RayleighTT (EUNE)
: i know one way , but if you tell me your discord i can tell you about ... Since i discover this ,i feel a better man ,doing this to escape the world of such idiots ..
I got a really weird disc name with characters i cant post in here, can i add you?
Cypherous (EUW)
: You really need to learn the difference between "defend" and "retaliate" they both mean very different things you were definitely in the retaliation camp on this one
Can you ellaborate how i can defend myself instead of retaliating, cause like i said, i really want to defend myself, and not be left down on my knees, but like you said Retaliation is far from that.
: you are not allowed to say anything bad to your teammates, if they say something bad to you , u mute them , report them after the game and eventually write the ticket to support, that's all you can do.
Coulden;t agree more, that's what i'm really trying to do, but i'm a human, i can't be perfect and say nothing after 100 games, there'll always be this one time you curse at them and then mute them or atleast try to defend your standingpoint. rip.
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: Honor system for enemy players :)
Coulden't agree more with you on this.
: My, no Our honor level needs polishing, here's what i'm suggesting.
"Edit: "Yes, but not everything" Should be Yes, but more should be added to this."
: IDEA your worker warner say this is a god idea
Agreed, completely, i think that Riot Games should only take away the Afk one's LP, and not the other people's LP, or atleast a decreased amount.
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: From what I know, this is caused if one of you (most likely your friend) has his PC clock set wrong. Which, honestly, makes a lot of sense if you think how the "counter" could work.
I will ask him if his time and date is set good, My time and date is: at the moment: 4:53 PM. Also thanks for reacting, you'll hear more if his time was set wrong and if not thanks for your reaction anyway!
: Over 20k minutes in a game?
Any Riotteers that can help me with this problem? Also leave a vote behind if this should or shoulden't be fixed. Thanks for helping!
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