: Hey I'm not particularly good at the game, skill level around silver 4. Ranked low this season cause I don't really have any time to play the game. Im happy to give you some help with what you need to do to reach silver, beyond there, can't really help. I've coached two of my friend from bronze 5 0lp to bronze 2 promos (still going, should be silver soon) and another into silver. If you could reply with what lane you play, e.g. I have no idea what to do in jungle in terms of pathing, although I could help with mid game etc. Im happy to use Skype or discord but it really depends on what times you come online, in terms of whether I can watch and coach you live, or watch replays and relay your mistakes to you the next day. If you want to give it a try msg me on league. IGN: JNVG
Hey i was looking for someone to coach me too can i add you ?


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