > > I mean Riot even said they want people to reform. > I dont think it will work with litteraly " taking away their money and losing all stuff they played for on that account". > Sad u play on EUNE would've enjoyed playing with you sometime u seem like a cool person :). Losing money? According to the Terms of use you own,and never will own your account or anything related to it. You only buy license to use services such as skins or champions for the time untill you break contract(which is done for example by getting the perma from breaking rules)in the end Riot owns and will own everything inside the game while also reserving the rights to terminate any account at any given time. Everyone has read and accepted these terms at the moment they downloaded the game.The end.
And %%%% those Terms of Use holy moly ... Not a single game got such bad ToU
: I agree. The one reason i haven't mentioned yet as well is that there is always a solution for those flamers to calm down and change the way they treat others in game and even in real life as well. Serving them a harsh "There is no place for people like you in the game" kind of thing truly hits the fan and is just plain morally wrong. Flaming isn't a disease, therefore it could be changed in time, no need for people to treat them as some kind of inferiors.
I mean Riot even said they want people to reform. I dont think it will work with litteraly " taking away their money and losing all stuff they played for on that account". Sad u play on EUNE would've enjoyed playing with you sometime u seem like a cool person :).
: WP riot - clearly I deserve ban
Just take it as a last warning. I didn't ever think i'll get permabanned after my 14 week suspension. Be nice to others dont start a discussion, use your chat for strats saying "gj" and other nice things don't be as dumb as me and get banned for something like that.
: Monthly League tournaments for exclusive skins/RP
Players only get better when they play against people that are stronger than themselfes. I also think everyone should be able to get the same prices as we are all equal to another. I don't think it's right to give Diamonds better Stuff than Silvers Bronzies etc... Wouldnt be fair atl all
: An excellent solution for toxicity. And being permanently banned for it as well.
Hey as this account here is permanently banned i can say. Somehow you are right i mean i changed a lot since my perma ban i created a new acc after and don't write much more than "gj" in Chat anymore and try to be nice to other like i would be in real life. I also think ppl shouldn't lose their money and time they wasted in their Account only for saying something bad thats %%%%ed up IMO. A permanent Chat would really be better. But for people that use Scripts Hacks and INT ingame they should still get a perma ban.
: Hello Roy. Unfortunately players of Lol don't always use the forums until they get banned. Which is a shame as they never see these comments and don't always realise they can get banned until they do. They always think it "won't happen to them". In this instance you have learned the meanings of Consequence, value and loss. You behaved as if there were no consequences to your actions: You now know that there were. You acted as if your account was worthless to you and did not need you to protect it: You now realise it wasn't, it was worth a lot, even just in monetary value, and was not worth risking. You acted as if you had nothing to lose: You now know this not to be the case. There is no "unban", except in rare cases where Riot decided they made a mistake. This was not one of those times. You will never, ever be getting your account back from Riot. Ever. Take what you have learned and use it to your advantage in life, and the game.
Nicely said @Revengingangel but he could try to write a ticket he may get unbanned if he has good reasons and doesnt have such a bad ChatHistory
: No I can't because I get perm banned
Ofc you can i also just got permabanned. There is always a Game Card where u can see your recent Chat History...
SneKamel (EUNE)
: Account Hacked - Banned
Write a ticket to the Support, there is nothing we "normal Players" can do about it.
: How do i deal with platinum and diamond smurfs -_-?
You improve more when you play against better players than you are. You could download the replays and watch your mistakes and look what the enemys did better than you. Just play and improve thats how league works.
: Perm banned on league of legends sad
Riot just bans your account not persons. Except Tyler1 he got "Permabanned" as a person. You can try to write a ticket to the RiotSupport and explain why you would deserve to get unbanned. Write a ticket thats formal and grammatical correct so you look a bit more serious than in this post. I can tell you your chances to get unbanned are really low, but you can try it. I wrote like 5 tickets on this account to get unbanned, i tried so hard but it didn't work. I wish you good luck and if u want u could let me see your Report-Card that shows up when you try to log in your account. Also remember the 2 Weeks ban you've already gotten was actually your last chance. They normaly won`t unban you it also does not matter how much hours you´ve played on your account and how much money you spent on RP.
: I mean u literally got more than enough warnings and you knew what was gonna happen if you keep on being toxic.
True somehow. Ty for the response tho.
Blitzz (EUNE)
: Wow man, its not a post like ``RIOT FACK UUUU IDIOTS MY DAD WIORKS AT MICWWSROSTDF HE WILL BAN U`` I got 14 day banned, and i felt bad, and now im gonna try to reform. But it once happend that i thought my account was gone because it was hacked, and i feel you, i always try to distract myself with league, and have some fun, i know riot can unban you send them a support ticket, and who knows, they might do, i personally never got unbanned by a support ticket but i know some people who did, just tell them how much your account means to you, and that you promise you will reform, and who knows, there are some rioters that belive in reforming and they will unban you and give you a second chance, gl man
Ty nice to hear that you try to reform i wish you the best of luck for that since i know how it feels to be punished for something you dont really mean to do to others.. :p . Also thanks a lot for believing.
: You already had your Second chance. Also it wasn't 1 out of Million Games, you have to be very toxic to get perma banned.
Ofc i understand it... It was my last try you know . Also if you quote me do it right pls i said some out of million not one . Well dm have a nice day
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