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: I want Dominion to come back
I still without know why Riot removed dominion as a permanent game mode like Sum's Rift and Howling Abyss. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Nemesis draft wasn’t a good gamemode, extremly unpopular hence why it didn’t come back Black market brawlers was only there to test out new effects and items, a few of which are now in the game... unlikely to return, at least not soon. As for the others the rotation is no longer happening, but riot will bring them back at some point.
If people play for fun, the nemesis draft is fun (in my opinion) because everyone plays with weak or forgotten champions, which brings more "variety" to the game. Black market fighters, despite being created for testing items, also offer more variety for the game. New types of "minions" and play with items that are not in any other game mode.
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: Some people think bronze is easy to get out of it . It's the most hard rank to get out from it after diamond rank because people there just troll and play first time yasuo :'( I feel you man I lost in promos too
If you really play better than people on the rank you are, you can easily get out of it but when u can't carry big part of the games, means that you deserve the rank you're at the moment. Those excuses and others that people use are a way to not admit they deserve the rank and probably feel better. Ok that sometimes u play with trolls and people trying champions in rankeds but, the way how you use that, looks like in 9/10 of your games you play with them.


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