Yowzah (EUNE)
: Hey there, If you are looking for a fix, you can download the Hextech Repair Tool (HRT) [HERE](https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/player-support/tools/Hextech%20Repair%20Tool.msi). Under the Game tab, you can force re-patch your client which should automatically patch the latest update. EDIT: My bad, just noticed you referred to the Beta client. You can press on the top right corner on the cog button, under general choose 'Initiate full repair' which should patch properly
yeah but when I open the client, it takes me to login screen. I just found it weird that I could join the queue without patching.
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: Plebs R Us LF MID
IGN: Krazhim Role: Old Mid Main Rank: Plat 5 been plat 2 this season Champion pool: Cho, Viktor, Talon, Fizz Motivation: Looking for a team to climb with, usually go jungle in soloQ since I felt i had more impact there but want to go back to mid again. I got skype and discord and got above average english skills.
: looking for a jungler (plat +)
Rénart (EUW)
: New Team LF High Plat Top, Jungle, Adc and Support
Plat 3, recently demoted jungler aiming for mid diamond this season.
TF Fearce (EUW)
: Ranked team gold+ looking for seroius players
Competitive Swede, got TS and Skype, communication won't be a problem, time i'm guessing CET and I main mid and Top during S5. Peaked at plat 1.
Twinbo (EUW)
Able to use TS + Skype (Yes/No) - Yes Age - 20 Language(s) - Swedish and English Division - Gold 3 last season on one acc, plat 3 on this one. Primary Role - Mid/Top Secondary Role - Adc Main Champions - Fizz, Talon, Renekton for mid and top, and for adc Ezreal, Caitlyn, Lucian and Will you stick to a time schedule (Yes/No) - Mostly, depending on exam dates. What would you bring to the team? - A positive swedish and terrible humor. Also if you're wondering WHY I apply for the adc role is because I want to main it in S6 and I am willing to put much effort in doing so. Ign Carolus Baggins
Generale (EUW)
: Played 10 Matches, but got no placement?
I have the same problem with my promotion games.
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Ju Kali (EUW)
: Gold 3 Ranked team looking for experienced midlaner.
Hi, i am a swedish guy looking for a team that wants to climb the ladders. I like to recieve and give criticism, and also have discussions why some things went wrong and so on, which is hard to do in soloQ. IGN: Krazhim Rank: Plat 5, peaked plat 2, fell down due to internet issues. Champ pool: Xerath, talon, FIZZ, orianna and syndra.


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