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Kasten4 (EUW)
: We need more items, not less
"so AP assassins dont have the same insane utility of mages aswell as oneshot" ehm what?! they are supposed to one shot you that's why they're called "assassins" or you want more bruiser broken types like Akali which get broken abilities sicne they're "not supposed to one shot". And I am saying this as an Akali player which is annoyed of noobs just feeding then crying. The game is nice in the curent state, ZZ-rot is useless, it provides not that much utility and you have to replace it later on with another item, the current MR items are more than good, idk why you think it's not enough but if you want diversity go normals and play random stuff, maybe you won't get ban from teammates who want to win and eport you for going troll with items but you will have fun in the chat at least. "High risk High reward elements" did you hear of Mejai's? "Something for aggressive supports and utility" read the news, they're replacing support items the game is supposed to be played on autopilot, just like any other competitive game, you learn the best choices, you use them in the right situations, the thing that tanks don't know what Abyssal Mask and Adaptive Helmet are so they always take Spirit Visage it's not Riot's fault.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: People just cant read the small text apparently
MB, but it's still stupid, why i didn't get a sale for champs i own? they should be supposed to be prioritised.
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: I just realized I suck at this game and I should be in silver
Accept that you suck, then go on youtube, search for SkillCapped and watch their vods, you'll get better if you don't have a potato brain.{{sticker:vlad-salute}} Wait, so you're in diamond and you say that you should be in silver? does that mean that possibly i am just hardstuck and it's not my personal problem for not ranking up...
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: i thought its like the concept of keeping the '5 darkins' a little bit secret as in the lores so they will eventually get introduced but u shouldnt expect anything soon as we have already 3 darkins. btw its like the weapon not the champion who is darkin so u need to expect a other darkin as in weapon on a champion feel free to correct any things that are wrong in this post <3
meh, we know more about darkins and their being but have not enough of them, on the other hand as i said we have a lot of yordles and nothing to know about them, where they live etc. the lore can be changed tho, 3 isn't enough for me, i want more of them xD, but full ones like Aatrox, cuz kayn and varus are ... humans with weird cancer in my opinion, even trynda's sword has something linked to darkins if i rememeber well
: > [{quoted}](name=KuramaSmith,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Y3cvV9gp,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-27T07:59:14.158+0000) > > weird purple aliens Did you mean: void creatures?
i did that in purpose
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Rekkon (EUNE)
: I have a 12 defeat streak in ranked without even deserving it
not a big deal, once i lost 27 matches in a row, somehow i am still alive {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Climbing in low elo is impossible.
Last season i got silver 4, this season i got bronze 4, while i played better than last season,i am done...
: No new loading screen on EUNE
I just saw it on EUW some matches ago, didn't even know it is going to have a rework :P
: Please explain my ~40cs lead (at the end). I can provide you that game if you want. [Yas adc game](
1 match won't change the world, what if you just got a bad enemy? you can not base yourself on 1 game or even 5 or 10, meta is based on thousands of matches, and it works perfectly as long as you respect it. For example why would i try hard with aatrox or akali now after nerf? if that is just a bad point to the team, i am weak af and need to play like a pro to win the lane and game either, i better switched to riven top and talon mid etc. others as well.
: So u think it's okey if i have to play against platinum or diamond smurf player, coz it had happen alot with me and u know its really fking hard to paly like that. The bad thing is if u lose ur lane like that when u play against smurf then all ur team blame u, like " U ARE SO BAD, UNISTALL THE GAME, GO PLAY TETRIS and etc..." Last season one of my worst nightmare was playng against diana palyer who was diamond 2, u don't have to be smart to understand who won this game he took all our team down by himself, he even didn't need any assist to make it..... And u say it'okay???? Well i hope someone who is plat or diamond have to face some challenger player one day, GOOD LUCK THEN... Thats' same as Bronze or silver player have to face some high elo player like (diamond)
I did, in purpose i looked for platinum/diamond elo players to play with them. Only nerds like to win to those who are worse than them, i enjoyed to know that i am a noob vs them, and i liked to see getting rekt by them, because every time i see something i didn't pay attention or didn't know before. To improve you need to fight with someone who is way higher mastery than you in anything, in this life, that's how it works, and those who did it always say that, they know that you don't improve playing vs noobs. I don't see any problem in smurfs as long as you try, the only problem in this game are those who like to ruin matches, and this is not about the game, is about society being %%%%%%ed. My friends in high elo say the same, talking about platinum/diamond vs masters etc. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Smurfing on ranked games
Tbh you are wrong, even if the smurfs carry some teams they will play mostly mid lane or top lane to be able to solo-carry, as long as you main and play one of those roles in the game, perfect if you have a good team mate on the other lane it's fine, as the smurfs are not able to control their team because no one listens to each other, so as long as you ban garen/nasus/darius you reduce the chance of getting an op smurf top doing 1v5, no smurfs will play jungle or bot without premades, and that's not usual to meet a premade team in low elo
Agree... kind of
: That was an...interesting case although it didn't actually result in the player getting perman-banned. He is in fact still playing his smite-support singed: At the time there was a great deal of controversy surrounding it, with the main issue that the suspensions given to that player were done manually by Riot, not an automated system. Riot did eventually give their reasoning for the suspensions in this post: According to Riot, the suspensions happened not because it was an off-meta pick, but because the strategy itself negatively impacted his teammates and the Singed player made no attempt to alter the strategy based on the situation at hand. To Quote the Rioter who responded to the thread: > An example of this is a match where you were filling the ADC role. Intent on fulfilling a similar strategy as when you fill your support role you left your support Janna alone bot lane. Much to her own confusion on what to do she tried to handle the lane solo but it’s clear it wasn’t working. A moment like this is a time to pivot on strategy; adapting to the circumstances that develop in a match. As bot lane begins to fall so does the team, eventually cascading to other lanes as the enemy gets more objectives and kills. And then further on in the post > We would never ban an account based off something basic like unusual picks, unusual builds, or weird roles. To be honest those kinds of things might get complaints from other players but they are not the kind of things that make a measurable impact on how painful a match might be for our players. However, players that feel ignored, disrespected, hijacked, or marginalized do report increased pain and frustration with League. So no, you cannot be banned just by picking an off-meta pick like Singed Support.
The point is, players going off-meta are useless, they can not reach the needed level from their role at minute 20/25 and higher, so it is always a 4v5. For example the most common off meta picks like vayne top/ quinn bot/ yasuo bot/ heimer bot/ nasus jungle, soraka top, urgot bot, etc. All these can not farm enough and they are not able to do the expected, like ADC has to carry, how would carry a heimer or urgot bot vs some tanks or assassins? urgot has to go full AD other way he is not adc or tank either, 0 gank/teamfight escape potential, so he only dies flaming the team for sure. That's what i mean, meta is not official, but is respected and changes as long as it works, but these picks i said never work, at least until master/grandmaster tiers as lower everyone is %%%%%%ed. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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Lari (EUNE)
: How not to be a Silver dude
TBH it is a bit hard to farm when you are pushed under turret and jungler doesn't help, or when you roam from any lane because jungler or supp doesn't, and this happens to me almost every match, i hate it as i like mid lane and top, i play melee mid, and junglers just don't spend time in their life to know how it works, there is one who can have 300 farm at the end and to play 0/0/0 because he is too scared or whatever to gank when you ping for help 10 min. Quite hard to close the chat if your entire gaming life, started at 10 in multiplayer, basically 1 vs all carry the match, these type of games i was playing, where admins don't care about anything, and you 100% know where u're right and where wrong, what to do if i am addicted to be flamed and flame back?{{sticker:sg-shisa}} {{sticker:sg-syndra}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Shamose (EUW)
: Free porn, that's a nice dream.
: new champions in ranked ques
i was having the same idea but to be honest, better don't play ranked, stay some hours a day and try to play that new champ, try out everything which might be possible relating to him ever added in the game, learn the cool downs and how spells work, and after that, when you meet him in ranked, your enemy is not 100% knowing every detail, but you do, so you know how to counter him, i use do practice this every time


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