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: I like ARURF
as you wish: so you like a gamemode, whats decided purely on luck ... you might as well go play in a slotmachine, if you get champs that you are famliliar to play with, or just outright op becouse cooldowns are not adjusted to skillsets, you trash the enemy team ... checked exact 1000 games, where my friends or i played this years arurf... it usually looks like : first team 0-10 kills, second team 30-60 kills in every 1000 of them... players that used as reference are from bronze til diamond in rank
: ARURF....
nice of you that you create a discussion to %%%%%% on arurf iv said it last time when ar urf came out, now yet again tell me how to win, with random champs where 4 of my team got champs that they played like once ever, and the enemy has 5 with mastery 7 tell me how riot? HOW????
Viavarian (EUW)
: It's a very specific situation. It can make sense to do that, but generally the best thing you can do with enemy skillshot is to dodge them. There are a million things you don't get assists for. Your pings and what you say in chat can prevent deaths and lead to kills, but you don't get an assist for that either. There need to simple rules for this.
well thy, but since damage has a numeric value i thought that can be tracked i mean "x" guy fight "y" guy, "z" guy takes damage meantime from "x" guy while being close to them , or smthng "edied, accidentaly used my own languages word order"
Kr3ä (EUW)
: Assist?
oh i guess i should give a complete explanation ... i flash in front of ezraels q to it will not kill our varus and thats why he got the kill ... so you say thats not assist?
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: Why can't we honor a player from the enemy team?
just the same thing i wanted to ask! really what if the enemy player that i laned against was an epic nice guy, couse you know /all chat, and i had real fun playing aginst him community or whatnot, league community is full with toxic players, and they wont go avay with this. they will just team up with friends and give each other enough honor, even better they will be the most honored! soo just give me back the chance to reward thoose who deserve it
: Or maybe it was made because the general consensus was that urf was dying rather quickly because of the meta that formed... Plus the toxicity of urf manics who try to enforce it. So the option was literally to either perma ban all the frequently picked champions (which doesn't work as the next lot will come up to the plate) or make it random... and honestly ARURF is exactly what it needed.
are you payed by riot to say this much of bs mate? did you read what i wrote? ar urf is what needed ... soo lets make it easyer ... start of champ select, you trow a coin the team guessing right wins, match over ... thats exactly what ar urf is ... make dammd urf draft pick, not blind draft ... let us see what the enemy is picking, couse there are plenty of champs to counter the so called OP ones you dont even need to bann anyone if you can prepare a teamcomp i dont care what problems urf had before ... the game itself had way more problems before as well we are talking about now not the past
Tarolock (EUW)
: it wasnt made random so we will hate it, it was made random because WE asked for it, i dont find it fun to choose from the 10 champions or you play black and white, old urf was like that, no matter what you did, even with the 6 ban the same 10 champions were in every single match
nope, old urf was like that becouse there were real hard balance issues in game, there still is but less, couse riots been working hard to balance them , by now the problem is that you get counters couse of random, and your game is ruined, you have no chance from start ... its not that some are more op, all are in urf ... used well they are ... the problem is that skillsets have counter-skillsets (if thats a word, but i hope you get it) what i cant counter by plays, is if the enemy just straight up blocks out most of my damage couse his abilities are made to do so .
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KFCdon11 (EUW)
: He is OP, he has been nerved. it changed his passive, I play yasuo and he is still so OP. but he does have champs that shit on him example zed.
sure becouse if zed uses a skillchain yashu passive shiled will not block most, and he cant dodge it and simply start to spam his own skills endlessly whitout cd while zed is trying to run away hoping that he will have ready before yashu hits 4 q and 6 e and if you just lack the skill build him tanky, he will still reck anyone but now with skill youll 3v1 easy, or w8 zed can try to poke .. ohh nvm windwall, yashu just beat everything ... couse he has no mana and no cooldown thats the only problem with him you can spam skills like in urf, but literally
Kr3ä (EUW)
: hard laggs on eu west
great, nevermind, it seems that game just dissapear into thin air, couse when i tryed to relog second time, i was in client, and the game dont even show up in match history...
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MonteKahn (EUW)
: Nerf Guinsoo's ffs
well ... i made some test ... built full tank from rammus, fom runes, masteries everything ... had 3 lvl advantage over irelia due to she being afk early she got her rageblade ... she walks to lane ... 4 hit on minions, dash to me, stunn start aa, i use every skill, she still killed me ... ok she died too couse of minion fire but still ... so now i know what to do, riot wants us to build guinsoos on everything ... so i will ...
Hairyloco (EUW)
: Breaking the laning meta = taboo
i just simply cant understand league players attitude at all, i would easyly say go whit it, in normals ... they are there for fun ... not to stress out on everything ... i know league is a sport ... RANKED is sport ... but normals ... really ... the people tend to forget that this is a GAME first and foremost ... you supposed to enjoy , have fun and do whatever you like ... so id say, just mute them, repot after game even, and dont care about what they say mate, do whatever you like
: Marksmen are so goddamn broken...
my issue whit them is not that, its the fact that they need 2 items to reach 40% cd reduction, whit the hard burst of a statick shiv and a rapidfire cannon duo ... seriously 500 bonus damage in first hit , just check vayne, now whit her harder % hp true damage, 4 items to reach 100% crit, hard attack speed + 500 damage burst in first shot ... yeah well i guess they are squishy, but i rather build around 400 armor / game lately as tank {{champion:78}} becouse they are not idiots and can kite you had a game vs 5 marksman too ... guess what they won ... we had a plat lee sin, he jumps kills 1 , they instakill it, after they do whit the rest ... soo np theres a good thing in new patch, now league is about 1 sec fights ... since a crappy carry can 3 shot a tank ... but hey we loved urf, so why not :D
: [Resolved] Can not log on to EUW after "Live Server Maintenance"
yep so it gets stuckd at starting autentication ... cant get response from server , all the pages say that eu west is on, trying again ith vpn ... ohh my it says position inquene over 20000 ... seriously? ok so really ... im off i come back in several days, lets hope they fix eu west ...
: [Resolved] Can not log on to EUW after "Live Server Maintenance"
yeah its not working, not even vpn programs help anymore ... how amazing is that ... ok time to go watch a movie, and w8 like 6 days ...
Metallix (EUW)
: Eu West down for 5 hours now. I vote free RP.
eu west is not down, its working, you just need to use cyberghost, or whatever else what similar to log in. and that rases a bigger question, why in the world it lets me log in if it thinks im in america, and not if it thinks im in italy ...
Kr3ä (EUW)
: whats going on?
Kr3ä (EUW)
: whats going on?
we have an improwement here! now it also says that theres an unusual amount of logins, so now i have to w8 5 min to get the same thing, ohh how great is that isnt it? service status page still says everything is fine, game itself says also that servers are online, just login says that its not ... amusing really ...
Warderino (EUW)
: I just wanted to play a game {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Oh well, maybe I should go Outside o.O
yeah well ... its saturday, afternoon, til 5 there wont be too mant things open, sooo i will just go watch some movie and hope that til night it will be solved :S
Kr3ä (EUW)
: whats going on?
dammit , i just called friends who also play, they have the same ... meanwhile service status page says everyhing is fine ... just dammd frustrating
: Same thing here.
thank god its not just me ... well then hopefully we just have to w8 til they notice us
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xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mursiful,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=rTT6EwO4,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-17T14:25:02.504+0000) > > its not according and punishment its stupid, to shut up you bitches who think LoL is be all and end all. Sometimes people must leave, sometimes people dc, sometimes LOL is the problem but we are still to blame. If you lose a game big fucking deal. Id say remove leavebuster for the unranked games, they are unranked after all. If someone leaves more then say %40 of games low priorioty them, but say you leave 10 games over space of 150 games 20 minute punishment is to much, for an unranked "GAME" Ranked gets already punished harder then normals.. Also, keep in mind each time you leave, regardless of reason you hurt 9 other players with it. That needs to have consequences. Sure everyone can happen to need to go, or has a crash/power outtage. BUT listen carefully : LB does not punish these cases, it targets consistency.. People who constantly and frequently show that behaviour. It targets once in a while offenders lightly, if at all, and punishes consistent offenders harder. And thats just fine. If you cannot fix whatever is causing you to afk/dc/leave CONSTANTLY you should not play a game where you hurt 9 other people in the process. Dont be so egoistic and only think about yourself, stop ruining the fun of others. Or deal with the punishment.
ahha you hurt 9 other players ... what if the game itself is at fault? or the connection to the server? not your pc what you just bought and installed lol, just to get "data corruption" on the next day, and get a 5 min penalty, or even better just 1 day later get one more, becouse the client is just "works properly" and gets you data corruption on a 3 day old pc 3 day old lol, you get a 10 min for client crash... i even rush back apologise to everyone, explain to everyone, contribute in the game, goddamd even winning the dammd game. but k i take it 10 min ... bah who am i kidding after i raged myself out i delete the game...
: I don't think it ever resets: Lets say after 5 leaves you get a 5 min Low Prio Q, 50 matches later you decide to leave 5 times you get 10 min, x amount of games later you leave 5 you get 20 and so on, these leaves do not have to be in a row either, just in total.
? really ? yesterday got dropped from 1 becouse the game itself said that theres data corruption. got 5 min for 5 games. today got dropped from 1 game for the same reason game repair itself and everything, and i got 10 min for 5 games... explain plz!


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