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: Great... was going to post a new thread something along the lines of: "Hi guys. it's been 4+ years since i played this game. How's the atmosphere these days? Still salty venomous?" but looks like several threads already answered it :)
well ofc, the season end is near, people want their rewards, and they are really stressed out,
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MicroBr3w,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qt3ks06l,comment-id=0005000b0000,timestamp=2016-09-15T23:17:58.682+0000) > > Hmm... Let me clarify some things. > > We don't have a group of Rioters that are assigned to answer the boards or "be present". Having dedicated people do that is how you can get a very stale environment. > > There are quite a few places where Rioters with different expertise post. For example, RiotScruffy [posted ](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/vAkP5R62-can-we-get-a-new-champ-that?comment=001d)a few thoughts on champ design. > > Yes, I see the irony that those posts are on the NA boards. 2 reasons. One, English happens to be the first language of many Rioters and two, he's over in NA. > > The reality is that the bulk of Rioters work out of the Los Angeles office, and, because of that, typically play on the NA server. Latency is king, after all. Which leads to them posting on the NA boards. Just as we over here in EU post on these boards because we play on EUW and EUN. AFAIK, the boards currently don't support cross-realm Red Name tracking. If you search for Red Name posts here, you'll get EUW/EUN board posts. If you search for Red Name posts over on the NA boards, you'll get NA posts. There are sites out there that scrub across multiple forums to pull Red Name comments. We could go into that space, but those community sites do a really good job at what they do, and we encourage and appreciate their involvement. Check them out... good stuff for sure. > > Anyway, to bring this back, I agree that more Red posts would be awesome. I usually check the boards each day, and I am trying to carve out time daily to make sure I'm more active. I'm poking other Rioters to do that same. Eambo sits about 10m from me, and you KNOW he's a madman when it comes to being on the boards. ;) You called? ^^ To be 100% transparent, this is something I'm super passionate about as you guys probably know. Posting on the boards with a shiny red name can actually be a little scary as MicroBr3w mentioned earlier - I've had multiple times where something I've said jokingly, at a whim, or even totally clarified as "THIS IS NOT RIOT'S OPINION OR OFFICIAL, THIS IS MY OWN THOUGHTS" ended up on Reddit and other media outlets as "Riot said..." - which is scary. Generally our rule of thumb is that if we're not 100% in a position to give you the right info (IE: "Why's championship Riven coming back!") - we try to avoid commenting to prevent misinformation (Again, something I've screwed up on before!). I think that there's two main reason's people want Rioters to post - and that is: - To get information and knowledge about the game and where it's going. Buffs, nerfs, tweaks, new champs, design, etc. - To get some interaction with Riot in general! (Random posting and us being a closer part of the community!) The former is unfortunately a tough one to tackle - a majority of game development happens in NA, the dev's play on NA, are based in that timezone - that's ultimately where they post. While not an ideal solution, this is why we actually added the "Dev Corner" link to NA boards here on the EU boards - we didn't want it to be the case that you guys didn't get to participate in those discussions or even visibility of them. The latter is something I personally feel we can definitely improve on. It's something I've been bringing up (despite not really being my area - I'm Network Operations!) and plan on pursuing. Whether anything comes out of it is another matter, but a core part of it is to make sure we: - Provide value in posting - Don't post misinformation - Have a bit of a thick skin. (Sorry but it's true - we get a decent amount of QQ and negativity thrown at us despite our best efforts, or even having nothing to do with the particular QQ area!) - Keep all our supported languages in mind. Posting in English only is a crappy experience for the other boards of Europe who are just as important. This thread alone gives some great information on what you guys want to see from us - so thank you for that! ^^ Basically, yeah we're aware, yeah we're listening - and your feedback is very much appreciated for us to bring internally for discussion, so keep it coming!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qt3ks06l,comment-id=0005000b00000000,timestamp=2016-09-15T23:37:57.855+0000) > > You called? ^^ > > To be 100% transparent, this is something I'm super passionate about as you guys probably know. Posting on the boards with a shiny red name can actually be a little scary as MicroBr3w mentioned earlier - I've had multiple times where something I've said jokingly, at a whim, or even totally clarified as "THIS IS NOT RIOT'S OPINION OR OFFICIAL, THIS IS MY OWN THOUGHTS" ended up on Reddit and other media outlets as "Riot said..." - which is scary. Generally our rule of thumb is that if we're not 100% in a position to give you the right info (IE: "Why's championship Riven coming back!") - we try to avoid commenting to prevent misinformation (Again, something I've screwed up on before!). > > I think that there's two main reason's people want Rioters to post - and that is: > > - To get information and knowledge about the game and where it's going. Buffs, nerfs, tweaks, new champs, design, etc. > - To get some interaction with Riot in general! (Random posting and us being a closer part of the community!) > > The former is unfortunately a tough one to tackle - a majority of game development happens in NA, the dev's play on NA, are based in that timezone - that's ultimately where they post. While not an ideal solution, this is why we actually added the "Dev Corner" link to NA boards here on the EU boards - we didn't want it to be the case that you guys didn't get to participate in those discussions or even visibility of them. > > The latter is something I personally feel we can definitely improve on. It's something I've been bringing up (despite not really being my area - I'm Network Operations!) and plan on pursuing. Whether anything comes out of it is another matter, but a core part of it is to make sure we: > - Provide value in posting > - Don't post misinformation > - Have a bit of a thick skin. (Sorry but it's true - we get a decent amount of QQ and negativity thrown at us despite our best efforts, or even having nothing to do with the particular QQ area!) > - Keep all our supported languages in mind. Posting in English only is a crappy experience for the other boards of Europe who are just as important. > > This thread alone gives some great information on what you guys want to see from us - so thank you for that! ^^ Basically, yeah we're aware, yeah we're listening - and your feedback is very much appreciated for us to bring internally for discussion, so keep it coming! you are right about it being scary and people overreact, but the question is why they do this. Maybe they do this because once every week or so a rioter posts something like this and everyone on reddit goes wild (also because former champion leaks were done trough reacting on the forums)
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: Hey guys, Thanks for bringing this up. **TL;DR: We can do better. And we will, where we can.** More context... Posting on the boards is something we wrestle with, wanting to do as much as we can, but there are some challenges. Happy to discuss more. Figured I'd put some things down here to hopefully provide some context. **Right or wrong, Red Names have a perception of authority.** For example, I work in the Live Services area, where we monitor and try to keep the game, boards, etc up and running all the time. If I just got out of a Ranked match where I was smashed by a {{champion:7}} , for example, and I come to the boards and say "/rage {{champion:7}} needs a nerf! Promo lost :(", well....that could get picked up as "Riot says LB needs a nerf". Guess what? I'm probably the LAST person at Riot that should be making champ balance decisions. Oh, and it could be because I'm in Silver and that LB was a Gold OTP LB. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} That said, when we DO have the knowledge and expertise to post something, we should jump on it. For example, during yesterday's EUN Game Start issue, I [posted ](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/Z45VXNos-resolved-eun-1492016-games-not-starting-properly)on the Announcements board, trying to keep everyone up to date on the status. We have the in-client ticker (that little yellow/red marker left of the Launch/Play button), and we have the [Server Status Page](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#euw). But we can do better and the board post yesterday is an attempt to level up in this area. **Would love your feedback on whether it was useful.** We also like to post on the random and fun threads that are out there. "Who's your favorite champ?", "How do you beat Heimer top?", etc. These type of posts are a lot of fun because we are Players first and foremost, talking about the game we love. These type of threads are easy to hop into :) Constructive threads are also good. For example, "Anyone else in Portugal unable to connect?". Or "Why am I unable to buy the new Yorick skin?". These are specific and either let us know there's an issue, or we can reply saying we know about it. At least then you can know it's not just you, and it's on Riot's side of things to fix. Lastly, we try to avoid the really salty posts, because...well...they are salty. If there's a post that starts with "Rito servers are shit", more than likely that OP doesn't want me to provide [links](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/editorial/ping-pwn-waging-war-lag-eu-players) to Riot Direct [posts](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/editorial/ping-pwn-waging-war-lag-eu-players), or explain how we upgraded our servers, or how it could be their ISP. They are just mad and venting. I get it, and I don't want to just reply with a "yeah, sucks. sorry". That would make me rage even more if I were the OP. (That was a wall of text. Grats if you made it this far) So, what do you think? Besides doing a better job in general, do you think we should rethink the above points?
sure, the red got authority i guess, then make a new color for the 'Community Manager' like Yellow, make 1 person on the forums (who works at riot) as job to communicate to other people, because many of the Reds dont have insight in all the things that are happening. this person can communicate on the EUW,EUNE,NA, ETC. forums and also on reddit so people will get more insight and believe in the company.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest Nr. 28
hmm, imagina a blank paper.... i call it Recon Teemo standing still.... umm, alright ill go :/
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NK Susi Snow,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=K3EXaQxv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-08T11:41:48.794+0000) > > Damn... Ghost nerfs to Fizz being real... :p If I understand correctly, that means Cleanse can also drop the fish now then? Would be greatly appreciated to see it in the next patch notes, just to be 100% clear. Thanks for the quick response! I haven't tested all the variables but from my understanding I think so - cleanse should drop Fizz's ult to the floor (same affect as if it'd missed, just no longer clinging to you). Would be interested in testing this tonight thought! :-)
the secret lucian buffs are the dealiest or wait... his e doesnt remove slows anymore right? Cleanse [sum], QSS [item], Mikael's Crucible [item], Unbreakable Will [alistar], Dark Frenzy [evelynn], Remove Scurvy [gangplank], Decisive Strike [garen], Highlander [yi] and Ragnarok [olaf]. are now also a counter to fizz
Caraméla (EUW)
: What if LOL champions got a pokemon type???
kayle and morg should be fairy i think?
: It's not completely random. The crit system in LoL tries to avoid streaks, which means the longer you don't crit, the higher your crit chance will be. So it's similar to what you described as PRD. To use your example with 25% crit: You don't necessarily crit after your 4th hit, but the longer you don't crit the more likely it becomes to crit. Of course the opposite applies as well (if you crit too often, your crit chance for the next few autoattacks will be reduced until you are close to 25% again).
hmm interesting, but how does this work, does it only work this way on champions, or can you stack your non crits on minions which will lead to more crits on champions? (i know its random ofcourse, but im just interested)
: Hextech crafting when you got all champions
____ The system randomly picks a shard out of the pool of champions, skins, ward skins and summoner icons. You indeed also get champion shards even though you got all champions. A rioter confirmed this is intentional and they are trying to make people with all champions still benefit of the champion shards in some way. Just stock em up for now and eventually you will be able to do something with it ___
Rioter Comments
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 23
{{champion:266}} Aatrox never found his way into the meta, he either was too strong or too weak. The problem is, if you stomp with this champ the enemy cant fight you cause of your sustain... and if you lose you cant fight since all your dmg is from basic atacks (or most of it). and his spells cost health too {{champion:115}} Ziggs is a rly fun champ, until he insta pushes your minion waves and stalls the game till min 40... anyhow he does need some buffs so he atleast got a reason to pick instead of everyone ignoring this champ. {{champion:35}} This champ is so weak unless fed, Sure if his lvl 2 cheese works hes strong... but otherwise he feels rather weak, not saying a full buff is needed, maybe just a lategame buff and early nerf? not sure This is how i think about these champs, hope you guys agree
Ryùuzaki (EUW)
: EUW server ? hello ?
laggs? you mean not being able to see enemy champs, minions, allied minjons.... but only be able to move? or was that just my game :p
Rioter Comments
: How to transform salt to sugar in a few easy steps
*presses the ignore button* hmm, enjoys the silent chat without any salt
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Coach me to gold.
First: you need to be health to reach gold... i recomend you to eat 2 Riot Croissantors a day. Secondly : if i were you i would drop rammus and tahm support, they just arent that good.... I personaly would drop toplane myself, but its your call if you like it or not. you will eventually need to have your own prefered playstyle ofcourse but can you show us how you play ingame... cause its hard to give any tips from match history other than champions you do get killed alot and trying to see why you do that. maybe its overextending? try to improbve ur cs abit too
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Irrsinn,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=j9q715NN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-06T08:44:36.172+0000) > > "Throws Pokeball" Too late, this one's already been captured. Better luck next battle!
Krabby Uses Guillotine on 'A wild wrenchman', the attack misses
Cosantoir (EUW)
: I made a Croissant
oww, i got a problem now, i want to eat the croissant you made, but i cant :/
: Giving Out 1 Skin/Champion Of Winner's Choice To 5 Lucky People :D (Details Inside If Interested)
well, first of all: Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoyed ur surpise party. here, this song is for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrThROcEvY8 Care, i wrote abit too much. So it will take some time to read i guess, hope there arent that much spelling errors in it. And im sorry if this story misses the letter S somewhere, my keyboard isnt what it used to be. _________________ **Current division**: Diamond V **Am i happy in this division**: at the moment no, people who are around low diamond (and i guess thats with all 5th divisions now) dont rly play for the win anymore. They dont play for fun either. i dont rly care about being dia V myself, but the games i play right now are just not the ones i like They dont play for win/fun because there arent any objective anymore. if they cant get to the next tier (bronze>silv>gold>plat>dia>mas>chal) they start to troll because... no objectives demotivates them. i personaly am waiting for the ranked reset myself too so this problem gets fixed... another reason why i am unhappy right now is because in the last 20 games i only won 2, and lost 18. and when i start up a game i dont rly have a feeling i get the teams i normaly had. people go afk when they are 0/2. or when some1 says like noob 'insert champion' they go afk too. I truely dont hope this post makes you unhappy, cause if it does just stop read it. 1 unhappy person is enough. _______________ **how did you get to this division**: well, i just got too much free time i guess, and i tend to play lol in my free time, and so i eventually got this. Not a great story i know, but making up a story isnt fair either. ___________________ **your main champions**: My main champion since some time is Bard, i just love to help people in lanephase and prevent alies from getting killed. The ult is just awesome, and his magical journey and bind are lovely too. I personaly dont rly like his shrines because they dont really heal alot lategame, but i just love the bard playstyle, some roaming now and then is nice too. My main champ this season is katarina. And yes im sorry, she can be annoying to play against. she is indeed easy to get several kills with her passive, but i just love her playstyle. especially her E (shunpo) _______________________ **What Have You Done That You Feel Has Had An Impact On The LOL Community**: well, thats one long question... umm.... 1. i tend to be a positive player and try to motivate my team. I also try to help out the adc or midlane if they need it. 2. since season 1 i played mordekaiser and annie botlane with my brother. We rly had fun playing it, but always got flamed when we picked it. Both annie and mordekaiser were considered trolls botlane back then. After a while people started to play annie as a support and thought she was rly strong. thats when we started to fp annie botlane so our team wouldnt troll us that fast (because they would instantly think what we were playing was bad and either troll, or play something like a vayne top, because an adc is needed.) just some patches ago riot made mordekaiser botlane viable by making his W only useable with a teammate and give him more exp when in a duo lane. we still want to play mordekaiser annie botlane and will do so if mordekaiser wont be a ban every game. ______________________________ **what skin would you like if you win** i would rly like snowday malzahar skin, but i know its not yet available i also like Pulsefire ezreal, but im not gonna ask you that, your gesture is nice, dont want to rob you by asking such an high priced skin so asuming you dont want to wait that long, nor pay that much money... the skin i would rly like besides the other ones is : Firefox ahri, because i want to learn ahri, rly love that skin...... and to support firefox :D _____________ Yet again, happy birthday and its rly nice you give something to the community :)
Cypherous (EUW)
: Riot has no control over websites, they also have no way of checking if you used it, riot only cares about things that directly interact with the client, ergo manually started jungle timers on other devices are allowed etc
maybe ur right.... but some sites dont work anymore because of the riot api or something, like: now.lolking.net and Carry.gg they were used the same way like lolnexus, but dont work anymore
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: "Oh, no...."
{{champion:19}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:28}} ww because flash ult.... its just so strong. and building qss sounds cool, but you can only afford that lategame.... and then ww is a monster anyway vayne because every vayne i see ends up (almost) carrying the game, even when they arent that good. and eve..... well.... i just dislike the part of being forced to play defensive cause you cant ward against her properly
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 17 (Eune/Euw)
being a positive player starts before even pressing the play button. You should not think like "i already lost 5 games due noobteams so this will be another lose" or "I will have to carry the game again or we lose". instead you should have thrust in your team, If you play Draftpick and somebody is higher in pickphase than you, you should let him play the role he wants. You can ofcourse always ask something like i prefer midlane, but if the firstpick wants mid too and instalocks ahri you shouldnt troll and hope some1 dodges. If somebody asks a question, even if its a question like "what does anivia passive do?" you should just answer the question kindly and not flame and laugh at the person in chat becaue he doesnt know that. Lets say the game started and your ally gets grabbed at lvl 1 and says "my bad" or "sorry". you could ofcourse be negative and say words like OMG and Reported.... but a positive player doesnt do that, he stays positive even if things are looking bad. If you are 20 minutes ingame and you are 3/15 (as a team) and you want to surrender (i personaly think a positive player may surrender unwinable games) and the surrendervote fails because 2 or more people pressed no, you should just try to win anyway. Cause other people think the game is still winable. alright, now the game ends and your adc was afk since min 5. People start saying thinks like: GG, GG wp and GG EZ NOOBS. You cant really blame people for saying GG or GG wp just because it was an unfair game. Maybe they thought it was a fair game or mean that you guys played rly good and deserved to win. Ofcourse if people say things like "gg ez noobs" then you should just 'reward' them with a report so they get a warning and eventually a reformcard which tells them what they did wrong (these people do know what they do). Lets say in the next game your katarina midlane goes 0/1 earlygame because of a jungler gank and at 15 minutes when the lanephase is over she is 0/5 or even 0/7. We can now ofcourse blame the kata because she made the game so much harder than it should be... but lets say we say 'noob kata'. What will this kata do then? she will become negative herself and will play more solo just because of 1 thing people say to her. Instead you can also say to the losing kata something like "we got this lategame" or when somebody say noob kata you can say something like "its alright, sometimes these things happen" when you say something like that the kata will be less negative and maybe she will go in a teamfight and get some kills which will lead to a decent lategame. ___________ another positive player is somebody who wants people to write about positive player, like SeekerK. he makes us think about possitivity and wonder if we are really the person we are describing. For example i dont consider myself as a 'positive player' just because sometimes when i get a 5 losingspree i will play weird champs which i normaly never play for some reason or play a lane which i never do. ___ I hope when people read these comments they will actualy understand whether you are the negative person in your team and maybe improve their behavior. **I Wish you all Goodluck with the Contest and Have fun on Summoners Rift**
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=jonisen22,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QEi1dnEl,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2015-09-01T12:45:53.637+0000) > > I think his W's magic resist and armor was very good when you fought or wanted to reduce the damage from pokes in lane. They could remove the heal when it is not used on an ally. Yeah, I miss those stats =-/ I dunno why they were removed in place of a heal *shrug* As for him wrecking face without being fed, that's due to the oddity of his design right now. Right now you don't build damage, you build stickiness. You want to speed up to catch them, and slow them down. It's a weird push for him to be honest - forcing him to play chasies and ensure he's in that Q range =-(
I kinda agree that the new mordekaiser is weird, and they should indeed fix the Q ability. The main problem is the first q deals almost no dmg, de 2nd q deals decent dmg and the 3rd q deals insane instakill damage.... this is not really a nice system for a bruiserish champion (tho i think it would be a nice idea for some kind of assasin) the difference i just to much lets say morde q deals 250 damage q1 deals : 250 damage (8%) q2 deals: 250x3 = 750 damage (23%) q3 deals 750x3= 2250 damage (69%) I honestly think they should change the differences in damage.... since his 3rd Q deals almost all the damage of his q ability, while the other 2 aa only deal 31% damage Something like 25% 30% 40% should be nicer and feel like he is less depend on just his 3rd Q ability this way he wouldnt be a one trick pony anymore (or a one q metal man)
A Ocean (EUW)
: Types of people you associate with certain champs
the Grass type: trying to help everyone the Flame type: trying to flame everyone the Water type: counters the flame type by counter flaming them the Psychic type: trying to manipulate the enemy team to flame their team the Electric type: never runs out of batteries the Ice type: is way too cool for this game the Dragon type: fears the Dragon slayer skins the Dark type: arent as bright as they look
eXtreemo (EUW)
: You just ruined whole Teemo's point
hmm, so the only special thing about Teemo is his shrooms, the other part of his kit is just.... not good. so why does riot want to destory that 1 Teemo ability by decreasing its duration and increasing the time it needs to be activated? Edit: i do like what they did with his passive, but rly riot, 'changing' a pretty bad champion by nerfing the ult and just adding some negotible power in his passive which deals 0 dmg isnt gona work
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 4- August [TRIPLE GIVEAWAY DUH!]
Gamemode Idea: Name: Turret Defense. the map of the gamemode is Summers Rift, but all turrets (including inhibitor turrets and even spawnpool turrets) will be removed. at the start of the game you spawn at a random place on the Summers Rift map, you will spawn a turret next to you, to the right if this is possible. (yes, this can mean you and your turret are in the jungle or baron pit for example.) In this game you lose if your team loses all their turrets, if you get killed you will spawn next to **your** turret again (after your death timer ofcourse, if your turret is down you will spawn in the closest allied turret) enemy minions will spawn next to your turret and will try to kill your turret every 30 seconds. You will play this game 3v3 or 5v5, the objective is to kill all the enemy turrets. Death timers on this map will be reduced by 50% so your turret doesnt get killed that easilly when you get killed one time (unless the enemy leaves their turret to atack yours.) if you lose your own turret your timer will be increased to the normal 100% deathtime. If you do have any questions about this gamemode dont hesitate to ask them . and im sorry if the spelling is horrible.
: You People Who Complain About Gangplank's Death Disgust Me
Teemo mains shouldnt be affraid, riot will make Teemo the only champ in league, it will just take some time before Teemo (disguised as another champ) will kill everyone
Eveninn (EUW)
: Shhh, no story is crap. Even if you don't think you'll win, you still can try, no? If I find the time I'll write a story for next month, despite obviously not wanting to win, but just for the sake to write a stroy and add to this collection. ;) I think there are a lot more people than Noodle (or Cupcake now?), me and Coxis reading These Storys, as they very enjoyable to read. ^^
i agree, i love reading these storys, and writing them is enjoyable too. i just mean that my story isnt as good as the other story's and i know i just cant win the contest, but i honestly dont rly care. i love writing them anyway so i will just try to make a fun story, and ye, didnt even see he changed his name :D well, hes still a doctor, so i guess we can trust him :D
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Madara896 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Doctor NoodIe,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=3PTfKE5W,comment-id=00390000,timestamp=2015-07-27T14:58:40.644+0000) > > So many Rengar posts :D I just looked at some previous stories. Just realised there is no way I could win. Meh, i was never good at stories
Some people are just better at making stories, i made one too, but if you look at how the other storys are made, my story is just crap... but so be it. so many people made long storys, will be hard for Our Noodle God to team them all in time, so please take ur time Noodle God!!
Marat0s (EUW)
: RIP Gangplank. You will Be missed.
how can he be dead? he was the only champ that ate healthy :/ those citrus fruits... he was my example Edit: Riot please, kill the toxic champions, not just gp ;)
Eambo (EUW)
: Who likes Croissants?
oh, riot croissant.... can you please tell me when Riot will launch Croissant Twisted Fate?.... instead of cards he will uses croissants to feed his enemies. and... when he recalls he will eat a croissant with a Riot logo on it to remember Riot Croissant once and for all
: Riot, please give us more than 3 bans each...
what about every team member having 1 ban instead of 1 teammate having 3?, but ye, that would increase the draft queue times too much, dont think its a good idea because of that reason What if riot looks at the bans in a patch and after a week starts 'random bans' this would mean that 2 bans on each team get generated according to the most banned champions
: You're than welcome to play ap still. The heal was clearly too strong when stacking AP, same as when Tryndamere did it. People moaned for that too. Simple fact is, they've had these ratios for a long time, and until they're "exploited" Riot don't care what people do. I'm 100% sure Riot never intended a Crit monster auto attacking beast (Tryn) of a character to stack AP. Same goes for Xin. So changing their ratios is only normal. But still you're more than welcome to play AP/AD versions of something. You'll just be slightly less good.
ur kinda right, they were outdated champions with outdated ap ratios who should've never existed anyway. same with lucian, why does he needs ap ratio on his w, he is a marksman
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: It'd be pretty underwhelming for an **ult**, if that was the case. Plus, really, Tahm's not the only one whose main tanking ability is not his ult e.g. Leona, Nautilus, Sion, Braum, Volibear, Taric... I don't see how it's special or problematic with Tahm.
true, and TK doesnt got a real threathening ult anyway so its ok his e is strong
: awww.. sadly its not in german :/ I think writing stories in English is even harder than just chatting.. So i am really sorry if there are grammatical error, this is the first time English "prose" outside of my school-time and that was a loooong time ago.. Sinful Succulence Morgana She remembered. But she wished she never had. While sitting alone and sipping tea, the smell of old times hit her like a cyclone or a wave, without much possibility to shield herself. While she sat on her couch,waiting she remembered. They were happy. they loved each other in the simple way that sisters do, unconditionally. They adored each other while running wild, with fervour innate in of children who have the world amongst their feet. Together, yes , together they could be anyone they wanted, as strong, as smart, as fast, as cunning, as imaginative and beautiful as they wished for. But still. They also were rivals, as siblings are, fighting over teddy-bears and books, over small smiles from mother or the recognition of a teacher. Who would run faster, the golden hair flying in wind like ray of lights and feet's drumming the ground with small insects and grass flying around. Who is the fastest? Who is the smartest, burrowed in books, venturing in the library, camping up until dawn, slumped over books and drooling a bit. They always wanted to be the better one just a bit, to show it. But still, they loved each other.. She remembered one time, they both in the kitchen, mixing batter with pieces of chocolate, beating it until gooey and sweet. Sweetness and Spices lying around, batter was everywhere but on the tray (mostly in their faces and bellies, even if they got scolded to not eat raw batter "you will hurt your tummies") And the smell, and the taste, taste of childhood and winter-days with cinnamon grounded in hot chocolate and a sky full of dancing flakes. They loved each other..Regardless the small stings..They really did. Really. When did it change? When did the small harmless rivalry grow more? When did the playful fighting become less playful? When did it start, hurling words like the spears of vengeance, intent to hurt but both unwilling to feel open. "I just was joking" But the state of the world helped sharpen the sticks, collect the rocks, building the walls. The grew apart. But they loved each other...It is war. A war ripping apart everything not smart enough to run with all the love they have..War kills everything. It starts small. Words were thrown, rending like dull knives, ripping, thousand small cuts. And one hiding the hurt through smiling and unrelenting ambition, fighting her way up to the top. A new family? The other did not hide, frowning, angry, defiantly, arguing for freedom, individuality. Searching for knowledge, a way to be distinct, be better than her, the hero, the hope of all, the wunderkind, fighting like a true warrior with steely resolve in her heart. She was nobody to swing a sword, not to conform, not to even out, not to judge like her sister. Resentment leading to isolation and isolation to knowledge, crying herself to sleep alone in her bed, the mother gone and the sister away, becoming somebody else, her golden armor like a flame burning in righteous anger. But Morgana? She swore she would be better. She would be loved for her knowledge, a wise woman, no fear for the old taboos only in place to limit her, she thought. Kayle in her fervour and furore was not to know..Kayle who became different day for day she was away..And the days they both were at home... An awkward shuffling and scuttle, always trying to not run into the other, not having to see her eyes. Not having to question their ways. They were right. They knew it..If she would just see it..thenn they would not have to... But they love each other... The nagging envy, the alienation, the arcane knowledge that helped her in her convictions..Nights without sleep, all those books ingrained in her mind, letters jitter as if the air was burning, plasma sizzling and crackling of old power and magick. She learned so much..The truth was no objective truth, because its a product of winner.. But with every old tome something was clinging inside her, growing and budding inside her with every new spell she learned, licking away at her memories, the colour of Mom´s hair, the cookie-recipe..her love. Kayles determination, her new family schooled her. She became truth, became judgement. Bit for bit, day for day. Her fervor, the truth, an ever burning flame inside her, searing and hot, eating at her humanity, eating away her memories...her love. She just would not see her side. She wasn't allowed to.. (What would people say, the hero, the judge, the adjudicator. conspiring with a black-mage, a defiant one.) And her sister? She could not see the warmth and acceptance her new family brought her, her soldiers, welded together by war and heroism. She could not see it, did not want to see it. But it were only words. Until those were not enough. Still, they both were hoping, that love was enough. She had to prove it. Prove her devotion, righteousness. The rift made it easy. She *had* to prove herself to earn her position. To show devotion. To have no weakness, no soft side. No past. She had disowned her a time ago. Meddling wit taboo, violent, harmful magic. That woman, her sister became the other. She remembered her...But she did not know her anymore There was a clawing beast in her bosom, fighting the last chains, growling. Morgana knew what that meant. The war had arrived, Her lust for knowledge, her defiance, her egoism marked her for death. But she would not give it easily. She would not run. She tried to remember the past, play-fighting, flying through the woods. How did her face look? She could not remember..There was a hollow pit in her heart, spreading, growing, tainting. There was this one wish in them, That she would not do it That she would run. But they had lost. Both. They lost themselves and they lost each other. Love was not enough. Kayle stopped being Kayle and became the impersonation of "Virtue" bringing "peace" to their people at all cost...Peace, Virtue..words that became cold ash in Morganas mouth..Virtue according to whom.. Morgana became something different, eaten alive by the loss of her sister as she knew her, directing the hate at the one think she knew was at fault..The pit in her heart was spreading, magic feasting at her essence, eating her life, her warmth..She lost the feeling in her fingers, and her sense of taste, she´s cold all the time but she did not freeze. All became samey to her, only her books and her plans for fighting mattered. Fighting the one she thinks took her sister.. (they are so similar..If they just knew.) Why did it have to be that way? After Kayle disowned her, threw her out because the "home of the virtue" could not be tainted by that was was deemed "taboo" the darkness eating the heart of every person it could find and touch. They met.. They fought.. Both unable to cry, overtaken by the powers that waged the war for so long, making them both avatars, living embodiment of Darkness and Light. Enemies instead of sisters, Adversaries instead of family, "best friends forever" now foes locked in unending combat. **Fire..Yes, they burned**..Both they were taken by the flames in their hearts, both they burnt the ground and the air, fighting in eternity, interlocked in an endless dance. They stopped feeling. They could not survive any other-way, as often as they clashed, tearing into each other, binding and slicing, screaming and heaving..War became their purpose. Their raison de etre. They cant stop, because if they do, they might see each other, when standing amongst **burning** pillars of flesh. They might recognize each other for what they were. Not what they are. Fire..again.. It was so lucid, Morgana felt taken back to that last night she left the place that was her home for so long and now just an elaborate prison and full of people envious of her knowledge(she thought) Burning her home to the ground..Kayle was not her sister anymore, the family had fled long ago. In the blazing **Fire** she left the smallest part of her behind. The loving sister, small miss smartypants., the Cook.. She burnt it all..She would not need it, she thought. **Fire**.. Morgana woke out of her memory as if she had been sleeping.. **It smelled of Fire.** Disoriented she looked around. The fire was real...after a short burst of panic she knew the source of her trouble...... Dark swirling fog came from her oven in thick clouds and she ran to save the last of her cookies while swearing vividly*..while trying to save a few cookies.. And amidst those burnt cookies she sat..She took a bite, expecting to taste just ashes , like it always was after that last day in her home. it was no ashen taste.,A bit of grainy sugar, the savoury taste of cleared, slightly salted butter..Cinnamon. She took another bite..and remembered, so vividly..The smell of mother, the laugh of Kayle, the cookies they so often baked..Together. As sisters. Now she was alone. (*Luckily nobody was around or Runeterra would have a few frogs more)
wow, such a long story, that should take some time and effort to write, hope you win since it looks like a nice story
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 3 - July!
heres my story, sorry if you dont like it. But i normaly dont write storys Jurrasic Cho’Gath It was an ordinary day 200 million years ago. Cho’Gar, who belong to the Cho species, was looking for food. Because Cho’Gar was still pretty small he couldn’t eat flying creatures and looked for the ones on the ground. He found a pretty big insect who was called Koggy. Cho’Gar approached it friendly because he was in a field without trees and rushing towards the insect would have made it ran away, and Cho’Gar was tired and very hungry. Koggy didn’t ran away but just stayed in the middle of the field watching Cho’Gar getting closer. By the time Cho’Gar stood next to him he even walked to Cho’Gar. Suddenly there was a load noise in the forest who lay next to the field. A Big Bird come out of the forest flying at top speed. Cho’Gar didn’t pay any attention to the bird but only to Koggy. Koggy wasn’t looking at Cho’Gar anymore and was standing with his back to him. Cho’Gar opened his mouth and instantaneously devoured the poor insect. The bird saw it, and then went to Cho’Gar to fight him because he killed the insect our beloved Anivia wanted to eat. Cho’Gar looked slightly bigger after devouring Koggy. Cho’Gar was strong, but the Bird was much stronger because it just kept flying away when Cho’Gar would hit her. Eventually Cho’Gar became exhausted and felt down. He passed away and died. Some say they still saw the anivia even though it was 200 million years ago that she actually lived. Archeologists were looking for the remains of the dinosaurs 1 year ago, and they discovered the bones of a creature. They never saw this creature before and when they finally put everything together it became a big terrifying monster. They called him Cho’Gath and put his bones in a museum of history. They even put some kind of banner to promote their new ‘dinosaur’. The dinosaur looks so real that people actually fear it when they look at it. Some say it moves and others say that’s impossible. We will never know if it actually moves. But even the people who say it doenst move, are still terrified for this creature. After they put Cho'Gath into the museum they also saw the remains of another dinosaur. This one is sadly our Koggy. He was killed and devoured by Cho’Gar but because his bones were so strong, they survived. Some bones were cracked, but people will never find that out. Because how should they know how Koggy looked like, they didn’t even knew such a big and weird looking insect existed. The museum got much more attention because the bones of Cho’Gath and the new insect they called Kog’Maw are in there. I hope you liked the story, and remind this when you visit the museum. This is how people remind Jurassic Cho’Gath nowadays.
: Icon Pool Party
well, its not sure, but there is a possibility that it comes to the store for 250 rp like other summoner icons. just like they did with ocean week
: Well, I don't get why no one actually reads the forums. If everyone disconnects it is a drophack 99% of the time. That means that someone in a game decided to "kill" the whole game, attacking the part of the server where it runs. Because that part of the server also holds many other games, all those other games will be dropped, too. What can Rito do against this? Ban those idiots. If you are stuck in a dropped game, always remember: That guy left a trace which will most likely get him banned, so there will be less drops in the future until they don't happen anymore. They can't simply "fix" this. There is a progress behind that which takes time.
yup. riot cant fix drophacks, but you can try to stop it from happening by not leaving the game but clicking to walk every 30 seconds or so. this way the drophacker cant stop the game because some1 is still 'active' in the game and after some time he will stop it and the game continues <most likely becomes an unfair game like 3v5 or something tho> If you do this it also says: "[Summonername] has unpaused the game" im not sure if it means that summoner is the drophacker but i think so
: Monthly Skin Giveway Round 2! [June]
with the jurrasic skins comming out, and the jurrasic world movie comming out too i want to be able to play Cho in style, the best way would be to play while using the Jurrasic Cho'Gath skin. That way i could eat other champions while playing in the jurrasic Theme. And i personaly think it makes Cho'Gath just the right ammount of scary he needs sure, maybe its weird that jurrasic cho grows when he eats someone.... but thats just how he was born.... its not his fault. i wanted this skin when i started playing lol, but i just never bought it because of the price. i rly appreciate you do this and wish everyone luck, let the one who deserves it the most win!
: Looking good.
friday looks good for the Netherlands atleast
: Skins for those who can't get any *monthly giveaway planned*
finaly some more positivity on the forums, Alright the story began when i first started to play lol, back in season 1, after playing tons of games against bots and feed the Annie mid in midlane i decided to start and do a normal game against players with my friend, I didnt knew all champ abilitys and builds but i just used sites to discover them. When i went toplane with my friend we were against a Teemo, This Teemo had the Cottontail Teemo skin and this was the first skin we ever saw ingame, earlygame went ok, teemo had 50 cs, we both had 3. When Teemo became lvl 6 he put a shroom and we knew, lets dont step on that place or we are doomed. but when we were talking I stepped on the shroom, the teemo was stealthed near the shroom and started to kill us with his better items (since he had more cs) the jungler came top too, but he was too late, a double kill for the Teemo, the teemo didnt just ran back to lane to push, no. the Teemo sat on our corpses and placed a shroom there and then he started to Laugh, he Laughed again... and again. after he killed us he just kept laughing and when we came back in lane we were so behind that Teemo just killed us again.... our team was pretty positive and didnt wanted to report us like people do nowadays. they supported us and told us what items we should buy and what abilities to scale. In the end we lost the game since the Teemo just snowballed too hard, After this game me and my friend really like this skin, it just looked really cool, its looks fluffy and makes Teemo really cute. the hop animation is also really nice. but the thing that makes this Teemo skin the best are the Eggs he lays arround. it makes the skin complete, and when you place them on the map it makes the map less scary (for your team, the enemy team wouldnt like to step on one of these shrooms) and yes, i am 18 so i could buy it with paypall, but then my parents will get mad because i 'throw away' money especially since we dont got that much money note: the splash art also looks amazing <Please dont downvote me cause i love Teemo> Edit: Gratz to the winners!
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
I would like the ezreal skin, i do know it makes you insta win. sure nobody will read the chat, but that doesnt make me mad The Pulse of it feels so damn good, it just keeps changing my mood. Its really Nice you give away skins FlamingBrawler77, but cant you gift yourself 1 skin.... or 11? im sorry if my rhymes are bad, I didnt made them to make you mad Ezreal doesnt need a map, some people even buy him a deathcap. I would really like to get that **Pulsefire ezreal** skin, or atleast the **fire quinn**. I would like to hear from you, and dont hope you catch the flu. im sorry if you hated it, just ignore me then and let me quit **master arcanist ziggs** looks really nice, far better than regular ryze ~Krabby~ ~Euw~ really nice to see there are also nice people on the forum
Rich (EUW)
: Yep, getting two winners this evening. Good luck! :)
wow, thought the forum was almost empty, but it doesnt seem it is... when i look how many people try to check their luck
Rich (EUW)
: I'm feeling generous. Free skin?
Well, gratz to the winner.... kinda funny its my birthday tomorrow.. so lets hope that gives me some luck i like what you are doing.. you make the forum a less toxic place
: Best name for Kata main? Best one gets a mystery skin! :D
The Sinister Blade PleaseBuffKat ReportThisKat IAmKatarinaMid Miderina Reset2easy KataOrAfk KataOrFountain (or something like that ofcourse) spinning4kat KatNoSkill BloodshedBegin Maybe you want a name with reset in it like resets areinsane (free)
Spagoolie (EUW)
: It's recently been Payday. Therefore I have 3 mystery gifts up for grabs...
isnt my cat cute? [This is my cat](http://giphy.com/gifs/funny-cat-running-SeDwtV06gJidW)


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